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Do It Yourself Spring 2015

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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What’s your type? Are you a pick-up artist or “don’t judge me” girl? Discover what kind of cleaner you are and find tips to suit your style. Spy the DIY Can you spot the DIY project in this room? Find out—and learn how to integrate DIY elements into your home decor. Handy DIY apps Put your smartphone or tablet to work on your next project. Check out our picks for DIY-friendly apps. Apartment redo At only 750 square feet, this apartment is packed with personality. Pick up a few tips for living large in a small space.…

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editor’s letter

Pet cause There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction you get from a DIY project done well. The only thing better? DIYing for a cause close to your heart. Like many of you, we at Team DIY share our lives with pets we adore. My own two kitties were rescued as strays when they were tiny, and they’ve been a joyful part of my family ever since. So we were thrilled at the opportunity to partner with the Animal Rescue League (ARL) for an event that helped raise money for adoptable pets in Iowa. The theme of the night: high fashion. Local celebrities escorted their adopted pets—dressed to the nines in couture costumes—up and down a runway to wild applause. Super fun. Our team helped with the decor (think loads of glitter, sequins, and ruffled…

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shake.rattle.roll .

PLASTIC HOW TO PREPARE Clean old surfaces with an ammonia-base cleaner and new ones with paint thinner. If previously painted, lightly sand the surface and remove dust with a tack cloth. WHICH PAINT DO I USE? Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2X and Krylon’s Fusion for Plastic bond to most plastics and require no sanding or priming. “When a run or drip begins to form, reposition the item so that the drip is horizontal. This will stop the drip and allow it to flow out and flatten somewhat, making it much less obvious. If the drip has dried, lightly sand it and re-coat.” —JENNY THAVENET, BRAND MANAGER AT RUST-OLEUM PREVENT CLOGS BY HOLDING THE CAN UPSIDE-DOWN AND SPRAYING UNTIL A CLEAR GAS RELEASES. IF A TIP CLOGS, WIPE WITH WATER OR LACQUER THINNER. Spray better! Watch…

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sit. stay. store.

With two dogs, we’ve accumulated an abundance of pet items and storage solutions—a metal bin for toys (because they chewed the rattan one), a garden tote for shampoo, treats, and brushes, and an airtight food bin under the sink. We may need to learn a few more tricks if my daughter gets the kitty she’s been wanting! Your furry friends may have free rein in the house, but that doesn’t mean their stuff has to. A tall cabinet or bookshelf, opposite, contains everything in one spot. These other storage-savvy products also help you get a grip on pet gear so no one winds up in the doghouse. 1. Hang in there Mount this double hook by the door where you can grab a leash and go with your canine pal. This durable…

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pot luck

Durable by design The stucco finish on this pot—and each of the other projects in this story—is made to withstand weather and frequent watering. Before dressing up a terra-cotta pot, see “How to Prep a Terra-Cotta Pot” on page 23, for steps to seal and weatherize it. HOW TO STENCIL A STUCCO FOSSIL WHAT YOU’LL NEED • Terra-cotta pot • Spackling knife • Premixed stucco • Outdoor paint (We used Deco Art Patio Paint in green.) • Paintbrush • Fossil stencil • Multi surface water-base sealant (We used Thompson’s Water Seal.) step 1 Seal the inside of the terra-cotta pot, following the steps on page 23. Using a spackling knife, spread stucco on the outside of the pot to create a rocklike finish that also seals the pot (a). (Primer/sealer is unnecessary for this project.) Let dry overnight. Brush on green paint or…

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handy girl

DEAR HANDY GIRL, Our dishwasher isn’t old, but it’s been giving off a wonky, musty smell, and it isn’t cleaning well. Help! The last thing we want to do right now is replace it. DEAR READER, A little bit of elbow grease and some appliance love might be all you need to keep your dishwasher smelling fresh and working well. Try these maintenance tips: AFTER EVERY WASH •Remove clean dishes promptly.Some water may not have drained from one or more dishes, and that can cause a stale smell, too. • Wipe of any leftover food. Remove any particles still on the drain. They can lead to smells and mold. • Clean the exterior. Wipe away fingerprints or drips and dribbles from the door’s front. •Clean the exterior. Wipe away fingerprints or drips and dribbles from the…