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game plan for the biggest vw event week in june

What are your plans this year for the Volkswagen world’s happiest week? Every second week in June, Southern California welcomes the universe’s greatest VW wonderland. It’s been widely known as “The Classic Week” for a long time. Knowing that Southern California is the VW culture’s second Mecca (after Germany of course), there are many open house parties hosted by local Volkswagen shops, and also BBQ parties held by local VW clubs prior to the main events – traditionally OCTO on Saturday and the VW Classic on Sunday. In years past, Friday night activities also involved So-Cal’s premier Cal Look VW club, Der Kleiner Panzers, which hosted a very special cruise night. DKP additionally presented their club choice trophy, the most desired award for Cal Look enthusiasts around the world. The whole…

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distributors, sparks and fuel

Electromotive XDI ignition I am running a 2007cc Type 1 engine in a custom ‘71 Ghia. I spent 15 years building it from the ground up, to the point it is today. I used a ‘73 "fuelie" case, Nitrided crank, Scat C35 cam, CB Super Mag heads, Dellorto DRLA40s with 60 idles, 150 main, 180 air, and 34 venturis. Other noticeable items include an Electromotive XDI ignition (https://electromotive.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/XDIv1.7.pdf), coil packs, etc. This provides the ability to set the timing without over-thinking it. But given the alterations of the motor, what would you say is the proper ignition timing, based on 400-1000rpm, then from 1000-3000rpm, and then 3000-8000rpm? The manual is vague and says to try certain timing settings based on the ranges above, and I have it set pretty darn close…

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building a daily driver part 5

Flywheels: I have already written an article on this; so, I would just refer to it. Pressure Plate: I like the Kennedy plates, but I am getting too old to want to press the clutch in on these for a daily driver. Plus, they are harder on cables and hooks. It’s not fun having to replace a clutch cable on the side of the road. So, what I want is a pressure plate that can hold the motor, but not one that is overkill and hard on parts. Here is my take on what to run: If the motor is stock or "stockish" then I would just run a standard Brazilian pressure plate. On my 1776 or 2007cc motors, I run the 3-fingered diaphragm pressure plate that comes out of Slovakia. They’re not…

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2018 naias report: part two

As we mentioned last month, Volkswagen introduced the all new Jetta at NAIAS alongside its first-generation predecessor, a newly-restored 1982 Jetta. We had the opportunity to talk with the mastermind behind the project, John Bickel, of State of Mind Customs in Pontiac, MI, one of the finest restoration shops in the Midwest. How did you get this project? We’ve done work for Volkswagen Corporate before, the most memorable being the ad campaign featuring the talking black Beetle named Max. (John restored five 1964 Beetles in record time for the shoot and promotional tour - Ed.). So, the Experiential Marketing group contacted us once again, this time to restore an Mk1 Jetta for the Auto Show in January, just six weeks away. Volkswagen found the car in New York City, and unbelievably, the…

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bug-in 50th anniversary

I spend a lot of my time here in my column looking at the past. Maybe that's the normal thing for a middle-aged guy to do as there has been a fair bit of ground covered in the past 35 years of my involvement in the VW scene. I am excited about the future though and am looking forward to the show season as it fires up here in the spring. Being in a part of the country where the seasons are not as prohibitive for car use as those in the colder climates, it's often hard to tell the difference between winter and summer. It is human nature to whine a little about everything, so while I see and hear my VW friends stuck inside while it's snowing outside,…

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a "hot vw": historically significant vw39

Wednesday, February 21st, something truly remarkable happened in the Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg, Germany. Thomas König and Oliver Schmidt, the founders of the amazing museum, revealed the only surviving VW39 after a 2-year restoration. Now you may think that this Beetle predecessor must be as stock as can get and you wonder why this column’s headline is “A Hot VW”. Well, let me go far afield… ]In October of 1938, a series of 50 VW39 prototypes was scheduled to be produced for July 1939. Porsche’s team had to assemble them in the little factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. While the chassis still came from Daimler-Benz, the bodies were produced at Reutter coachbuilding, right across the Schwieberdinger street. But this time the bodies were not handmade. The VW39 featured a body constructed of stamped panels,…