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design confidential

“Like the delicate line drawing from an artist’s sketchbook, Papavero, Italian for poppy, is a design that seems to float across these timeless linens.”“A perfect example of how design and function merge together exceptionally.”“This fixture is reminiscent of birds flocking in a murmuration pattern, one of the most magical organic forms in nature.”“Antique or modern? Luxe glazing and intricate carvings come together to create this breathtaking dinnerware set by Lenox.”“If this table were a lead singer, it would be Bryan Ferry.”“LouLou’s matte white appeal is a bold reinvention of an everyday item that refuses to be ignored in a corner.”…

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ed|life style. design. culture.

1. SCANDIA HOME Using the world’s finest goose down and supremely refined fabrics, the Scandia Down comforters and pillows are as luxurious as they are comfortable. Crafted in America, Scandia Home products provide the most refreshing night’s sleep. Discover The Scandia Down Difference™ at scandiahome.com 2. SIEMATIC SLX SieMatic takes luxury kitchen design to a new level with SLX, a PURE style kitchen. Known for introducing the first handle-free kitchen in 1960, SieMatic innovates this iconic design in a stunning gold bronze illuminated channel. siematic.com 3. BEVOLO While visiting New Orleans’ world-famous Royal Street in the historic French Quarter, discover the color of the unique collection of mid-century modern pieces from Bevolo. With pieces assembled from Italy, Scandinavia, France and Vintage MCM designs, this worldly selection is truly a must-see! bevolo.com 4. BRIZO® With its chamfered edges…

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design is a mirror

CREATING AN ANNIVERSARY ISSUE OF ANY magazine comes with challenges (I should know—I’ve worked on three of them). How do you celebrate history without making something that feels like a relic? And is there any way to honestly look back that doesn’t seem overly nostalgic or self-congratulatory, even in this era of selfie culture? The answer, we found, is to design a modern issue that looks to our past to inform the present: Introducing the 30th-anniversary collector’s edition of ELLE DECOR. Over the past few months, our small but mighty team has done a deep dive into ED’s DNA. Our editors have interviewed dozens of longtime contributors, asked our A-List of 140-plus interior designers for their best memories and stories, and reread hundreds of back issues of ELLE DECOR. We then…

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Now Showing FOR THE SEASONED PRODUCTION DESIGNER DONAL Woods, turning the TV series Downton Abbey into a feature film (opening September 20) meant preserving the polished look of the show while making it “even grander.” While the sets have been mothballed for six years, the real Jacobethan estate where Downton was filmed—Highclere Castle—is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Hampshire, England. “They used to get 100 visitors a weekend,” Woods says. “Now they get 4,000 a day.” Woods and his team tossed out the tourists and moved back in, dusting off the furniture, adding new bedding and plaster, draping walls in silk damask, and building a silver room, wine cellar, and butler’s cottage from the ground up. But these additions to Downton hardly mean that the Crawley family is prospering.…

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madeline stuart

ELLE DECOR is 30 years old this year. Do you remember the first project of yours we published? MS: It was for Lisa Henson, the daughter of Jim Henson, in 1995, and it was the first home I ever had published in any national magazine. Is Lisa Henson still a client? MS: We’re doing a project for her in Telluride, Colorado. Everything in the house was carved in Bhutan. Where were you when you were 30? MS: In Los Angeles, newly married, and just starting my career. I established my firm in a little corner of my mother’s office and did everything myself. I recall sponging a bathroom—a cringeworthy paint effect that’s thankfully dead. I’d also stand on a ladder to hang window treatments. Which trends from the past three decades do you miss? MS: Santa Fe…

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intro to watchitecture

NEXT TO CHEESE AND chocolate, Switzerland is also noteworthy for its beautiful architecture and, of course, for its exceptional watches. This, after all, is the country that produced Francesco Borromini and Le Corbusier, titans of the man-made environment, and Rolex and Patek Philippe, whose timepieces are among the most coveted on earth. For the past 15 years, the two categories have increasingly overlapped, with some stellar outcomes, resulting in a trend best dubbed “watchitecture.” In 2004, Vacheron Constantin unveiled an eye-popping, metallic “envelope”-shaped headquarters in Geneva designed by a native son, architect Bernard Tschumi. Five years later, Greubel Forsey moved its La Chaux–de-Fonds atelier into a Pierre Studer building with a gleaming vitreous facade that seems to be growing straight out of the ground. Earlier this year, in the lovely town of…