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Do It Yourself Summer 2013

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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editor’s letter

Mad for makeovers Isn’t it fun to watch a project come together? Especially those with humble beginnings, like my friend Sandra Soria’s vintage camper (“Tin Star,” page 82). When I toured the 1954 Clipper premakeover, it looked like a well-loved and rugged trooper of the open road. After Sandra put her DIY spin on it, though, it became a sweet mobile abode that matches her and her husband’s freewheelin’ style. For more amazing transformations, check out the fresh facelifts designer Brenda Wegner gave to old furniture in “Served with Style,” page 64. A thrift store dresser, desk, and tea cart each received new life as a functional piece for outdoor entertaining: a children’s lemonade stand, an adult beverage center, and a sweet breakfast trolley. Share your own makeover projects with our DIY community…

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try it

warm welcome Slat happy Guests will walk the plank with this welcome mat. Cut 1×2 medium-density fiberboard (MDF) into fifteen 24-inch-long pieces. Add personality with a rainbow of spray paint and fabric affixed using spray adhesive. Once dry, apply three coats of clear exterior varnish. To assemble, drill holes through each plank 1 inch from each end and at the center. Thread a small nut onto one end of each of three threaded rods; insert the rods through the holes in one MDF plank. Slide a larger nut onto each rod. Continue alternating planks and nuts. Secure the slats with a nut threaded onto the end of each rod. Grass mat Remind visitors they’re on friendly turf with this sweet doormat. Cut two 24-inch pieces and two 36-inch pieces from two 6-foot lengths of…

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cool tools

take it outside Tools that multitask These hardworking tools help you do more outdoors with less. Ryobi Connexion attachment system; attachments start at $69.97; With the new Connexion attachment system, you can easily transition from lawn to limbs. Just connect different attachments to transform your Ryobi 24-volt or 40-volt trimmer into an edger, pole pruner, or hedge trimmer. Craftsman Bolt-On 20-volt system with drill/driver attachment; $119.99; The base accommodates nine attachments that cost $29.99–$39.99 apiece. We love the high-pressure inflator—great for airing up bike tires and beach balls. WORX 20-volt lithium 2.0 GT trimmer/edger/mini-mower; $119.85; Finish your lawn with this three-in-one tool. Use the wheeled edger for precision work around sidewalks, and then turn it into a tiltable trimmer to cut grass and weeds in difficult-to-reach places. TOOLPRICEWHAT IT ISWHY WE LOVE ITBlack & Decker lithium…

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what to do with log slices

nature trail how to make log-slice steps What you’ll need: _Log slices _Sandpaper _Wood stain in assorted colors _2-inch paintbrush or rags _Clear varnish _Clear outdoor sealer step 1 Lightly sand the log slices to remove splinters and rough patches. step 2 Stain log slices in various shades. Apply stain on one side with a 2-inch paintbrush or rag, according to manufacturer’s instructions. step 3 Once the stain is dry, apply clear varnish to both sides of each slice. After the varnish has dried, spray on clear outdoor sealer. step 4 Lay the log slices throughout your yard for a walkway you can easily move. For permanent placement: Dig out a circle of sod, and set the log slice inside so that it’s level with the grass. For Resources see page 107.…

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stuff we love: on our radar

Ride the color wave Skip vats of messy dye and spray your way to perky color with Tumble Dye, bold-hue colorants that you can spritz, spatter, paint, or pour directly onto prewashed cotton. Best of all, no washing required—simply iron or throw in the dryer to permanently heat-set your design. $3 per 2-ounce bottle; 1. Scrap saver This stoneware compost container boasts an outer sleeve that cleverly conceals biodegradable bags for easier disposal. Available in green, blue, and orange, the container also includes a lid with replaceable charcoal filter for odor-free composting. $30; 2. Picture this Combine your own images and text in sumptuously printed MILK photo books, now featuring classic Moleskine details. Online tools let you assemble your book with the help of friends and family. $50 for a 20- page…

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contain it

Team DIY Pamela Porter If your kitchen is a recipe for disaster, it’s time to take control. Tackle the pantry first, labeling clear modular containers to keep dry goods fresh and organized. Corral packaged snacks in an open basket, and use a lazy Susan to make top-shelf access easy. Date and alphabetize spices, then break for a cup of coffee. As the busiest room in the house, the kitchen can be a challenge to keep neat. But these handy helpers meet that challenge head-on, promising to contain any amount of chaos you can throw at them. A variety of trays—metal, ceramic, and plastic—declutter a busy countertop, opposite. Cereal dispensers offer convenience and style. 1. Make your mark Bamboo lids with airtight rubber seals top these sleek white ceramic jars. The labels are completely…