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Discover Japan - AN INSIDER'S GUIDEDiscover Japan - AN INSIDER'S GUIDE

Discover Japan - AN INSIDER'S GUIDE 7003190_Vol.18

Discover Japan is the insider's guide to Japan. Published since 2008 in Japanese, the magazine is now available in English as a redesigned, easy-to-read digital issue that is packed with stories on Japanese culture, food, travel, design and much more. We hope this will soon become your preferred guide to a previously unexplored side of Japan. Notice "Discover Japan ―AN INSIDER'S GUIDE vol. 18" originally scheduled for release on April 6th has been changed due to unforeseeable circumstances. We will notice to you again, as soon as the release day is confirmed. Thank you for understanding.

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from the editor

We had so much fun (and only a slight hangover) making our previous issue about Japan’s many ways to get tipsy, so we keeping the momentum going by sampling Japanese craft beers. Small brewpubs are popping up all around the country. Since there are so many new, exciting brews to sample, the usual order of toriaezu-nama (the first beer of the evening) seems like a waste! Whether you prefer a light IPA or a dark and wholesome porter, Japan has something for you. We’ve done the hard work of narrowing down the finest hops on tap at Tokyo’s best brewpubs. We also take an in-depth look at some of Japan’s strongest craft breweries as we visit Hitachino Nest, Yoho Brewing, Baird Beer and Minoh Beer. And yes, there are many more amazing Japanese…

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01 ehime outpost in marunouchi

An Ehime Prefecture specialty store just opened in the shopping complex KITTE in Marunouchi. The interior by Suppose Design Office features brightly coloured mandarin orange containers as an homage to one of Ehime’s main exports: citrus fruit. The store even has fresh mandarin juice on tap and is sure to provide fun for visitors experiencing Ehime using all of their senses. Shin Ehime KITTE Marunouchi 2F, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-6551-2030 Hours: 11:00–21:00 (to 20:00 on Sundays and public holidays) Closed on the same days as KITTE Marunouchi…

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02 sharing issey miyake’s creations from kyoto

ISSEY MIYAKE has recently opened a new location in Kyoto built inside a renovated 132-year-old town house. Naoto Fukasawa uses ink-black colours in his design of the store to make the clothes stand out. It’s a tastefully designed space, appropriate for a store in Kyoto. The warehouse located at the rear of the store features a gallery that highlights ISSEY MIYAKE’s projects and diverse cultures. ISSEY MIYAKE KYOTO 89 Tsuchiya-cho, Sanjo Sagaru, Yanaginobanba-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Tel: 075-254-7540 Hours: 11:00–20:00 Closed: None…

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03 a new landmark in hibiya

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is the latest addition to Tokyo’s retail scene. A particular point of interest is “BASE Q,” a networking hub for developers of start-up businesses and creators. Equipped with a cafe and workspaces, it is drawing attention as a place for idea creation. We also love the nicely curated Hibiya Central Market area on the second floor. Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo…

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anchor point

Savour fragrant craft beers and delicious flame-grilled steaks Anchor Point opened in Tokyo’s Nagatacho in 2016. Despite being in a business district, the restaurant offers visitors a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city, thanks to its effective use of greenery. Anchor Point is known for its flame-grilled steaks and serves only the finest US beef. Both Japanese cherry and oak wood is used at the grill. Each of Anchor Point’s beers is brewed with its own distinct character, so that they can hold their own against the deep flavours of the restaurant’s steaks. Jun Shimizu, the head brewer, says that the most important aspect of the beers is their aroma. “Different beers have different aromas, such as citrus, herbal, and tropical scents. We ensure that each of our beers has…

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brewin’bar monde

A revamped bar and a brand-new microbrewery Ginza’s “Monde Bar” was established 30 years ago and was reopened in 2015 as a beer bar under the new name, “Brewin’Bar MONDE”. From April 2017 it added brewing facilities to start producing its own beers. As part of renovations, MONDE introduced its own fully customised air-cooling system, which allows the temperature and gas pressure to be adjusted according to the type of beer being brewed, ensuring that a perfect beer is served every time. The bar was already popular nationwide for its carefully- selected varieties of craft beers, but the addition of a brewery has helped attract even more visitors. MONDE primarily brews British craft beers, using Kent Golding, Fuggle and other British hop varieties. Most of its beers have gentle aromas and mild flavours. The…