Digital Camera World October 2018

Digital Camera is the definitive guide to digital SLR photography and will show you how to improve any digital photo. It’s packed with practical photography advice and Photoshop tutorials to help you become a better digital photographer. With buying advice to help you choose the DSLR, compact system camera, lens, tripod, printer, or camera bag that’s right for you, it covers all DSLRs including Canon EOS/Rebel and Nikon systems. The perfect title for both amateur and pro photographers

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There are watersheds in your life, which you often not recognise as momentous moments in history until years later. In my career, I have witnessed two huge milestones in the history of cameras. My earliest, as a cub reporter, was the advent of autofocus. More recently, it was the brutal way in which digital imaging all but killed off analogue film. This month, I have had the privilege of witnessing the arrival of Nikon and Canon into the full-frame mirrorless party – which until now Sony has had solely to itself. (You can read all about this on pages 110-120.) Can mirrorless really kill off the DSLR? For me, full-frame is where it is at (as we explain on page 52). Full is where I started as a hobby photographer, with…

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this month’s contributors

Réhahn Portrait photographer Réhahn has travelled the world for his art, but his main focus now is on the tribes of Vietnam. Explore his work and get inspired by his views on page 140. Benedict Brain Creative photographer A recent trip to Alaska and its unexpected contrasts gave Ben the perfect opportunity to explore narrative in a photo series, as he reveals on page 37. Alyn Wallace Astrophotographer Alyn is a creature of the night, staying up late to capture amazing starscapes and time-lapses. We join him for a nocturnal shoot on page 8. Jo Bradford Smartphone photographer Jo has embraced the smartphone for her photography, and her series explains how you can do the same. On page 32 she looks at storytelling in a 365-day project. Andrew James Our man with all the answers Andrew’s photography career sees him take on all sorts…

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free gifts

9 all-new tips cards Our ever-popular tips cards have had a makeover, and there are now three separate sets to start collecting. In addition to the Camera Skills cards, you will now find cards which will help you with posing portraits, and tips with setting up studio lighting. 164-page Camera Shopper ebook Looking to buy a camera or a lens? There are plenty of reviews of new gear in this issue, but this 164-page PDF guide will give you reviews of 120 more SLRs, CSCs and lenses. Find this in the Gifts folder on the disc. Landscape FX Pack plus 30 free creative Photoshop textures Jon Adams’ brilliant Landscape FX Pack lets you transform photos with just a few clicks: he explains all on page 70. Plus: 30 cool textures, with full instructions on the…

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master astro

The heat of the summer sun is starting to fade as we walk down the long path down to Three Cliffs Bay, which sits below the mediaeval ruins of Pennard Castle on Wales’ Gower Peninsula. It is a location that Alyn Wallace knows well, and has helped to promote: his recent images of the neon-blue-glow bioluminescent plankton in the bay have gone viral. The natural phenomenon is unpredictable, but there is a chance we could see it tonight – and others arriving on the beach are obviously hoping this too. Alyn explains that there is a lot of planning needed for a astrophotography shoot, to ensure you are in the right place in the right time. He has chosen a night with no moon, and one where there is a low…

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inside a pro’s camera bag

1 Sony Alpha 7 III “I’ve been using an A7S II for shooting video for a while, but have just switched to Sony for shooting stills too. It made sense to use one system, and the A7 III performs better than my old Canon EOS 6D II.” 2 Pixel TW-283 “A Wireless remote that I use to fire the shutter, for time-lapse and long-distance selfies.” 3 Multimat Kumfie “Sold in camping shops for about a fiver, this folds up in my backpack and is very light, but can be used to kneel on.” 4 Sigma 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye “This gives a 180° view; I use it to get shots of the whole of the night sky in one exposure. It is great for meteor showers – or for showing light pollution. It’s a Canon-mount, but I use…

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7 essential tools for astrophotographers

1.45am Subject ISS flyover Lens Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM at 16mm Exposure 141 sec at f/2.8, ISO 800 1 Clear Outside Price: Free Weather forecasts for astronomers, with info on cloud cover and dew point. 2 Magic Seaweed A website designed for surfers, but very useful for showing the tide times for coastal shoots. 3 Phases of the Moon Price: £1.99 As the name suggests, this gives detailed information about the phases of the moon. 4 Light Pollution Map – Dark Sky Price: Free. Detailed info on light pollution in map form; also gives info on the Northern Lights. 5 Stellarium Free on web (£2.99 as app). A night sky emulator, previsualising where the Milky Way and planets will be. 6 PhotoPills Price: £9.99 Its augmented reality feature lets you work out when the Milky Way…