dune buggies and hotVWs

dune buggies and hotVWs

August 2021

Dedicated to promoting and preserving all aspects of the Volkswagen air-cooled hobby for enthusiasts worldwide.

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the parts bin

Utility Basket Drink Holders New accessory “utility” tunnel baskets and Split Bus drink holders from ISP West. These upgraded designs have lift-up drink holders for more storage, spring-loaded wallet/napkin holders, a plastisol coating that won’t harm your interior, and are 100% made in the USA. Easy installation, just slide it over the tunnel or hook it on the dash. Available in Ivory, Black, or Chrome. For more information, visit www.vwispwest.com. Pro Drag Transaxles Pro Drag Type 1 Street or strip High-Performance transaxle IRS and Swing includes: Rhino case with gusset, DFT 091 aluminum Super Diff, 2 heavy-duty side plates (swing axle), Type 2 or 930 flanges (IRS), 2 heavy-duty billet side covers, German 3.88 Ring and Pinion, Weddle 1-4 gears (geared to your needs), Chromoly pinion retainer, heavy duty axles (swing axle), one-piece…

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date codes secrets

Buses were built from parts manufactured by outside suppliers. Volkswagen built bodies, and assembled everything. Many of these parts have date codes on them. This was done originally for warranty and inventory reasons, but it is now helpful for people who are interested in period correctness on their Type 2s. This month we will discuss and decode date codes. Date codes come in a few different styles. The easiest to read is the straight forward Year/Month inside a circle. If you ever see a circle with a number between 1 and 12 in one half, and something that looks like a year in the other half, it is almost certainly a date code. This style of date code shows up on wheel rims near the lug nut holes, and also on…

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rats to riches, bandai vw pickup bus

The vintage VW toy spotlight for this month is on a tinplate VW Bus manufactured by the Japanese toy company by the name of Bandai in the mid-1950s. Bandai was founded in 1950, when Naoharu Yamashina took over a former textile wholesale company, that he himself had restructured into distributing toys. He renamed it Bandai, which was derived from the Chinese phrase for “things that are eternal”. During this time period, the firm was mainly selling celluloid and metal tin toys, along with rubber swimming rings. In March 1951, Bandai (Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan) began to export inexpensive toys like tin metal cars and planes to the United States and other foreign markets. In early 1955, Bandai established a manufacturing facility named the Waraku Works and started making toys themselves as…

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a tale of two stripes

Project cars don’t build themselves overnight – they take patience and determination to complete. Having an overly optimistic or naïve expectation of the restoration timeline can at least get you started, but it may not get you to the finished product. This was the case when Owen Brown found this now 51-year-old Transporter, a 1970 Single Cab. It was disassembled, but Owen could see its potential. He convinced himself he could have it back together within the year. This may have been excitement clouding his experience, as his last project took much longer to make into a daily driver. However, this time he hoped it would be different. He came across this Single Cab after starting his search on thesamba.com . Though it had primer on the front, the rest of the…

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volkswagen addiction

I’ve asked this question several times before in this column. I also keep asking the same question to many friends at VW shows and during photoshoots: “Why are you addicted to Volkswagens?” I’m quite positive most hotVWs magazine readers are somewhat addicted to Volkswagens in one way or another. I know many friends have an addiction based on the premise that one VW is not enough, hence they end up owning multiple air-cooled cars. Some of these same folks are out of control; they don’t even know how many VWs they own... One of them is collecting VW toys. He has a dedicated room where he displays his toy collection. Collecting as many air-cooled models as you want is the ultimate dream for most VW enthusiasts for sure. The problem with such…

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ENGINE/ Type 1 DISPLACEMENT/ 1904cc BUILDER/ Pat Downs, Farmersville, CA CRANK/ 74mm, forged, counterweighted, VW journals RODS/ CB Performance, H-Beam, 5.5-inch PISTONS & CYLINDERS/ 90.5mm Mahle RINGS/ Mahle CAM/ CB #2280; .448-inch valve lift, 222° duration @ .050 VALVE SIZE & MAKE/ 40x35.5mm stainless steel ROCKER ARMS/ 1.25:1 CB HEADS/ 044 Panchito CNC chambers COMPRESSION RATIO/ 8.5:1 IGNITION/ CB MagnaSpark INDUCTION/ Dual 40 IDF Webers INTAKE MANIFOLDS/ CB, match-ported EXHAUST SYSTEM/ A-1 Sidewinder, 1-1/2-inch, ceramic-coated FLYWHEEL/ 12V/200mm, CB Dual-weight CLUTCH & DISC/ 200mm Sachs OIL PUMP/ CB 26mm, full-flow cover OIL/ Brad Penn 10/30 DYNOED HP/ 120 SPECIAL MODIFICATIONS/ AS41 case, CB machine work, powdercoated sheet metal, CSP breather, black XRP AN fittings, Ultra nylon hose TRANSAXLE/ Pro Street Swingaxle BUILDER/ Rancho Performance Transaxles RING & PINION/ 4.12 GEAR RATIOS/ 3.80 first, 2.26 second, 1.26 third, 0.89 fourth SPECIAL MODIFICATIONS/ Super-Diff, welded 3rd & 4th gears, side cover…