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on trend

What types of franchises are thriving right now? The ones that give customers what they need (like employment and health services), what they want (entertainment and beauty), and what they didn’t even know they wanted until just a minute ago (acupuncture and poke bowls). From emerging industries to those that just keep going strong, we’ve picked the 10 franchise categories we believe are shining brightest in 2018. As you read through this list, keep in mind that it is not intended as a recommendation of any particular franchise. Before jumping into a trending business—or any other opportunity—it’s vital that you do your due diligence. Carefully review the company’s legal documents, consult with an attorney and an accountant, and talk to current and former franchisees to find out whether the franchise…

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no money? no problem

Strapped for cash? You’re not alone. The business press may make it seem like every startup rakes in millions from VC firms, but in reality, many more entrepreneurs build without any cash infusion. And that often makes them smarter and scrappier. “The idea of bootstrapping is positive in the sense that it forces you to sell before you build,” says Patrick FitzGerald, a lecturer at the Wharton School and a serial entrepreneur. He sees an increasing number of his students bootstrapping—some to keep control of their company vision, and others because they’re buried in business-school debt and can’t fathom taking on another loan. He sympathizes. “I myself have always bootstrapped,” FitzGerald says. “My parents are teachers, so I’ve never had the luxury of not bootstrapping.” On the following pages, we talk to…

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how travel turns into profit

Chelsea Hirschhorn was in a bind. Her infant-products company, Fridababy, was profitable. But for the business to grow, she needed more products. The problem was, she had no design experience, no R&D staff, no money, and no time. Like we said: a bind. She hadn’t started as an entrepreneur. In law school she did a stint with the New York Mets. Then she was a bankruptcy attorney during the recession. After that, she moved to south Florida and landed a gig with the Miami Marlins. One night in 2013, while Hirschhorn was pregnant with her first child, a neighbor told her about a product she was importing from Sweden, the NoseFrida. It was “an oral nasal aspirator”—that is, a tube parents use to suck snot out of their babies’ congested noses. The neighbor…

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wham-o is back!

JOHN HINNEN always wanted to make things. A born tinkerer, the son of Illinois spent the better part of his 20s designing toys and novelties in his parents’ garage. He created a line of greeting cards and peddled them all around downtown Chicago in his cowboy boots. He created an elaborate child’s educational toy that got good feedback but was so complicated to build that he couldn’t make the economics work. He had a little wooden toy that twisted from a heart to an egg that, he says, he “thought was the next pet rock.” It wasn’t. Life would go on. He married. In May of 1989, he and his wife were expecting their first child. “I had to get real,” he says. He got a job at the Diamond-Star Motors plant…

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free business ideas

Entrepreneurs always need more—more help, more time, more insight. So we asked: What’s the one product you wish someone would create to help your business? Now maybe someone (you?) will make it. 1 EMAIL 911 “Spending too much time on your email is toxic, but we all do it. The joke is that ‘achieved inbox zero’ could be carved on someone’s tombstone, and it hits a little close to home. Rather than trying to banish email, though, or hoping to replace it with some other tool, I wish someone would simply build a smarter inbox—one that ingests emails and the important stuff in them, organizes conversations, and marries them to projects, chats, files, to-dos, and events in an intelligent way.” —GREG COHN, cofounder and CEO, Burner 2 DO-GOOD DATABASE “I would love to see someone…

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we have to let go

The NBA season just ended, which in years past would have left me drained and disoriented. I would have just come off a season-long fanaticism—tuning in for my beloved Miami Heat’s games, or watching on my phone if I was out. I’d even follow games on Twitter. This goes back to childhood. I was obsessed. But this year, I didn’t watch a single Heat game. I probably couldn’t name half the players on the team. And I missed the entire playoffs. Why? Because I was forced to make a decision. My life had become too busy. Something had to go. That thing was basketball. So when people ask me how I do so much, that’s my answer. I quit basketball. I’ve taken on a lot recently. I run this magazine, host two podcasts,…