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Do It Yourself Spring 2018

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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from the editor

COLOR SUDDENLY MADE PERFECT SENSE THE DAY I MET ROY G. BIV. With this helpful acronym to remember a rainbow’s seven hues, my 8-year-old art projects were both vibrant and smartly designed, my color choices flowing seamlessly from warm to cool tones A similar spirit inspires our “We Love Color” issue of Do It Yourself. We packed these pages with practical tips for bringing more color into your life. Boost your confidence with decorating accents that require just a few tubes of crafts paint (“Color Your World,” page 64). Try the hottest color trends—including Pantone Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet, (“The Royal Treatment,” page 92) and brights (“What to Do with Pops of Neon,” page 20)— with high-impact, low-commitment projects. And learn how color schemes work in real life with…

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let’s paint!

INSIDE THE LINES Grout can get dingy quickly. Learn how to paint grout for a simple and costsaving fix. SO-FRESH FURNITURE All about the thrift shops? Then this is for you! Give an outdated piece a new life with our secrets to success for painting upholstery. OFF THE WALL How hard can painting a wall be, right? Take out all the guesswork with our tried-and-true tips. TRIMMED UP Freshen your trim, baseboards, and moldings with our step-by-step trim painting guide. START AT THE BEGINNING—GET HELP PICKING YOUR COLOR PALETTE AT BHG.COM/PALETTE…

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YOU’RE SO VEIN Currently trending: accent walls. This stunning marble-look wall treatment, right, is perfect in a tiny bath and easier to achieve than you might think. To get the look, prep your room for painting: Tape off trim and lay down a drop cloth. Remove any fuzz from a Woolie (a faux-finish paint tool; with tape or a lint roller, then wash the Woolie and blot dry. Using a large paintbrush, apply three large diagonal strips of different color paint (we used dark green, light green, and black) to your wall. Prime the Woolie by applying all three paints directly to it with a paintbrush, then tap it in the same diagonal direction as the paint to blend (A). Continue across the entire wall. Allow paint to dry. To…

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pick your method

DIP SUPPLIES: Magic Marble paint DIFFICULTY: Easy TIME: 1 hour USE ON: Small decorative accessories you can dip (candlesticks, trays) PAINT SUPPLIES: Shaving cream, fabric paint DIFFICULTY: Easy TIME: 1 hour USE ON: Fabric, paper SPRAY SUPPLIES: Spray paint DIFFICULTY: Easy TIME: 2 hours USE ON: Fabric, paper ROLL SUPPLIES: Oven-bake clay, clay glaze sealer DIFFICULTY: Medium TIME: 1 hour USE ON: Knobs, pulls, mini sculptures SPRAY SUPPLIES: Montana Marble Effect Spray DIFFICULTY: Super easy TIME: 2 hours (paint dry time) USE ON: Canvas, paper, wood, ceramics PAINT SUPPLIES: Paint DIFFICULTY: Medium TIME: 1-2 days (for adequate dry time) depending on project size USE ON: Walls…

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handy girl

HANDY GIRL IS THE FIRST TO ADMIT IT: That orange hue I thought would look perfect in my first home office? It was, shall we say, an attention-getter (and not the good kind). I’ve had to toss more paintbrushes than I care to admit because I didn’t know the best way to take good care of them. Luckily for you, my misfires with color and paint can be mistakes you never have to make. Here are a few hacks every handy girl should have in her toolbox of home knowledge. What if I spill? Spills happen, but quick thinking can help you mitigate the damage. For starters, never let the spill dry. If you get water-base (latex) paint on carpet, blot with a damp paper towel until you remove all residue. Follow up,…

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5 mistakes i’ve made with paint

DEAR READERS, My basement work space is a memorial to paint decisions gone wrong. But you can be different. You can eliminate waste and heartache by avoiding the blunders I’ve made. Here are my top fails. SKIPPING PREP. Wiping down the walls—it doesn’t really matter, right? Oh my, was I wrong! Walls get dusty and dirty. A tack rag and a wipe-down are your paint-prepping BFFs. SKIPPING PRIMER. Remember the orange paint I thought I loved? I was convinced that two coats would cover up the previous hue: a bright green. Instead, after all my work was done, I had slightly ill-looking walls that reminded me of a pumpkin a week after Halloween. Primer matters, especially when covering a rich hue. NOT WORRYING ABOUT THE MESS. I’m a pretty tidy person, which means…