Consumer Reports New Cars

Consumer Reports New Cars

June 2021
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Consumer Reports New Cars will help you decide which new car, suv, minivan, or pick up truck is right for you. We buy every vehicle our engineers test and drive them like you would. We also provide exclusive, real world reliability ratings based on subscribers' experiences with more than 740,000 vehicles.

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the cr difference

WHEN YOU’RE BUYING a new car, it can feel like everyone you encounter just wants to sell you something and there’s nobody out there you_can trust. CR is here to help! You can rely on our recommendations because we have detailed data that nobody else does. We conduct exclusive annual reliability surveys of our members to find out which problems cost vehicle owners time and money, and which cars are trouble-free. We also ask owners whether they’re satisfied with their vehicle, because the only thing better than a reliable car is a reliable car that owners love, too. In our most recent Annual Auto Surveys, we gathered data on about 329,000_cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, and wagons. But that’s not all. Only CR buys its own vehicles to test rather than relying on press…

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ask our experts

Q. Is it true that EVs are less expensive to maintain than internal combustion vehicles? Most electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs because they have fewer components and don’t require engine-specific maintenance. For example, the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV only need the cabin air filter changed at 15,000 miles and 30,000 miles, and the brake fluid changed at 30,000 miles, which is a very long maintenance interval. CR’s chief mechanic, John Ibbotson, says the Hyundai or Kia will probably cost an owner about $300 at most in service over the first 30,000 miles. But he also notes that some EVs require maintenance that you might not expect. The Audi E-Tron’s maintenance schedule, for example, includes checking the coolant in the front- and rear-drive motors every 20,000 miles. Q. With many cars…

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the most satisfying new cars

KIA TELLURIDE It scores well in testing and with owners. FORD ECOSPORT Unhappy trails for owners of this small SUV. Knowing how much you might like—or even love—your next vehicle would be a pretty valuable insight as you go about researching your next car purchase. Enter Consumer Reports’ predicted owner satisfaction scores. Every year, as part of our Annual Auto Surveys, we ask our members whether they’d buy their same car again if given the chance. The survey also queries owners about their satisfaction with several specific aspects of their car ownership experience, such as comfort, driving, and ease of use when it comes to in-car electronics. Based on the responses, we calculate a predicted owner satisfaction score each year for new models. We believe our findings—which come from the experiences of car owners with 1- to…

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what qualities in a car matter most to you?

A high overall owner satisfaction score—based on whether owners said they would buy the same car over again—is a good indication that a car does a lot right in the eyes of its owners. But you may give certain factors more weight than others. Maybe styling is especially important to you. Or perhaps you care about value above all else. It could be worth giving an extra-close look to cars that satisfy in the specific ways that matter most to you. VALUE Jetta owners spoke of the “reasonable price, fairly good number of features.” A G70 owner summed up many member comments: “Great value for the money, with maximum safety and convenience features included.” But multiple 3 Series owners reported being unhappy with the price of their vehicle. MOST SATISFYING COMPACT CAR Volkswagen Jetta LUXURY COMPACT…

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how to buy your first new or used car

New drivers might love the freedom a first car can bring, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. They need to be ready for significant expenses even after figuring out how to pay for the car. There’s fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, taxes, and more. Here are some strategies for getting behind the wheel as painlessly as possible. It’s critical to establish a reasonable budget. For teens, that usually means working with their parents. Figure out how much you’ve saved for a down payment and what monthly loan payment you can afford, then determine which cars fit in that range. One key consideration is whether the car is meant to be driven locally for a couple of years or kept for the long haul. That will determine how new and reliable…

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buying when socially distant

As the novel coronavirus continues its spread, many people are buying as much as they can online. But it’s not very common—and in many states it’s impossible—to buy a car that way. Concierge services for buying used cars, such as Carvana and TRED, allow buyers to handle most aspects of a used-car sale without meeting with the seller. There are also automotive brokers that could buy and deliver a new car to your home—in exchange for a big fee. But for most consumers looking to purchase a new or used car, the dealership is the only practical option. Of course, you should minimize close contact with others (including refraining from hand shaking), stay at least 6 feet apart, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face. “By doing as much as possible remotely, the…