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Conceal & Carry Buyer's Guide 20

Get the latest analysis and specifications on more than 200 handguns from a variety of manufacturers. Also covers stories on holster positions, popular calibers, ammunition, news, laws and more.

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2 min.
so many decisions

When it comes to equipping yourself for self-defense applications, it’s good to have choices. As far as handguns and other everyday carry gear are concerned, the choices have never been better. We can’t make those choices for you, but we can present what we think are some of the top picks. In this special buyer’s guide issue of Concealed Carry Handguns, we have highlighted guns and gear in several categories, from compact, sub-compact and micro-compact pistols to concealable revolvers. We’ve included sections on knives, holsters, flashlights and sights as well. Some of the products overlap these categories. Handguns such as the SIG Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat, for instance, are listed in the sub-compact category, but would have fit equally well in the micro-compact section with the pocket pistols there.…

5 min.
the armory

GRIPKNIFE PROVIDES READY BACKUP ON YOUR MSR, SBR OR ARMBRACE PISTOL When a deadly conflict closes to contact distances, you’d better have a backup weapon close at hand. That’s the idea behind Gripknife. Basically, it’s a retractable knife inside a forward hand grip that you mount to the lower rail of your carbine, short-barreled rifle or armbrace pistol. Actually, the blade only partially retracts into the handle; the rest is sheathed inside the mount. A push of a button on that mounted sheath unlocks the knife handle. A downward pull on the grip overcomes the mount’s secondary, magnetic hold on the knife, which, along with a spring-assisted mechanism in the handle, thrusts the Gripknife blade to the fully opened and locked position. It’s ready for action instantly without the need to change…

9 min.
pocket protectors

After you have made the carefully thought-out decision to carry concealed, then comes the question, “What gun do I carry?” There is no single answer to this question. In fact, there is no better way to start a heated discussion between handgun enthusiasts than to ask the question, “What is the best concealed carry handgun?” My personal preferences lean toward smaller, more concealable handguns such as those that take narrower, single-stack magazines and those that many in the industry refer to as micro-compacts. Here’s why: ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL My belief is that the best concealed carry handgun is the one that you have on you, is reliable and one that you know how to operate and shoot well under a wide variety of conditions. This means that not only will…

12 min.
pocket pistols

Once you have made the decision to go with a micro-compact pistol rather than a compact or full-size pistol or a revolver, the task of picking the right one for you can be a difficult one because there are so many good choices available. That can be a good thing. Here are some of our favorites: 01. Glock 42 The G42, chambered for the .380 Auto cartridge, was a welcome addition to the company’s lineup for those who love Glocks but wanted something more concealable. As with all Glock pistols, the G42 uses the Glock Safe-Action System that consists of a trigger blade safety, a firing pin safety (striker block) and a drop safety. The standard sights are Glock polymer white three-dot sights. Steel sights and night sights are also available but require…

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small wonders

Sub-compact handguns seem to be viewed one of two ways: too small and frustrating to shoot or The Only Concealed Carry Option Out There. In reality they fall somewhere else on the gun spectrum entirely and may or may not be the best idea for your needs. So, how do you select and utilize a sub-compact handgun? Full disclosure: My first self-defense handgun was a Glock 27. The G27 is a sub-compact chambered in .40 Smith and Wesson, one I chose after a possibly ridiculous amount of time spent researching and debating the guns on the market at the time. Not only was the G27 a good fit for my hands and needs back then, but it did save my life. Today I don’t carry it often, but it does have a…

12 min.
super sub-compacts

Sub-compact handguns, by virtue of their small size are handy when you need a highly concealable primary arm or a BUG (Back-Up Gun). Of course, not all sub-compacts are created equal, which is why we’ve compiled this list of models to consider in your quest for the perfect diminutive handgun. Remember, everyone has different needs and varying hand sizes and skills. Find the gun that suits your budget, your needs and your abilities. 01. SIG P365 The SIG Sauer P365 was an instant hit when it first hit the market. Not only is it a slim sub-compact chambered in 9mm, but it has greater capacity than most guns in its class. The P365 holds 10 rounds in its magazine and one round chambered, giving you 11 rounds total in a concealable package.…