Cuisine at home July/August 2020

Whether you’re looking for approachable dinner options, unique entertaining ideas, or how-to help, Cuisine at home packs each issue with expert culinary advice and original test kitchen-approved recipes, all aimed at teaching and inspiring you in the kitchen so you can creatively cook with confidence, every time.

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from the staff

"What a difference a day makes" has never seemed so true. In the span of that time, or so, it feels as if our worlds have turned upside down, inside out, side-to-side, and backwards to forwards. We hadn't even started this issue before we got the word that we would be working from home. So what did we do? We came together as a team, knowing our now retired Editor, Kim, wouldn't be here to lead us, and we came up with a game plan. Because like you, we've found that food is our solace, especially at times like this. And we want to be here for you, just as we want to be here for each other, and for our families and friends. Which to tell you the truth,…

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let’s get social

THE BUZZ | WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE FAIR FOOD? Late summer means fair time, and that's a big deal around these parts. Diets and calorie counts get checked at the gate so we can really dive into those once-a-year treats, like buckets of warm chocolate chip cookies and deep-fried anything and everything on a stick. Find some of our favorite recreations of Iowa State Fair food on pages 24–27 — these are especially fun recipes to tackle! And as you might expect, each of us has a specific item we seek out when we go to a fair, from fried cheese curds to ice cream sandwiches. We'll get back to our diets afterwards. Let us know what your favorites are on Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #fairfoodfrenzy and don’t forget…

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tips from our readers

SHEAR PERFECTION Chopped brisket or pork sandwiches are always a favorite at our house. After I cook the meat for sandwiches, I shred it with a fork. But to achieve the best chopped texture, I use my kitchen shears. In no time, I have perfectly chopped meat for sandwiches. DEBI BAKER MARIONVILLE, MO HANDY TIMESAVERS OLIVE DRESSED I love trying different olives from the olive bar at the grocery store — my favorite are the ones stuffed with blue cheese. When I get a container to go, I make sure to take some of the oil they're stored in, too. The oil makes for a killer blue cheese vinaigrette! DAVID MILLS DALLAS, TX EGG SMASH When making egg salad one day, I found a new use for my potato masher — it's the kind with square cut outs…

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in the now what’s happening in food

OLIVE OIL When you sign up for this 1-year olive oil subscription, or give it as a gift, not only are you adopting an olive tree from the Armato family’s ancient grove in Liguria, Italy, you also receive thirteen (1L) bottles of delicious oil made exclusively from the Taggiasche olives grown on their property. Every three months you’ll receive three bottles of the Armato family’s buttery, unfiltered extra-virgin olive oil. Plus, in your last shipment you’ll get a bonus bottle of their Limited Edition olive oil. This subscription is not only a boon for your kitchen, but it also helps support Armato’s small batch production. SHAKER UPGRADE The creators of Shaker33 designed a shaker with a few upgraded features from the classic prohibition-era version you’re likely familiar with. The lid locks, which helps…

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power bowls

POWER BOWLS are perfectly balanced meals made of good-for-you ingredients. These recipes offer a guide for creating one-bowl meals that are full of flavor, texture, and diverse nutritional content. Enjoy this season’s produce in these four satiating dishes. The subtle smoky, nutty taste of freekeh makes for an ideal grain in a power bowl. Combining it with nutritious vegetables like broccolini and spinach and protein-dense tofu delivers a satisfying meal. The Steak Taco Bowl is the perfect wholesome summer dinner. Veggie-packed and full of fresh flavors from the cilantro-lime dressing, this is one bowl that will be on rotation throughout the season. The umami-rich Tuna Poke Bowl is full of healthful ingredients. The cauliflower rice provides fiber and has sulfur-containing compounds perfect for a bowl full of goodness. Lastly, the Cantaloupe & Pasta Bowl…

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produce 411

Follow these general rules of thumb to get the most out of your produce. DON’T BAG IT Plastic produce bags help wrangle fruits and veggies at the market, but for storing, remove produce from the bags, or at least open the bags. Otherwise, they may fall victim to trapped ethylene gases, accelerating the ripening process and deteriorating produce faster. NEVER REFRIGERATE TOMATOES These fruits prefer 65 to 79 degrees, so the best place to store them is on your kitchen counter, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration makes the flesh mealy, and the fruit taste less flavorful. USING FRESH HERBS When choosing fresh herbs look for those with evenly-colored, supple leaves without any wilting or spotting. Store long-stemmed herbs, like cilantro and parsley, in the fridge in a vase of water covered with a…