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FAIRLADY BRIDE should be the first place a bride turns to when she’s planning her wedding – and the only magazine she’ll ever need. This issue is packed with inspiration: photo-ready makeup and hair trends, the most beautiful dresses you've ever seen, bouquets, cakes, Invitations, colour schemes… everything you've thought of – and more. And we haven't lost sight of why you're busy planning your dream wedding day: you love each other! So to make the magic last, read about the ways we express love, and why understanding that makes all the difference

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1 Nail them! Ankesh Madan, Stephen Gray, Tasso Von Windheim, and Tyler Confrey-Maloney, four students from North Carolina State University who have invented a nail varnish that changes colour on contact with date rape drugs like Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB when dipped in a drink. The group calls themselves Undercover Colors. I think it’s a brilliant invention – though many feminist groups are refusing to endorse it on the grounds that (as Katie Russell from Rape Crisis England & Wales put it) ‘ …it implies that it’s the woman’s fault and assumes responsibility on her behalf, and detracts from the real issues that arise from sexual violence…’ Of course – but I see no problem with doing everything we can to stop the use of date rape drugs. ‘We hope this…

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winning letter A plate for a plate I read in your December issue about JAM SA, and the people who go hungry. The contribution they suggest that we make is R30 a month or R360 a year. And then it hit me! That’s less than what we spent at dinner on our last evening in Cape Town, and less than what we spend on dinner in Montreal. So, I’ve challenged myself to ‘add a plate for Ubuntu.’ For every restaurant meal or takeout, or at Christmas celebrations I’ll take the value of my plate and put it in a piggy bank. The day I started, I added C$12 for brunch. The next day I raised C$10 from each of the friends who came to my usual tea gathering for meditation and toning.…

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Soak up the best that our beautiful continent has to offer – African Extracts Rooibos skin care. The new Even Tone range contains Green Rooibos Extract, a powerful antioxidant which soothes and protects skin, combined with Vitamin B3 and C to help promote smoother, brighter and more even skin tone. Available from Dis-Chem and pharmacies.www.africanextracts.com YOUR HAMPER INCLUDES: Even Tone Foaming Wash, Even Tone Moisturiser, Toner, Facial Scrub, Tissue oil, Eye Cream, Facial Wipes, Hand and Nail Cream, Shea Body Butter, Eye Makeup Remover, Deep Cleansing Mask, Exfoliating Mask, Glycerine Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Scrub, Bath and Shower Gel, Lipbalm, Anti Age Day cream, Anti Age Night cream, Travel Kit, Cleansing Lotion…

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Log on this month for... Beauty We’ve got tips and advice for every beauty look! WeChat Connect with FAIRLADY Engage with us and stay updated on fashion, décor and food daily – on WeChat. Wellness Want to reboot? We’ve got easy, clever ways to boost your health. Recipes Looking for ideas for a romantic home-cooked dinner? We’ve got you covered: minimal effort for maximum results… Newsletter Get your dailyfix delivered to your inbox! Don’t miss out – be first to get updates! Style Guru Try your hand at styling! Test your fashion savvy with our online styling challenge. PHOTOGRAPHS: ANÈL VAN DER MERWE, THINKSTOCK…

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1 Click, click If you know your size and what you’re after, then you don’t need to leave your chair to update your lingerie drawer. Yes, even your underwear purchases can be made on the web! Cut out the fitting room frazzle and get online – the new Triumph e-store is convenient, easy to navigate and has a sizing chart too. Za.triumph.com 2 Sexy shapewear Hoping to avoid that Bridget Jones reveal where he discovers the unflattering shapewear you’re wearing? These are perfect for those sexy nights – they’re lacy and lingerie-like but still have the shaping section over tummy and hips. (l–r) Lace inset bodysuit (R249,95) Shelley, Edgars; Lust Have bodysuit (R1354,32) Spanx 3 PRACTICAL MAGIC Not a fan of shapewear? Invest in a pair of stockings that do the job just as well.…

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My son Alex was born with two clubfeet – both his feet were turned over and inwards, pointing towards each other. It was a shock. Back then, in 2003, they performed corrective surgery on the baby at just a few months old. I was against that, so I started researching online and found an article on the Ponseti method, which involves gentle manipulation of the foot and minimal, non-invasive surgery. A link led me to Dr Ponseti’s website. I knew I’d found my answer. At the time, there were no doctors in South Africa trained in this method, so we went to the US to meet Dr Ponseti. The casting method was so gentle that Alex fell asleep! The entire process took 16 days. We were the first South Africans Dr…