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Cowboys & Indians

November/December 2020

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2 min.
happy trails

MAX EVANS, the son of a Texas ranching family, made a strong impression in 1960 with his first novel, The Rounders, a seriocomic story about two modernday cowboys who match wits with an apparently untameable horse. The novel was adapted into a 1965 movie starring Henry Fonda and Glenn Ford by writerdirector Burt Kennedy and later served as the inspiration for a 1966 – 67 TV sitcom starring Patrick Wayne and Ron Hayes. Evans was 95 when he died August 26 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. TRINI LOPEZ remains best known for his smash-hit 1960s singles “If I Had a Hammer” and “Lemon Tree,” but he also performed and recorded other songs in a variety of musical genres during his decades-long career. In 1968, he traveled to Nashville to work with legendary…

4 min.
z.s. liang

IT’S A LONG WAY FROM CHILDHOOD POVERTY IN THE 1950S CHINA OF CHAIRMAN MAO TO THE AMERICAN dream in the affluent Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills. The talented paintbrush of Z.S. Liang has taken him on that remarkable journey. Today that artistic trek takes viewers of his award-winning oil paintings back in time, for a close-up look at the lives of the Plains Indians of the 19th century. “I try to record the Indian as a hero, as a positive figure,” Liang says at his home studio. Whereas Frederic Remington’s narratives featured frontiersmen caught in a desperate last stand, Liang’s focus [is] on the Native warriors encircling those intruders in a desperate fight for their very way of life. The images are packed with historical detail, like the circle…

1 min.
the quigley shoot

The Montana town of Forsyth is renamed “Quigleyville” every June, with the pandemic-related exception of 2020, as hundreds of the world’s top long-range shooters arrive to test their skills in competition. Sponsored by a local gun club, the Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match is billed as “the biggest rifle shooting event in Eastern Montana since the Custer Massacre.” Entrants aim at six targets from distances of between 350 and 805 yards. Any traditional single-shot or lever-action rifle .375 caliber or larger is eligible. Top prizes for each age group include Tom Selleckautographed Quigley plaques; the top woman shooter receives the Crazy Cora Award. The record score was shot in 2004 by Al Loquasto with 46 hits out of the possible 48. In 30 years, no one has aced the long-range course.…

10 min.
black beauty rides again

“WHEN OUR PRODUCERS WANTED TO REMAKE BLACK Beauty, they wanted two things: to modernize the story and to make Black Beauty female,” says Ashley Avis, who directed and wrote the screenplay for the new adaptation of the classic horse tale due out on Disney Plus late this year. The producers got their wish — and more. Produced by Constantin Film and JB Pictures, the newly reimagined Black Beauty revolves around a wild mustang born in the American West, captured, and taken from her family; and Jo Green, a 17-year-old girl grieving the loss of both parents, who is healed by the horse-human bond. It stars Oscar winner Kate Winslet, voicing the inner thoughts of the horse; Mackenzie Foy (Interstellar) as Jo Green; and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) as horse whisperer…

3 min.
behind the scenes shooting on the beach

Shooting the beach scene that director Ashley Avis first envisioned when she was developing the Black Beauty screenplay presented a logistical puzzle. Given the tight production schedule, both predawn and sunset shoots would have to happen the same day. “The day we decided to shoot the beach at dawn and dusk required two units, but we only had one horse team,” Avis says. “The opening of the film is Beauty running on the beach. In my mind, I wanted it to be before the sun rose. It’s light enough to have some ambience, but before the sun crests.” Avis left for the set at 3 a.m.; horse trainer Cody Rawson-Harris and the horse team had gotten there an hour earlier. “I remember the southwest wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean,” Rawson-Harris says.…

5 min.
it’s a comfort filled christmas at perini ranch

FROM THE FESTIVE DEEP-RED NEW MEXICO RISTRAS HUNG ON ITS PATIOS TO THE old-fashioned multicolored Christmas lights strung on all of its buildings, Perini Ranch Steakhouse serves up the holidays with extra sides of nostalgia. Tom and Lisa Perini live on the 600-acre ranch in Buffalo Gap, Texas, 14 miles southwest of Abilene, and run the place. It’s grown into a compound with several businesses — their world-renowned steakhouse; catering company; mail-order beef tenderloin business; and the Country Market, where you can shop for home goods and kitchenware and popular Perini Ranch items including their cookbooks, steak and rib rubs, and cool Perini swag like custom-designed Buffalo Gap T-shirts. For those who might want to spend the night, there are two guesthouses on the property, too. If you’re going the…