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Consumer Reports New Cars May 2020

Consumer Reports New Cars will help you decide which new car, suv, minivan, or pick up truck is right for you. We buy every vehicle our engineers test and drive them like you would. We also provide exclusive, real world reliability ratings based on subscribers' experiences with more than 740,000 vehicles.

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vehicles that satisfy over the long haul

EVEN CARS THAT make a good first impression at the dealership can become a disappointment over time. That’s why Consumer Reports surveys its members, asking them to share their experiences with the vehicles they own, and analyzes that data to help shoppers make informed decisions when buying a new vehicle. After all, the cars, SUVs, and trucks that satisfy their owners are likely to make you happy, as well. These data make up our reliability and owner satisfaction ratings, which are rolled into the Overall Score that also factors the road test performance and safety. These all play a part in whether CR recommends a vehicle. Of course reliability and safety are key factors to consider when buying a new car, SUV, or truck. An unreliable vehicle can be very frustrating to…

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what we’re testing at our track

HYUNDAI SONATA This affordable sedan impresses with a roomy cabin and standard advanced safety features. THE REDESIGNED 2020 Sonata midsized sedan leaves behind the upright profile of its predecessor for the stylish silhouette of the Sonata of two generations ago. It’s cloaked in sleek sheet metal that gives it a sporty look. In our first drive of the new Sonata, we’ve found that it handles well, has plenty of power, and is quite roomy. We bought an SEL trim, with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. This version is expected to be the most commonly sold. In addition, we rented a Sonata Limited 1.6T from Hyundai so that we could get impressions of its 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo engine and all the features that are available. What We Like … So Far We’re impressed…

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subaru ascent

THE SUBARU ASCENT is an impressive performer thanks to its smooth ride, functional interior, and slick power delivery. The Ascent has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine in a segment where V6s have typically dominated. This might seem like a disadvantage on paper, but in real-world driving this SUV feels zippier and more satisfying than its 0-to-60 mph time of 8 seconds suggests. Its 22 mpg overall in our fuel-economy tests is comparable to its rivals. A plush ride that’s better than some luxury cars’ makes the Ascent a worthy long-haul traveler. Handling is far from sporty, though, with vague steering and significant body lean through turns. Still, it remained safe and easy to control when our testers reached its grip limits around our track. Getting into the Ascent is easy because of large doors…

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THESE CHARTS ALLOW you to easily compare the interior and exterior dimensions of different models, along with cargo, load, and towing capacity. We have detailed data on 252 models, mostly compiled from measurements taken during our testing. Data for vehicles not tested by us or not yet on sale were provided by manufacturers. Exterior Dimensions and Weight Length, width, height, and wheelbase data come from the manufacturer. Weight of tested vehicles is measured on our scales. Cargo Max. load is the maximum weight of the combination of passengers and cargo that the vehicle can safely carry. This figure is specified by the manufacturer or, in the case of some tested vehicles, calculated based on the difference between our tested vehicle’s weight and the manufacturer’s specified gross weight. Cargo volume for wagons, minivans,…

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get smart about car seats

INSIDE CR’S LABS Jen Stockburger, CR’s director of car seat testing, installs an infant seat at the proper recline angle. MORE THAN 5 MILLION infant inclined sleepers, including the Fisher-Price Rock ’n Play Sleeper, were recalled last spring after a Consumer Reports investigation linked them to dozens of deaths. Consumer Reports has been working to get all inclined sleepers—now associated with 73 deaths—banned. That prompted some CR readers to ask whether car seats pose a similar risk, because many also have an incline. Sleeping on an incline does pose risks, as it can cause an infant’s head to tilt forward, chin to chest, and compress the airway, increasing the risk of suffocation, says Emily A. Thomas, Ph.D., an automotive safety engineer at CR and an expert in pediatric biomechanics. That can happen because…

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hyundai venue

THE ALL-NEW VENUE is one of the smallest, most affordable front-wheel-drive vehicles on the market. Based on the subcompact Accent sedan, the Venue has clever design cues that help it cut a more attractive SUV-like profile than most models in its class. Those who live where snow tends to fall should know that the Venue doesn’t offer all-wheel drive. The Venue’s closest competitor is the front-wheel-drive Nissan Kicks. We purchased an SEL trim Venue for our test program, and these are our first impressions. What We Like … So Far The steering is responsive, and handling is poised in around-town driving. Despite the Venue’s raised ride height, we didn’t notice much body lean in curves. Our drivers enjoyed pushing it on winding rural roads, though nobody would confuse the Venue with a sports car. The…