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3 min.
bmw m340i xdrive touring

BEING OF A CERTAIN AGE, THERE IS AN element of Luddism to how I approach technology in cars, particularly stuff that appears to be the answer to questions no one has asked. The M340i has a lot of technology packed within it: driver modes, driving assistance systems and the ability to adjust the radio’s volume by twirling your finger, not that this last piece is new technology, just one I have yet to fathom a need for in the four or so years since it first appeared. The driver modes I get, sometimes even welcome. Default settings allow manufacturers to get their car through emissions tests, while the configurable element provides you with the opportunity to experience the car as the engineers intended it to be before the bureaucrats stepped in.…

3 min.
m is for motorsport: bmw’s track record

IT’S SAID THAT MOTORSPORT IMPROVES THE breed, but really it’s consistency in motorsport that’s the key. Rolling into a race paddock, blitzing the opposition for a couple of seasons and leaving again provides an instant hit, but it’s those who compete week in, week out, year after year that reap the biggest rewards in terms of tin pots on the shelves and a loyal following of customers who want to be part of your success. Which helps explain why BMW is the most successful manufacturer in not one but two legendary 24-hour races. Since 1965 a BMW has won the Spa 24 Hours a record 24 times and if you drive an hour up the road to the Nürburgring, you’ll discover it has also won more twice-aroundthe-clock races on the Nordschleife…

3 min.
the knowledge

RATINGS + = new entry this month. Cars in italics are no longer on sale. Issue no. is for our most recent major test of the car (D = Driven, T = Driven Too, I = Ignition, F = feature). Call 0330 333 9491 for back issues. Engine is the car’s combustion engine only – electric motors aren’t shown. Weight is as quoted by the manufacturer for the car in basic spec, e.g. with a manual gearbox. In most cases this is to DIN standards (i.e. with fluids but without a driver), but where the manufacturer only quotes a ‘dry’ weight (i.e. without fluids) this is indicated by *. Note that a dry weight will make the car’s power-to-weight ratio (bhp/ton) appear more favourable. 0-62mph (claimed) is the manufacturer’s 0-62 figure,…

2 min.
buyacar buying guide: ford fiesta st (2013-17)

FIRST IT WAS PEUGEOT. THEN IT WAS Renault. And since 2013, it’s been Ford: builders of the essential compact hot hatchback. There had been some fun Fiestas in the past, and a couple of entertaining fast Focuses too, but 2013’s Fiesta ST was the first time Ford’s smaller model had ever been a bona fide class leader. With a dealer on every corner and typically competitive pricing, the ST was always going to sell well, but the recipe was just about perfect this time around too. Since the mid-’90s Fiestas have always had fundamentally good underpinnings, but the sixth-generation car was particularly agile, and in ST form was blessed with firmer suspension, broader tyres and a much stronger engine, giving it all the ingredients it needed to shine. That power unit was…

4 min.
richard porter

HI KIDS! TIDY OF BEARD AND EERIE OF manner, it’s Noel Evomonds here with another rip-roaring edition of Swap Shop, and what a bumper show we’ve got for you now that Christmas has been and gone. I asked all of you boys and girls for the car-themed Christmas presents you wanted to swap and our post bag has been bulging with the results, so let’s get cracking! Our first letter is from Graham in Stevenage and he says, ‘Dear Noel, I once vaguely mentioned to my aunt that I liked cars and every year she now sends me contrived car-related gifts that make no sense. This year it was a kitchen knife set, but the handle of every knife has a gearknob on it for no readily apparent reason and then…

8 min.
2021’s new model army

1. Alfa Romeo If there was one car we couldn’t wait to drive in 2020 that got side-swiped by Covid it was Alfa’s bonkers Giulia GTA. The £153,000 GTA (£158,000 for the GTAm version) has a tweaked version of the standard Giulia Quadrifoglio’s 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 with a small increase in power to 532bhp, but it’s the look created after a spell in the Alfa Romeo-Sauber F1 team’s wind tunnel that really grabs your attention. The new carbonfibre body means a 100kg drop in kerb weight, while the wider tracks, revised geometry and more focused chassis set-up is said to improve the Giulia’s track performance further still. We can’t wait to find out. 2. AMG The big one, the One has been delayed and beset by problems ever since someone thought it was…