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Do It Yourself Summer 2014

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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in full swing

projects KATIE LEPORTE before photographs JAY WILDE I always wanted a front porch reminiscent of neighborhoods past. I longed for a place where warm summer breezes and tinkling wind chimes prevail, a spot where my husband, Mike, and I could swing and sip lemonade, watch our daughter play, and simply relax. With dreams of a sun-filled outdoor space filling my head, I turned my attention to the front of our 1940s-era home. Our existing porch had potential, but it was gray and weathered and in desperate need of repair and personality. I was ready to take on the transformation, beginning with the floor. With a carpenter’s help, we cut out the deteriorated wood on the perimeter of the porch and replaced it with durable gray-brown composite decking. Because the rest of the boards were…

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picnic party

Stake out a shady spot, fill it with sweet handmade projects, invite a few friends, and enjoy lunch alfresco. “The beauty of a flower press is that it’s this perfect little object that hints at the delight of slowing down the pace of things a bit (and later, provides you with little petaled souvenirs of that moment). KAREN BRADY AND ARIN HUMMEL PROJECT DESIGNERS how to build a picnic tray table What you’ll need: Two large rectangular trays (Ours, from, measure 18X~28 inches.) __ Painter’s tape __ Spray paint (We used Aubergine by Rust-Oleum.) __ 1 1/8-inch square poplar dowels (We used six 36-inch pieces.) __ Sandpaper __ Wood glue __ 1 3/4-inch wood screws __ Drill and corresponding drill bits __ 1/4 20X2-inch elevator bolts __ 1/4X1-inch nylon washers __ 1/4-inch flat washers __ 1/4-inch wing nuts __ 2 1/2-inch hinges step 1 Protect the edges…

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garden gallery

projects KATE CARTER FREDERICK, VAN HOLMGREN, AND ANNA FREDERICK how to make a nursery pot wreath What you’ll need: _12-or 14-inch foam wreath form _Moss mat _Heavy-duty glue _Hot-glue gun and glue sticks _Plastic nursery pots _and cell packs _Patterns from _Spray paint for plastic (We used Krylon Fusion.) _Floral wire, floral pins, or nails (4D coated sinkers) _Awl _Crafts beads with large holes _28-gauge wire step 1 Gather your supplies (a). Set the wreath form on the moss mat and cut around it as widely as possible (b). step 2 Glue the moss mat to the wreath form with heavy-duty glue (c). Use the remaining moss mat pieces to cover the entire wreath form. step 3 Download and print the flower and leaf patterns. Cut the nursery pots and cell packs using the patterns (d). Bend the plastic shapes for dimension. step 4 Working outdoors, spray-paint…

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weather worthy

ready-made solutions For convenience. Waterproofing products make it easy to extend the resilience of outdoor fabrics and reapply protection as needed. A bar of plant-base Otter wax ( rubs onto canvas, denim, and other fabrics in quick swipes. The wax may darken the fabric color slightly. Water-base fabric protectants from Trek 7 (, including Ray Bloc and Aqua Armor, are made without harsh chemicals and help prevent fading and stains. For Resources see page 108. how to make a waxed-canvas canopy What you’ll need: _Duck canvas tarp _Textile paint (We used Jacquard Textile Color.) _Transparent base extender _Brushes _Iron _Refined beeswax _Paraffin _Double boiler _Blow dryer _PVC pipes and fittings _Spray paint for plastic (We used Krylon Fusion.) _Rebar _Hook-and-loop tape step 1 Gather materials to paint and wax the canvas (a). Our tarp is 6×10 feet. Customize the canopy’s size and color as you wish. Work…

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garden fresh

RIGHT PLANT, RIGHT PLACE A table overflowing with delicious fresh produce begins with a great growing site. Get started with these tips. Deciding what to plant in your backyard garden is a lot like making a grocery list. What produce does your family like to eat? What is commonly in your shopping cart? Many vegetables are easy to grow in a home garden. Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are some of the most popular, but don’t overlook beans, melons, and flavor-rich herbs. SUNLIGHT Vegetables, fruits, and herbs require at least six hours of direct sunlight per day to produce ample fruit and foliage. The best edible garden location is bathed in eight or more hours of sunlight every day. When selecting a location, consider nearby trees and buildings. Although they may appear benign, they…

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road trippin’

It’s summertime and we’ve got the travel bug. Choose your destination among these favorites from 1. City view Admire the Big Apple skyline while staying on time. $39.99; 2. On a roll Find your favorite Chicago landmark on this graphic window shade. $75–$200, 18–60 inches wide; 3. Great states Go cross-country with a 44×26-inch embroidered silhouette. $110 (unstretched); 4. Neighborly love Experience Boston with a 7¾-inch letterpress print. $22; 5. Map it out Pick your city for this graphic print, along with the size and color. $18–$100; 6. Bay watch This embroidered map brings San Francisco landmarks to life. $130; 7. Button up Show your travel love with unique map buttons. $7.50 for pack of 10;…