Contemporary Cross Stitch Collection

Contemporary Cross Stitch Collection

Don’t miss this brand new collection of Contemporary Cross Stitch designs from leading modern designers. Hand-picked from the archives of World of Cross Stitching and Cross Stitch Crazy, you’ll find over 140 charts featuring stunning scenes, uplifting typography, cute motifs and on-trend home décor. Features designers include Tiny Modernist, Mollie Johanson, Jody Rice, Felicity Hall, Emma Congdon (Stitchrovia) and Durene Jones. Take your pick from four great themes: Adventure, Mindfulness, Fun and Nature, packed with projects to suit all stitching abilities and seasons. Beginners will love the fun card and motif libraries or modern ABCs and those who are up for a challenge can stretch their skills with larger wall hangings and hoops. There’s a handy guide to stitching as well as individual shopping lists with each project, to make sure you have everything you need. You’ll also find step-by-steps for making up many of the items, so you can turn your stitched pieces into a treasured item for the home.

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Contemporary art strikes a dynamic balance between current trends and styles, which is exactly what you’ll find with our four thoughtful chapters and designs to suit all stitching abilities. We all know the importance of self-care, so take some time for a spot of mindful stitching with tranquil project themes to calm the senses. You could even send a positive message of love and support to a friend with a set of uplifting cards. If you’re in need of escapism, go on a journey to outer space or stay closer to home with countryside scenes, valuing the natural world around us. Keep stitching fun with the bold and bright project selection and imaginative finishing ideas that will make inspiring gifts for loved ones. If you’re new to cross stitching, start small with…

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how to…

Choose your essentials… Start with these must-have items, turn to page 130 for our recommended stockists FABRICS Aida Best for beginners, with regular woven blocks and obvious holes. It’s stiffer than evenweave fabric, but will soften slightly as you work with it. 14-count aida is the most common. It’s harder to work fractional stitches on aida, as you’ll need to make an extra hole in the fabric, in the centre of the aida block. Evenweave A lovely fabric to work on when you have a little more experience. The fibres aren’t woven in blocks as with aida, so it’s softer and the fine weave has more threads-per-inch – the most commonly used is 28-count. One stitch is usually worked over two threads of the fabric so it has an equivalent design size of 14-count aida. Cross…

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how to stitch with our charts

Getting started The loop method is the neatest way to start stitching, but can only be done with an even number of strands. Cut a 40cm (16in) thread length, then fold one strand in half. Thread the needle with both ends to form a loop, and bring the needle up through the fabric (above left). As you take it back down, pass it through the loop and pull to secure. You’ll need to make a whole cross stitch for each coloured square on the chart. Bring the needle up at the bottom left corner of a square and down at the top right corner. This is called a half cross stitch. To complete the stitch, bring the needle up again at the bottom right corner and back down at the top left…

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Aida band – a narrow strip of aida, available in varying widths, and finished with a decorative edge Aperture – a hole through which a design is seen in cards and frames Backstitch – used to add detail and definition. See how to stitch it in our guide on page 7 Beading needle – a longer, finer needle than a tapestry needle, used for adding seed beads to a design Counted stitches – embroidery stitches worked on counted, or evenly woven, fabrics like aida and evenweave. Cross stitch is the most basic counted stitch Fabric count – the number of holes per inch (HPI) on your fabric. The higher the number, the bigger your fabric will be Fabric size – the size of fabric needed for the design, including allowance for making up or framing Floss –…

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totally tropical

Relax and let this gorgeous sampler transport you to a tropical island retreat! Discover a cheery toucan among the bright flora, spot a buzzing hummingbird and catch a glimpse of a fluttering butterfly – there’s plenty to enjoy in this colourful design! As this pattern uses whole stitches only, it’s a great project for anyone who likes to kick back and unwind as they stitch and soak up the good vibes. And best of all, this positive greeting makes for a beautiful sentiment to display on your wall all year round. Shopping list ✖ Fabric Zweigart 14-count white aida measuring 36x43cm (14x17in) ✖ Threads Stranded cotton as listed in the key ✖ Needle Size 24 tapestry needle ✖ Extras Stretched canvas measuring 21x28cm (8x11in) ✖ FOR STOCKISTS’ DETAILS turn to page 130 Fact box ✖ Stitching Time Approx. 35…

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run to the hills

Whisk yourself away to a dream-like lake with mountains rising magnificently in the distance – even the majestic stag is impressed with the view. Add a touch of enchantment to your home by turning this project into a modern wall hanging, or, if you’re handy with woodworking, try building yourself a unique six-sided frame to house this stunning stitch! This piece is worked entirely in whole stitches, making it a fast and fun project to create. Just load up your needle and let your fingers take a quiet nature walk through this gorgeous outdoor scene. Shopping list ✖ Fabric Zweigart 14-count platinum aida measuring 40x32cm (15¾x12½in) ✖ Threads Stranded cotton as listed in the key ✖ Needle Size 24 tapestry needle ✖ Extras Stiff mount board, suede fringe trim and cord of your choice from…