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Do It Yourself Summer 2018

Packed with step-by-step projects, Do It Yourself is the go-to guide to personalizing your home. Find inspiration and instructions for simple room renovations, home decor projects, budget-savvy style, flea market makeovers, outdoor living ideas, and more. From power tool reviews to pillow projects, we cover the DIY spectrum and empower the reader to tackle new techniques and ideas.

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from the editor

Your humble porch, patio, deck, or yard is actually untapped living space that you can reclaim just as you would any other room—by updating its surfaces, furniture, lighting, and accessories. And since this is Do It Yourself, you won’t have to hire a construction crew or spend a fortune. We packed this issue with outdoor projects to suit every skill level, budget, and timeline. Our cover story (“The Living Is Easy,” page 66) shows you how to create a fun outdoor dining room in an afternoon. Homeowner Joseph Wanek’s transformation of a decrepit screened patio into a three-season living room (“Screen Time,” page 36) is thrilling because he approached it as a series of weekend projects that you can replicate and customize. And when you’re ready for a big upgrade, turn…

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get outside!

BACKYARD BEAUTIES Bring personal flair to your outdoor space with 13 fresh and fun DIY patio furniture options. STORE IN STYLE These outdoor storage options are so stylish no one will know they’re more than just a pretty face. LIGHT IT UP Increase both safety and entertaining hours in your outdoor space with landscape lighting. WIN $10,000! VISIT BHG.COM/GARDEN10K FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A $10,000 GARDEN OASIS! ENTRY DETAILS BELOW. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Subject to Official Rules available online at The Better Homes and Gardens $10,000 Sweepstakes begins at 12:01 a.m. CT on 2/15/18 and ends at 11:59 p.m. CT on 6/30/18. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States, and the District of Columbia, 21 years or older. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Meredith Corporation. Sweepstakes is offered…

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patio pond planter

MAKE IT WATER GARDEN MATERIALS • Two 8-foot 1×12 cedar boards • 3/4-inch pressure-treated plywood • One 4-foot 1×2 • One 4-foot 1×3 • Wood glue • Clamps • Drill, screwdriver attachment, assorted bits • 15/8-inch × 7 star-drive stainless-steel trim screws •#2 Phillips drive 1¼-inch exterior screws • Waterproofing seal • Paintbrushes or sponges • Rubberized sealant Step 1 From 1×12 cedar, cut two 33-inch lengths for the side panels and three 16½-inch lengths for the ends and divider. Cut a 16½×31½-inch panel from plywood for the base. For the legs, cut four 12-inch lengths from 1×2 and four 12-inch lengths from 1×3. Step 2 To build the legs, glue and clamp a 1×3 to a 1×2 to form four L-shape corners. Allow glue to dry, then reinforce the connection with trim screws. Step 3 Glue and clamp the frame together (A), making sure it is…

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pond plants

1 WATER LETTUCE A floating plant with roots hanging beneath a rosette of soft, light green foliage. Zones 10–11 2 ROYAL BLUE PICKEREL RUSH Grows 2–3 feet tall and features intense blue flowers in summer. Zones 5–9 3 CARDINAL FLOWER Offers mahogany foliage contrasting with spikes of bright red flowers in late summer. Butterflies and hummingbirds love it. Zones 5–9 4 BLUE FLAG IRIS Grows 18–24 inches tall and has pale violet-blue blooms in early to midsummer. The swordlike foliage is deer-resistant and looks good all season. Zones 4–9 5 CANNA ‘AUSTRALIA’ Reaches 3–4 feet tall and features burgundy foliage and crimson flowers. Deerresistant. Zones 7–10 (or store corms in cool storage over winter) 6 UMBRELLA PALM Features expansive fronds atop 3-foot-tall stems. Zones 8–10 7 CORKSCREW RUSH Grows just a foot tall but is unmistakable…

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tropical materials

MAKE IT COCONUT PLANTER MATERIALS • Husked coconut (Coconuts found in grocery stores are usually husked.) • Hacksaw • Putty or butter knife • Drill • Masking tape • 6 pieces jute twine cut into 4–5-foot lengths • 6 wooden beads • Black marker Step 1 Crack a coconut or saw it in half. Cracking it, like we did, will give the planter a natural shape, while cutting the coconut will leave you with a more defined edge. Step 2 Place the two halves in a microwave and cook them for one to two minutes. Use a putty or butter knife to slice into the meat and dig it out. Step 3 Drill three holes evenly spaced around the edge of the coconut—this is where you’ll attach the twine. Step 4 String a piece of twine through each of the three holes around the…

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shape of water

1. BRASS WATERING LANCE A professional-quality tool made for English parks, estates, and nurseries, the Haws all-brass lance is 24 inches long and features a shut-off toggle for adjustable water flow. The rose can be turned up or down as needed. $73; 2. ONE-TOUCH REVOLUTION SPRAY GUN Not any old garden-variety pistol, Dramm’s spray gun comes in six colors—Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Berry—and has nine spray patterns. $14; Brass live swivel, $17; 3. RECTANGULAR SPRINKLER WITH ON/OFF FLOW CONTROL Fine-tune the water at the sprinkler, not the spigot, with this new sprinkler that has an on/off flow control on the tool. Customize the width and length of the spray by adjusting intuitive aqua-color parts. $28; 4. SMALL STATIONARY SPRINKLERS For a simple watering fix, the small sprinklers from…