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GP Racing UK December 2019

Every month, its stunning photography and unrivalled journalism gives readers unparalleled access to the world of grand prix racing. GP Racing captures the drama, asks the questions, and delivers the comment on Formula 1 - one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world.

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lewis marches on without really peaking

Lewis Hamilton is traditionally less-than-bothered about statistics. He lacks Sebastian Vettel’s deep knowledge of Formula 1 history, and admits to having poor memory. Hamilton often says he can barely remember his most recent race, let alone recall the precise details of seasons past. The way Lewis absolutely lives ‘in the moment’ is a key part of his enduring success, as this Michael Schumacher-esque run of dominance continues. It feels as though F1 is reliving the early years of the new millennium: records being relentlessly smashed while the opposition flounders. But those post-Mika Häkkinen years were tedious for fans who longed to see Schumacher tested to extremis. When a worthy successor finally came along – in the form of Fernando Alonso and Renault – F1 became more interesting again. With the likes of Vettel,…

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MARK GALLAGHER Our columnist has widened his remit to tackle this month's cover feature (p34), analysing Lewis Hamilton's empire JAMES ROBERTS Last heard from missing his connecting flight in Atlanta, our associate ed filed dispatches from Mexico (p60) and Texas (p54). #prayforjimmy STUART CODLING Ten years on from Brawn GP's triumph, 'Codders' shakes down CEO Nick Fry (p86) for the inside story on the team that became Mercedes ANDY HONE A man whose vertiginous barnet is best kept behind the camera, Andy met a NASCAR legend this month (p54)…

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A little touch of blue-sky thinking The weather forecast for Friday in Austin was for blue skies all day, so with that in mind I planned to visit a spot I knew that works well for shooting into the sun late in the afternoon. This is a tricky shot because there’s no hole in the fence here. You have to remove the lens, hold it on the other side of the fence at the right height, then remount it to the camera body through the fence. As I left the press centre before FP2 a huge cloud bank had rolled in, but I set off anyway in the hope that it would clear. It didn’t go away entirely but it did leave some interesting striations. Photographer Glenn Dunbar Where Austin, USA When 4.05pm, Friday 1 November 2019 Details…

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formula 1’s revolution for 2021 is go

Formula 1’s 2021 regulations, which aim to both dramatically improve the spectacle and create a shake-up in the established order, were finally unveiled on 31 October. The new technical, sporting and financial rules were approved by the FIA’s World Motor Sport council on the eve of the US Grand Prix. The threat of a Ferrari veto on the new regulations was avoided when it voted in favour at the FIA meeting. “It’s a major change in how the pinnacle of motor sports will be run,” said the FIA president Jean Todt. “For the first time, we have addressed the technical, sporting and financial aspects all at once. The goal is to have a closer championship and to be more unpredictable on the track.” Reduced aerodynamics aim to improve overtaking, but cars will…

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f1 digest

13.10.19 Renault ECUs and steering wheels impounded after brake-bias system protest 17.10.19 Legality of Ferrari’s engine questioned by rival teams 18.10.19 Reverse-grid qualifying race trials abandoned as teams veto the concept 3.10.19 Renault disqualified from Japanese Grand Prix over brake-bias system 29.10.19 FIA to review placement of Tecpro barriers at Mexican GP venue 31.10.19 Teams warned that breaches of cost-cap rules will have “serious consequences” 01.11.19 Renault recruits ex-Ferrari aerodynamicist Dirk de Beer and ex-McLaren engineer Pat Fry as Enstone undergoes a technical reshuffle 01.11.19 Planning permission granted for new Racing Point factory 02.11.19 FIA clarifies fuel-flow rules after Red Bull query 12.11.19 Alex Albon confirmed at Red Bull for 2020 PICTURES: SIMON GALLOWAY; JERRY ANDRE; ZAK MAUGER; MARK SUTTON…

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f1 mastermind

Q1 Esteban Ocon will return to the Formula 1 grid in 2020, but with which team did he make his practice debut in 2014? Q2 Which current driver has two podiums to his name but has yet to lead a single lap of an F1 race? Q3 Which two current circuits on the calendar first held a world championship race in the 1980s? Q4 True or false: Red Bull has won at least one race a year since its first victory in 2009? Q5 Which driver finished 20th and last in the standings in 2018 with a single point? Q6 The Ford Cosworth DFV engine won its first race in 1967, but when and where did it win its last? Q7 At which race did Teo Fabi claim Toleman’s single pole position in Formula 1? Q8 Which…