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Essential Apple User Magazine June 2020

Exclusive to digital. BDM’s Essential AppleUser Magazine brings you the very latest news, rumours, reviews and technical help for your Apple iPhone, iPad and the iOS along with Mac's, MacBooks, macOS, Apple Watch and all the accessories. This is the publication you will need to keep on top of the must know information and technical help from our team of Apple experts for your Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and Apple TV hardware. If you want to stay informed click subscribe. 100% unofficial.

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jabra elite 65t

With these earbuds, cable tangles are a thing of the past. Like Apple AirPods, Jabra’s Elite 65t connects to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly through Bluetooth. The are no cables at all, not even between the left and right buds. Connection is reliable and unlike some wireless earbuds, they won’t keep losing the signal. They fit snugly in your ears too, perhaps even more so than the AirPods, and come with three different sizes of silicon tips. People with very small ears might find them a little tight but you can wear them with confidence; they won’t keep falling out and they’re comfortable enough for prolonged use. Like the AirPods, Jabra’s earbuds are good for five hours on a single charge and are recharged in a small carry case. The case…

2 min.
twelve south airfly

What an excellent idea. AirFly is the perfect companion for your Apple AirPods, or indeed any Bluetooth wireless headphones or earbuds. It’s a small, lightweight Bluetooth transmitter around the same size as your AirPods’ charging case. When paired with your wireless headphones you can plug it into an audio device that doesn’t offer Bluetooth and stream your sounds wirelessly. For example, it’s great for in-flight entertainment or down the gym. AirFly comes supplied with a short charging cable (Micro USB) and an equally short cable to connect it to your audio device; a pouch to keep them all in is supplied too. Pairing is easy: just put the AirFly and your wireless earbuds into pairing mode and wait until they stop flashing. On a full charge AirFly is good for around…

1 min.
greenwich horo iphone case

Your new iPhone is an investment. A large investment. A worthwhile one, of course but when the expense is this high it would be fool hardy to take risks with it, making a case an essential. However, does the size of the investment in this useful butterfingers-protective shell have to mirror that of the device within it? In the case of the Greenwich HORO Folio, it's hard to justify the staggeringly high price. Based upon your hardware, you are looking at an outlay of at least £95 for an admittedly opulent leather case, built around a carbon fibre shell, which would protect your iPhone from a shotgun blast: let’s hope that nobody puts that to the test, with a mounting magnetic clasp. Your iPhone is in safe, high quality hands but the…

1 min.
progeo 4-port usb wall charger (35w)

At last, you can end the family feud over who gets to charge their phone or tablet next. The ProGeo 4-Port USB Wall Charger offers four charging ports, all of which are powerful enough to charge an iPad. You can charge up to four devices simultaneously. The UK edition comes supplied with interchangeable UK and European plugs but if you want to take it abroad, you can buy an adapter pack that includes UK, European, American and Australian plugs. It doesn’t come with cables of any sort, so you have to use the ones that came with your mobile devices. RATING: 4/5 Info// Moshi www.moshi.com £39.95, $???, €44.95 Compatibility: Anything charged through USB…

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well worth a look//

STM Dux iPad Case STM Goods | stmgoods.com | From £44.95, $49.99, €53.95 DUX cases are great for those who need a high degree of protection for their tablet but don’t want to make it too big and bulky. It’s available for most current iPads, and a fair few discontinued models, and it comes in a range of colours. We like the cool, understated black and smoky grey the best but the choice is yours. The protective polycarbonate and rubberised TPU bracket make it super strong. It’s designed to survive drops of around two metres and is resistant to drips and spills; just don’t drop it in the bath. IO RATING: 4/5 Twelve South CableSnap Twelve South LLC | twelvesouth.com | £20.00, $19.99, €24.95 If you’re sick of getting your cables in a tangle, CableSnap could…

10 min.
oculus go

For a long time, well actually since eagerly buying my cinema ticket for the 1992 release of The Lawnmower Man, I have been obsessed with Virtual Reality. After many false starts, (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive or Atari Jaguar VR add-on, anyone?), it’s here. At the risk of causing offence, I don't count the Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard experiences as true VR platforms. They’re more akin to a gimmick to shill an inferior smartphone. True interactive VR came about with the launch of the PC, sorry, massively high end, thus massively expensive, PC-based release of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift in 2016/17, the latter funded by the Facebook team. Both were tough on the pocket but extremely impressive at crafting a virtual reality experience far beyond the un-rendered polygons that…