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Do It Yourself Spring 2017

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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THE RIGHT STUFF BEFORE YOU BEGIN A MAKEOVER PROJECT, BE CERTAIN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB. CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF 11 MUST-HAVES FOR EVERY DIYER’S TOOL KIT HERE: BHG.COM/TOOLKIT SCHEDULES WITH STYLE A new year calls for a new calendar and a renewed pledge to keep it current, not to mention pretty! Take one of our stylish DIY calendar ideas and make it your own. FUN FURNITURE MAKEOVERS Give new life to old furnishings with these inspiring ideas for reusing, remaking, and upcycling. EASY UPDATES Time to take the party (and your decorating) outside. Watch these three adorable, easy-to-do pillow embellishments—including pom-poms, paint, and stencils— elevate style in no time.…

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from the editor

Quick chic BLACK PAINT MAKES DATED TRIM FEEL OFFTHE- RUNWAY FRESH. FOR BEST RESULTS, APPLY PRIMER AND SPLURGE ON A HIGH-QUALITY SATIN OR SEMIGLOSS TOP COAT. After a lifetime of watching makeovers unfold on talk shows and reality TV programs, I still feel a thrill when a horrendous before becomes a glorious after. Having completed projects for this magazine and in my own life, I know that real transformations take more than a moment and fancy camerawork. Makeovers require planning, attention to detail, and follow-through. They may be work—but oh, are they worth it! Whether you want to overhaul a pillow, a piece of furniture, a room, or your entire home, this issue is your go-to guide. Start small by turning garage castoffs into cool planters (“Contain Yourself,” page 54), then learn how…

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seize the clay

STAY HYDRATED POT THE PLANT IN A LIGHTWEIGHT PLANTER WITH DRAINAGE HOLES, AND REMOVE FROM HANGING POT TO WATER. PRESS TO IMPRESS Balls of white polymer clay dot the surface of a mod hanging planter, below. To make a form, cover an upside-down, oven-safe flowerpot with parchment paper. Knead the clay, then roll out a thin sheet with a clay roller or rolling pin, press it around the parchment paper on the pot’s exterior, and trim as needed. Form balls and press them onto the clay sheet (A). Press a small round object, such as a marker cap, into each ball. Poke three evenly spaced holes around the rim of the clay planter using a bamboo skewer. Bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions; let cool. Remove the clay from the flowerpot form.…

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mixed media

MAKE IT FRAMED FLAT-SCREEN Beefed up with a wide frame and hung on the wall with a smattering of prints and photos, the humble fl at-screen morphs into artwork. Build the box slightly larger than the screen so the black surround shows, and cut a hole in the back to thread cords through. Paint it an eye-catching color, and voilà! A screen worth staring at. HACK IT RECESSED WALL PLATE This plastic plate indents into drywall, creating a space to tuck cables and cords out of sight. It allows you to mount the TV fl ush against the wall. No more wobble! Find it at any home center for about $5. BUY IT FULL-MOTION MOUNT Today’s massive televisions off er a theater experience in the comfort of your own home—but mounting them on the wall (and trying to…

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bit by bit

TWIST BIT The most common bit for home projects, twist bits feature fl utes that taper to a tip for cutting metal, wood, plastic, and more. AUGER BIT Looking to quickly create a clean hole in wood? The large, deep fl utes of an auger bit eff ectively remove wood and sawdust from the hole. BIT BRAD-POINT For precise drilling through wood, use a brad-point bit. The brad centered on the tip helps with positioning on smaller holes than an auger can off er. FORSTNER BIT Woodworkers may fi nd a Forstner bit handy for drilling smooth, precise holes or for boring fl atbottom holes perfect for inserting dowels. These bits require a lot of force, so they are better used with a drill press than with a handheld drill. STEP BIT The tiered cone of the step bit…

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COMPLETELY WIRED Lampshades made from wire baskets add airy drama to hanging cord lights, this photo. Begin by removing any handles from the basket. On the bottom of the basket, mark a circle the size of the light socket. Use wire cutters to carefully snip out the marked wire. Be cautious not to cut the hole too wide. The basket should rest on the socket, not the lightbulb, opposite. String the light cord through the hole you’ve cut in the bottom of the basket, and screw in a bulb. BUDGET BREAKDOWN BASKET $15 L BRACKETS $5 SCREWS WITH ANCHORS $0.50 TOTAL // $20.50 STORE MORE Keep your necessities in place with these smart bathroom storage shelves, below left. For sturdy support, choose two or three L brackets that reach across three-quarters of the basket’s…