Country Woman August/September 2020

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ribbon memories

Fairs have been a part of summer for most of my life. I started entering baked goods at community fairs when I was a kid, adding jam entries and a few pieces of counted cross-stitch as an adult. A chocolate layer cake once even earned a purple champion ribbon—my winnings that year helped pay for a food processor. When I moved to the Washington, D.C., area decades ago, I started volunteering with the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, working in the decorated cakes division for several years. I loved being in the home arts building when it opened back up after the judging—hopeful entrants swept in and headed straight for their needlework or jars of pickles, sometimes squealing when they found them adorned with a ribbon. Such a joyful time. Many of us…

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meet a friend

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Tell us about yourself. I live on our fifth-generation family farm in rural Iowa with my husband and boys. I spend my days wrangling our two little cowboys, decorating the farmhouse, trying new recipes, and crafting all the things! What are your hobbies? I love to craft and DIY, and I share my creations and our life on the farm on my YouTube channel, The Farmer and the Southern Belle. As a busy mom, how do you carve out time to create? When the boys head off to school, I go straight to my crafting space. My youngest started kindergarten this year, so I have had more time than ever to devote to this passion. Who inspires you the most? I love to spend quiet time perusing Pinterest and magazines. I get all my creativity…

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let’s chat

Memories of Mom I received my April/May issue and was flipping through the pages as I was a bit limited on time, but I had to stop and stare at page 34. The article about Jacquie McTaggart’s mother’s recipe box stopped me in my tracks. I have the same recipe box, which also belonged to my mother. Mom’s box, however, has categorized dividers, which help when I want to see if she had any good recipes. Cooking and baking were not her favorite things, but when she tasted something good, she always asked for the recipe. She would follow it to a T, which to her, was tedious, so she usually made things only once. Cheers to all! NANCY GERHARDT NYE, MONTANA Home, Sweet Nest The teapot birdhouse in the April/May 2020 issue…

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friendly advice

Q: How do you help the kids get ready for the new school year? Going back to school is really a big thing with the Hammons family! It is a time of celebration, excitement and wishes for a good new school year. We kick off the festivities by buying school supplies. Everyone has their list and a pen to check off their items as they place them in the cart. Then our next stop is to buy shoes for anyone who needs them. When Sunday rolls around, we have our annual back-to-school lunch party. After we eat, everyone gets a shiny new penny with the current year to wish them good luck. And what is a party without something to take home with you? Each niece and nephew gets a chocolate chip…

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join in!

Bargain Hunt Does your community take part in a yard sale that spans several counties—or even states? If you’ve participated—either as a buyer or a seller—share your stories and best tips. Stitches in Time Quilts tell stories about the people who stitch them, and we want to hear yours. Tell us about a memorable quilt project, a favorite quilt shop or a talented quilter you know. Or just share a favorite quilt pattern and why it is special to you. Summer Camp Do you have a refurbished vintage camper worth showing off? Maybe your camp digs are more the cabin variety by the edge of lake. We want to see the place you stay when you want to get away from it all. Sign us up for your version of summer camp! Turn to page 57…

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blue-ribbon finds