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what’s so cute?

I remember, as a 7-year-old in the 1970s, playing in my room for hours with a foldout Holly Hobbie gazebo made of heavy bookboard. The small doll was so cute, in her patchwork dress and bonnet, hanging out in the various watercolor worlds that spilled from the white gazebo in the middle. But then along came Hello Kitty. The classic, simple line drawing of her oversized head, button nose and wide-set round black eyes exemplified cute. In my 9-year-old brain, Hello Kitty ruled, and I cherished the pencils, notepaper, stickers and especially a wee vinyl bag. Forty years later, Hello Kitty and her cute parade endure — my 7-year-old niece is a big fan. She’s drawn to the character, and many others like her, for likely the same reasons I was. There’s…

4 min.
complex topic, complex reactions

In order for gun violence to be treated as a public health issue, robust data on gun ownership and ammunition purchases need to be collected and made accessible to researchers and policymakers. But creating such a national registry is prohibited by federal law. This lack of a comprehensive, searchable database has been a primary obstacle to research on firearm control. The solution, however, may already be available in the form of blockchain technology. By applying the same privacy techniques used by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero, a blockchain-based registry would provide lawful owners secure anonymity while making available to public health researchers the valuable data necessary to develop evidence-based policies. Thomas Heston Spokane, Wash. Instead of the CDC studying only gun violence, perhaps it should consider studying violence of all kinds, including…

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the crux

LIMITED LIONS Life in La La Land hasn’t been glamorous for mountain lions — Los Angeles traffic is literally killing them. And if things don’t change, some of the local big cat populations could go extinct within 50 years, according to a recent study in the journal Ecological Applications. Freeways and urban sprawl prevent two groups of Southern California mountain lions, which live in the mountains on opposite sides of L.A., from mating. Isolated, the clusters have inbred, greatly decreasing genetic diversity. But there’s hope: State engineers, funded by conservation nonprofits, will soon link the territories by building wildlife bridges across two L.A.-area multilane highways. If the efforts work, other large carnivore conservation projects could follow statewide.…

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reef rescue

AS REPORTS OF CORAL REEF die-offs rolled in year after year, marine biologist Raquel Peixoto couldn’t help but feel inundated. Mass reef bleaching events were already five times more common by 2016 than they’d been in the 1980s — a pace that has continued with ocean warming trends, which only exacerbate the die-offs. That’s a big problem for the larger ocean ecosystem, since coral reefs support thousands of fish and invertebrate species — more than any other undersea environment. With images of corals’ dead white skeletons haunting her, Peixoto started brainstorming solutions. “Trying to do something,” she says, “makes me less depressed.” At some point, a thought occurred to her. What would happen if she dosed threatened reefs with “coral probiotics” — strains of beneficial bacteria known to support coral health? In…

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EVER CAUGHT A GLIMPSE of the man in the moon? Then you’ve experienced pareidolia — the tendency to perceive patterns where there are none. Faces are the most common shape people see, likely because mugs matter so much in our social species. But the phenomenon, pronounced “parr-i-DOH-lee-uh,” goes beyond faces. We humans can spot just about any shape in nearly anything: Maybe you see a deformed version of your state in your latte foam, or perhaps those clouds are two dinosaurs duking it out. Pareidolia even extends to auditory stimuli, when people misinterpret arbitrary sounds and noises as something meaningful, like voices or music.…

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new hemp technology is 450% better for discomfort relief than regular hemp oil

Americans are rejoicing about a brand-new technology that gets the goods on the health benefits of hemp. A next generation hemp technology is now available across the nation and can be purchased without a prescription. And the best part, it comes with a new delivery system that’s 450% more absorbable than oil. So you can say goodbye to pills, oils and creams. Canna LS contains pure “full spectrum hemp,” which works to relieve joint discomfort, restore sharp memory, and support a healthy normal inflammatory response, to name a few. And since it has no THC, it heals without the “high.” Exciting new scientific research shows that hemp contains special molecules called cannabinoids which bind to receptor sites in the brain and body. When taken orally, hemp activates these receptors Why This New Technology Is Better Than…