Country Woman October/November 2020

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fall bounty

I grew winter squash in my garden for the first time in a long time this summer. It was a fun project—I had forgotten how much those plants busy themselves spreading vines in every direction. But the end result of all that growth is a hearty crop of squash. If your garden adventures this summer involved growing pumpkins, you’ll find lots of ideas for what to do with the bounty beginning on page 40—and every recipe goes beyond the traditional pie. And if you still have too much of a bumper crop, consider donating some of that abundance. On page 13, you’ll meet Maria Rose Belding, who as a teenager saw a twin set of problems in food waste and food insecurity. She created a program that pairs organizations with excess food…

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meet a friend

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Tell us about yourself. I am from a small coal camp in West Virginia and am the first person in my family to graduate college. My husband and I met and married in Beaufort, South Carolina. We have several fur babies. I work in higher ed as a student services manager. Oh, and my birthday is Halloween! What are your hobbies? I am a crafty girl and love everything from scrapbooking to quilting. I keep a blog on all of my activities and I’m working on a quilt for my niece’s birthday. I love shopping for clothes and home decor, and taking walks in the gorgeous West Virginia hills. What advice would you give about starting a blog? Do your research before you launch. What is it you have to offer that is…

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let’s chat

Lifetime of Letters I enjoyed “An Ocean of Letters” in the April/May issue. I too have a pen pal halfway around the world. As a part of a writing assignment in 1954, my teacher asked us to write a letter to an unknown new friend. The letters were sent to a teacher in Manchester, England, and a girl named Dorothy received mine. As with Char and Julie, we started with snail mail, which would take 10 days to two weeks to make it across the Atlantic Ocean, but now we are happy to use email. Through the years, we have shared all the stages of our lives: teenage years, fads, work, hobbies, kids and grandchildren. In 2003, we finally spoke on the phone. In 2004, the chorus in which my husband sings toured…

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friendly advice

Q: In this season of big family meals, what’s your best timesaving tip in the kitchen? Instead of using a towel or mat under your dish drain, use a sheet pan to catch the dripping water. No more wet towels or mats to deal with! IRENE SHELTON FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA Grate frozen or very cold butter with a cheese grater for pie crust, scones and other pastries to make it easier to cut the butter into the flour. ELLIE BARTON COLVILLE, WASHINGTON To make an acorn or other squash easy to cut in half, simply microwave the squash for a short time. The shell will soften and will be easy to cut into. ANGIE GYETVAI OLDCASTLE, ONTARIO The busy holiday season is around the corner. Do you prep anything in the fall to make December go more smoothly?…

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join in!

Garden Tour With gardening season winding down, we want to see what happened in your yard this year—especially on the small scale. Send photos of any creative containers you planted this year, as well as any solutions you have for growing in tiny spaces. Quilt Guild Love Do you belong to a quilters’ guild you’d love see spotlighted? Tell us about your group—what makes it special? Has it worked collectively on a significant project? How did it get started? Share your stories and pictures and your guild could be featured! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle What are your best tips for creating less waste in your home? Do you compost your kitchen scraps? Maybe you find a second life for plastics? Or do you choose products based on their packaging? Send us your best ideas and…

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fuzzy comfort

1 Flannel Rag Rug This hand-dyed rag rug is a soft hug for bare feet. $65 2 Rustic Flannel Ottoman Give the wee ones a seat sized just for them or use this versatile ottoman as a foot rest. $147 3 Quilt in a Box Create a cozy quilt with this kit made of 520 4x4-in. plaid squares. $35 4 Cast Iron Handle Cover Protect your hands from the heat with this soft flannel sleeve for a frying pan. $9 5 Reusable Face Pads Reduce waste with these washable cotton flannel makeup remover pads in whimsical colors and patterns. $12/16 Here’s how to make our spider wreath. WHAT YOU’LL NEED Grapevine wreath White spray paint White yarn Craft paint Wood craft letters Wood craft plaque Wired ribbon Black pipe cleaners Black pompoms Dropcloth Hot glue gun DIRECTIONS 1 Lay out…