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the world is not enough

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I SAT IN THE PENTHOUSE that Renzo Mongiardino designed for Elsa Peretti’s father in Rome. Peretti and I were smoking Gauloises cigarettes and talking about astrology—an ex-lover of hers was a Scorpio, as am I—and more importantly travel, which she told me, looking back at her illustrious career at Tiffany & Co., had given her life more purpose. “At 27 years old, Tiffany gave me the opportunity to explore,” she said. She visited craftsmen in the Far East and Europe and, as a result, created some of her most renowned collections, including Bean, Open Heart, and Zodiac. I thought about that afternoon while putting this issue of ED together. I, too, love to travel, and like Peretti, the travel I do isn’t simply about wanderlust—I lost that bug…

2 min.
his casa is your casa

LAST YEAR, DAVID ALHADEFF TURNED A midcentury-modern house in Beverly Hills, once owned by Elvis Presley, into a store called Casa Perfect (see ED, April 2018). Then, naturally, he moved in, and working from home has never been more chic. This month, he’s transformed a townhouse in New York’s Greenwich Village—built by David Chipperfield—into Casa Perfect’s new East Coast outpost. We recently found Alhadeff, who in 2003 established the pioneering Brooklyn contemporary-design shop the Future Perfect, kvelling in his highstyle Manhattan living room. “I get to live the dream and be bicoastal in a way I never imagined,” he says while reclining on a long Nos sofa designed by Christophe Delcourt. The intrepid Alhadeff, whose sales acumen catapulted the careers of such designers as Lindsey Adelman and Jason Miller, was still…

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decorators’ choice

KELLY BEHUN Twist table, price upon request, by Floris Wubben “How does Wubben bake a ceramic table on this scale? Anyone who has ever grown up with Play-Doh has to be intrigued by his process. He gets the most beautiful colors with his glazes; this one is so watery and pretty.” STEVEN GAMBREL Alkahest lamp, $11,500, by Kristin Victoria Barron “I really want this bronze lamp. It is modern Giacometti, but the quality keeps it relevant. It’s also a bit abstracted, to remind us of when it was made.” JESSICA SCHUSTER Metallic Square Ceramic Stool 01, price upon request, by Reinaldo Sanguino “I adore the soft palette of this piece combined with its markings and squiggles. It’d be great in a master bathroom to add a pop of color.”…

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teeny-weeny scenes

It takes a keen eye—and a magnifying glass—to truly appreciate the pieces on display in “A Return to the Grand Tour: Micromosaic Jewels from the Collection of Elizabeth Locke.” The exhibition, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond (April 27–September 2), focuses on micromosaics, an Italian art form characterized by extreme patience and steady hands that was sought out by visiting aristocrats in the 18th and 19th centuries. Virginia-based jeweler Elizabeth Locke began collecting these exquisite miniatures 30 years ago; they’ve been a source of delight and inspiration for her ever since. It’s a big show of tiny pendants and brooches, so before you go, don’t forget to clean your loupe. vmfa.museum…

2 min.
mona hajj

Your new book is called A Romance of East and West (Monacelli). How far east and west are we talking? MH: Pretty far in both directions. I come from Beirut, but I moved to the U.S. when I was very young. Which direction do you look to more often for romance? MH: East, definitely, with its wealth of history and art, layering, and textiles. I like the modernity of the West, but I always turn to the East for that sense of romance. Has there been enough appreciation of Middle Eastern design in the United States? Do you think most people are aware that chintz is inspired by Moghul art, for instance? MH: Hardly. In Europe, it’s way more prevalent. Not in the States, though. What should Americans know about Middle Eastern design? MH: Syria and Lebanon…

2 min.
screen dream

Louis Vuitton collaborated with the designers Zanellato/Bortotto for this Mandala screen, made of the brand’s braided leather and inspired by the floral motif of its Monogram logo. 91• w. X 14• d. X 74• h., price upon request. louisvuitton.com Even an iconic design is open to reinterpretation: Rodolfo Dordoni has tweaked his famous 1997 Minotti Suitcase armchair for 2019 by recalibrating the piece’s center of gravity and removing its original chrome legs. The new version is called Suitcase Line. 29.5• w. X 33.5• d. X 25• h., available in other colors, from $9,450. minotti.com These clay-coated, screen-printed wallpapers from Los Angeles–based CW Stockwell (shown, from left, in Million Flowers and Remy) have the heady romance of freshly cut bouquets. 27• w., available in other colors, from $258 per five-yard roll. cwstockwell.com The woven rattan edges of…