Digital Camera World September 2021

Digital Camera is the definitive guide to digital SLR photography and will show you how to improve any digital photo. It’s packed with practical photography advice and Photoshop tutorials to help you become a better digital photographer. With buying advice to help you choose the DSLR, compact system camera, lens, tripod, printer, or camera bag that’s right for you, it covers all DSLRs including Canon EOS/Rebel and Nikon systems. The perfect title for both amateur and pro photographers

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Opportunities for exotic wildlife photography may be out of reach for a little while longer, but there’s still plenty of skills to master close to home. This month’s cover feature (page 60) will show you how, with a host of hints, tips and insights from wildlife pro Graeme Green. You’ll also find plenty of other genres to immerse yourself in, courtesy of Photo Active (p16), Stay at Home (p43) and Camera College (p72), while inspiration awaits in Hotshots (p82), with the category winners of the Cewe Photo Award, the world’s biggest. We look forward to welcoming Digital Camera readers to The Photography Show & The Video Show next month – in the meantime, catch up with two of the stars of the Super Stage, Olivia Arthur (p10) and Mark Power…

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this month’s contributors

Albert Watson Photographer and film-maker One of the biggest names in photography for decades, Watson is full of creativity and experience. Meet him and enjoy some of his best work on page 132 Olivia Arthur Documentary photographer This Magnum photographer explores ideas of humanity and intimacy in a range of varied and thought-provoking projects. Explore her worlds on page 10 Mike Coots Underwater photographer Attacked by a shark as a teenager, Mike now fights to preserve them, taking astounding photos into the bargain. Discover his story and underwater tips on page 16 Sarah Medway Big-cat photographer Sarah’s roles as workshop leader and photographer at a big-cat sanctuary give her special access to leopards and jaguars. See her captivating work on page 20 Jon Devo Photographer and writer Jon’s technology beat involves trawling patent registries to see the future of photography before it happens. And…

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your gifts

9 all-new tips cards Our collectable shooting tips cards give you on-demand settings and advice – keep ’em in your kit bag! This issue: help with summer insects, portrait-style wildlife shots, and livening up architecture with cheeky composites. 12 presentation Actions for Photoshop CC When you’re gearing up to print a photo, this gift helps you add the ideal finishing touch! With just a few clicks in Photoshop CC, add a fetching photo frame and label, in a choice of styles. Look for your Actions in the Gifts folder, and see page 94 for Jon Adams’ guide. 12 Photoshop Actions Photography Show guide Preview this September’s big event! See the Gifts folder in your download for a PDF guide; copies in some regions also include a printed booklet. PLUS SKIES BUNDLE BY SKYLUM WORTH £45/$58 Skylum Skies Bundle Make…

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your digital content

HOW TO GET YOUR DIGITAL GIFTS STEP 1 ENTER THIS URL Enter the URL above into the destination bar of your internet browser – we’re using Google Chrome, but other browsers work in a similar way. Please do not enter it in any search field or search bar (see the examples above). This will take you to a page on our website. STEP 2 START YOUR DOWNLOAD Just click the highlighted link Here you’ll find all the gifts and videos to accompany this issue of Digital Camera. Click on the link labelled Download the disc for Digital Camera 246 and your download will start, delivered from our own secure server. STEP 3 ACCESS YOUR FILES Open the. zip In your Downloads folder, or wherever you chose to download your files to, double-click the file icon. Then when it expands, double-click…

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olivia arthur

Olivia Arthur is a British photographer whose work often focuses on human relationships, intimate moments and private spaces. Her work has been exhibited internationally and featured in The New Yorker, Vogue and Time. She’s also the co-founder of Fishbar, a publisher and exhibition space in London. Arthur has been a full member of Magnum Photos since 2013, and edited the recent Magnum 2020 photographic collection. From Hull to Saudi Arabia, Olivia Arthur has shown her viewers moments from private or ‘unseen’ worlds. “An element of peeking behind closed doors is important for me,” she says. “In many ways, photography is all about taking people on a journey you’re going on, showing them something they might not have the opportunity to see.” Arthur’s work often captures people at home, in bedrooms or living…

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how to take more intimate portraits

1 Get to know each other “Spend time without your camera in your hand. Get to know the person or people you are photographing.” 2 Don’t rush “Whoever you are with has let you come into their personal space. Accept that generosity, and treat them well by not rushing through a shoot.” 3 Use a tripod “Using a tripod can help you to be careful and thoughtful about the images you are making. Sometimes it helps to use one, even if it’s not necessary.” 4 Try different things “Often the first scene you try won’t be the best. I often find myself getting the camera back out again after I’ve finished shooting, when something else catches my eye.” 5 Show your work “Bring examples of your work – it always helps people to understand the kind of images you…