Do It Yourself Summer 2020

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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editor's letter

FROM THE EDITOR Inspiration and energy always hit me like a creative tidal wave this time of year. Suddenly the days are just long enough, the weather just warm enough, and I feel ready to tackle the upgrades and updates I’ve been adding to my to-do list for months. (BTW, I recently digitized all my list-making with the free app AnyList. It’s been a lifesaver! Give it a try if you’re always losing or rewriting those paper lists.) My top DIY priority? Curb appeal projects that I can finish in a weekend. In fact, I want to do all the front-door facelifts featured in “Oh, Hello, Yellow” (page 58), including the custom doormat and the mod hanging planters. I’m even testing sunny paint hues for my front door! And if outdoor building…

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get outside!

OUTDOOR FURNITURE IDEAS WANT TO ADD DIY FLAIR TO YOUR FRESH-AIR SPACES? TRY YOUR HAND AT THESE 18 EASY FURNITURE BUILDS. BHG.COM/OUTDOORFURNITURE BUILD A RAILING PLANTER Create crafty curb appeal with this planter that attaches directly to your railings. MAKE AN OUTDOOR MOVIE SCREEN Turn your backyard into your own theater (just BYO snacks!) with this DIY movie screen. PAINT METAL FURNITURE Think your metal furniture is on its last legs? Think again with these tips on restoring tired, rusty furniture!…

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GET TO KNOW RESIN The mix of epoxy resin and hardener creates a magical, hard-as-nails finish over almost any material. Though resin is easy to use, prep is key—have your supplies and work space ready before the first mix. Cover the floors and worktable of a dust-free room or garage (ideally 65°F–70°F) with heavy-duty plastic. Wear old clothes and latex gloves, and use disposable cups and stir sticks for easy cleanup. Have a level on hand for flat projects such as artwork, this photo, so the resin spreads evenly. With your space prepared, it’s time to play, starting with simple projects like coasters and glossy artwork. A resin kit covers multiple projects, so you’ll have enough to perfect the technique. MAKING WAVES Resin mix, a clean artist canvas (ours is 24×24…

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mixed color

THE MAKER: CHRISTI JOHNSON This textile artist melds style and history with her sustainable fabric brand, Mixed Color. Q: What’s your favorite aspect of making embroidery? A: I love developing the designs and choosing the colors. A lot of the time, the colors will really dictate the design. Sometimes I’ll change the design based on the colors that I’ve selected after I’ve drawn it. I love that embroidery is this combination of drawing on clothes; it’s basically painting with threads. Q: What inspires the creation of your patterns? A: Translating a story into an image is always really fun. Also, I love working with vintage clothes because they kind of have a life of their own that they’ve already lived. When sitting with the pieces of clothing, they tend to tell a story of what…

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cut loose

1. LANDSCAPER’S HORI HORI A tool no lawn enthusiast should be without, the hori hori is at once a knife, trowel, and saw—ready for any persistent weed. The aircraft alloy steel base is corrosion-resistant. $58; 2. SCOTTS WIZZ HAND-HELD SPREADER WITH EDGEGUARD TECHNOLOGY Save your wrist with this battery-powered fertilizer spreader. The reservoir will hold enough grass seed, fertilizer, and weed-control products to cover up to 2,500 square feet of lawn. You can even use it for ice melt in the winter. $20; 3. WORX LANDROID M 20V CORDLESS ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER Able to cut up to a quarter-acre on a charge, the Landroid is one smart mower. It mows when programmed, but if rain hits, it wisely retreats to its charging base and notifies you via a phone app.…

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cords & straps

STRIKE A CORD Add a unique design to your walls with colorful cords, opposite. Use a pencil and a level to mark spots for the knobs (we used front-mount ceramic drawer pulls) 2 inches apart in vertical lines. For a 90-degree corner, first mark the location of the knob for the bottom line, then measure up 2 inches and over 2 inches (toward the inside of the angle) and mark again. Repeat for each line. Install the knobs. Run the cord (we used about 12 feet of ¼-inch Para-Max cord for each line) along the pattern, wrapping it around each knob and leaving the ends free. To keep long expanses of cord from sagging, pin in place with a brass nail. To finish the ends, secure the cord in clear…