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Do It Yourself Summer 2017

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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STORE MORE MAKE YOUR OUTDOOR ROOMS LIVE EVEN LARGER WITH THESE NO-BRAINER ORGANIZATION IDEAS. THEY’LL KEEP THE OUTDOOR FUN FLOWING. BHG.COM/ OUTDOORSTORAGE PATIO REBOOT Perk up your patio with stylish seating and accents you can make yourself. GROW KNOW-HOW Growing your favorite plants from scratch is easy. Just follow our simple tips for success. CREATIVE WITH CRATES Give new life to a simple wood crate with these three simple makeover ideas. ART SCHOOL Don’t let leftover paint go to waste! Dress up a plain canvas with your own original artwork. KEEP THINGS NEAT AND TIDY WITH SIMPLE, PRINTABLE TAGS. BHG.COM /LABELS…

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from the editor

The She Shed is Coming! JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM @DOITYOURSELFMAGAZINE FOR REGULAR UPDATES THIS SUMMER AS WE CREATE AND DECORATE OUR SHE SHED, THE ULTIMATE OUTDOOR GETAWAY. AND DON’T MISS THE FINISHED PROJECT IN DO IT YOURSELF FALL 2017 “I don’t care what you do today— just do it outside!” That may be the classic parent line as days get warmer, but it’s also a great way to jump-start all the projects on your list. Every activity is just a bit better when you do it outside: work, eat, create, plant, build, clean, sleep.This issue gives you the inspiration, skills, and products you need to get going and have a good time doing it—whatever your summertime action plan. Start fast and fresh by creating the simplest flower arrangements (“Fresh Cut,” page 58)…

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color spray

BUDGET BREAKDOWN NAPKINS (SET OF 4) $10 BLEACH $2.50 PAINTBRUSH $1 FABRIC SPRAY DYE $6 TOTAL // $19.50 WHITE OUT Make customized napkins the signature of your tablescapes, above. The process is so fun and affordable, you’ll be tempted to make sets for every occasion throughout the year. Wash and dry colored cotton napkins, then press if needed. Working on a protected work surface and in a ventilated area, place a napkin right side up. Dip a flat crafts paintbrush into bleach (A) and then press the brush to the napkin and paint a rectangular shape. Continue dipping and painting the bleach to create a repeating pattern. Let the bleached areas turn white, then use cold water to rinse out the bleach. Repeat with all napkins and let dry. Following manufacturer’s instructions, spray…

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the great outdoors

1. FISKARS STAYSHARP MAX REEL MOWER // $250 Easy to push and equipped with a reel that is designed to cut through tough areas, this mower is an eco-friendly option that will get the job done. The reversible chute sends clippings forward or backward, and the cutting system is designed to eliminate the need to sharpen blades. 2. WORX 20V GT 2.0 STRING TRIMMER/ EDGER/MINIMOWER // $100 Get three tools for the price of one with this string trimmer that converts to an edger and mini mower for small, hard-to-reach areas. The adjustable head tilts 90 degrees and it comes equipped with a spacer guard to protect plants and furniture from accidental cuts 3. TORO POWERPLEX BLOWER // $180 This compact blower can propel debris up to 150 mph. Powered by a…

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hide & seat

MAKE IT DIVIDE AND CONQUER Storage doesn’t have to be boring. Spraypaint a plastic storage chest a cheery hue to add a pop of color to your yard, this photo. Inside the chest, vertical dividers group like items, such as cushions and sports equipment, to avoid messy pileups. how to upgrade a storage chest MATERIALS • Plastic outdoor storage chest • Drop cloth • Plastic primer spray (We used Rust-Oleum Specialty Plastic Primer Spray.) • Outdoor spray paint (We used Valspar Outdoor Spray Paint in Koi Pond and Peacock Blue.) • Kraft paper • Outdoor fabric • Tape measure • Iron-on adhesive • Iron • Corrugated plastic sized to fit • 1-inch hook-and-loop tape (We used Velcro Sticky Back Tape.) Step 1 Coat all surfaces of the storage chest with plastic primer. Let dry for two hours. Paint the slats on the exterior and interior of…

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KNOW THE ROPES For a quick makeover with a nod to nautical style, wrap cord around the bottom edge of a plain lampshade. Start wrapping .28-inch-diameter cord along the bottom, hot-gluing as you work around the shade. Switch colors after a few passes to create wide and narrow alternating bands of cream, white, and gold. DEEPLY FELT Folded strips of felt add color and texture via vertical stripes on this lampshade. Use a rotary cutter, straightedge, and cutting mat to make quick work of trimming 2-inch-wide strips from gray and white felt, cutting each strip 1 inch longer than the height of the shade (ours are 12 inches long). Fold each strip in half lengthwise, then hot-glue the strips to the shade along the folded edges so they extend ½ inch…