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Digital Camera is the definitive guide to digital SLR photography and will show you how to improve any digital photo. It’s packed with practical photography advice and Photoshop tutorials to help you become a better digital photographer. With buying advice to help you choose the DSLR, compact system camera, lens, tripod, printer, or camera bag that’s right for you, it covers all DSLRs including Canon EOS/Rebel and Nikon systems. The perfect title for both amateur and pro photographers

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The relentless march of technical progress in imaging is very exciting, but it’s refreshing that an area of photography that harks back to the roots of the medium is still so popular. Black-and-white photography enjoys a substantial following – and that’s what we’re focusing on this month, with a range of features and tutorials to help you shoot better mono images. Our cover feature looks at some theory and practice, shares some pro workflow tips and shows how to get creative with HDR infra-red. Back in the world of colour, though, we zoom in on some classic cars, bring you 10 fabulous new photo projects, demystify white balance, and blend bard and bokeh in Stratford-upon-Avon. We also test 39 memory cards, so make sure you consult our nine-page guide (from…

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this month’s contributors

Pete Souza White House photographer Pete has had a unique insight into the daily lives of two American presidents. On page 134, he talks political opinion, and capturing images inside the White House. Amy Shore Automotive photographer Find out what happened behind the scenes on a shoot with Amy on page 8. We shadowed her at a classic car gethering to see how she captures her distinctive look. Simon Roy Wildlife photographer It’s our March issue, and Simon is on hand to give you the best tips for photographing ‘mad’ March hares.Check out his advice, from fieldcraft to gear, on page 34. Benedict Brain Creative photographer Our regular columnist often opts for a minimal approach, but this month he embraced intensity and made sense of a colourful, chaotic scene. See the shot on page 37. Andrew James Our man with all the answers Andrew’s…

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free gifts

Filter Forge 7.0 (Windows & macOS) With thousands of effects on tap and 12,000 more to download, Filter Forge could be the most powerful image-editing plugin you own. Explore its potential on page 70, where you’ll also find full download instructions. Download offer ends 30 April 2019. START COLLECTING THE NEW SETS! 9 all-new tips cards Our collectible cards bring you condensed shooting advice you can store in your kit bag until it’s needed. Each card offers suggested exposure settings to try initially, plus tips for improving on that first test shot. This issue’s cards focus on lighting faces and shooting with black-and-white in mind. Photography Show guide Your 48-page guide to March’s big event. Look for the guide at the end of this magazine, or download your free PDF edition via Camera Shopper ebook Camera Shopper…

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a blast at bicester

While I know very little about cars, I recognise a good car image when I see it. I came across Amy Shore’s work on Instagram, and immediately wanted to find out how she creates her elegant and classy photographs. Perhaps knowing little about a subject or genre makes it more intriguing, but fortunately for me, Amy invited me along to a ‘Sunday Scramble’ event at Bicester Heritage to see her at work. Bicester Heritage was founded in 2013 and is based at a beautiful 425-acre former RAF WWII bomber base. The site, which is north-east of Oxford, has quickly become a national hub for classic car enthusiasts. The meetup that I’d be attending runs several times throughout the year, but the January date is designed to shake off the post-Christmas and…

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working the angles

Framing shots Amy looks for elements to shoot through and frame her pictures.“Light, colour, shapes – that’s all you’re trying to arrange in your picture,” she says. “If it’s a dull day, focus on colour and shapes. If you’re lacking colour, focus on light and shapes. The best way I try to lead my viewer into the image is by making sure there’s something in the foreground.” Viewfinder vs vari-angle screen Amy composes her shots mainly by looking through the viewfinder.“I like to really feel the images, and I don’t find that Live View gives me that.” For a few trickier angles, she uses her camera’s folding LCD screen.“Using the pull-out screen on my Nikon D850, I like to shoot car detail shots from above.”…

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primes feature large in amy’s kit

1 Nikon D850 The D850’s weathersealed body enables Amy to keep shooting whatever the weather. “This is my primary camera, and a go-to combination with a 35mm lens attached.” 2 Nikon D5 “I’ve only just moved to the D5 this year.” The 153-point AF system on this full-frame DSLR provides Amy with wide coverage and precise focusing, for both moving vehicles and stationary ones. 3 Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 lens This lens is mounted to Amy’s D850. The 35mm focal length provides a natural angle of view, similar to the perception of the human eye. 4 Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 lens “Attached to my D5, this is perfect for capturing those moments that are just that little bit further away from me.” 5 Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens “This was my first proper lens after a kit lens. Once I got it,…