Family Handyman Winter 2022

When it comes to home improvement, you need information you can trust. Inside each issue of The Family Handyman, you’ll find see-and-solve expert repair techniques, a variety of projects for every room and step-by-step, do-it-yourself photos.

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free time

Five days a week, we’re either building something, thinking about building something or writing about building something. So what do we do on weekends? I recently added surface-mounted electrical outlets in my garage plus more shelving, and I’m repurposing a bookshelf for my home office. Can’t have enough projects! HERE’S WHAT MY TEAMMATES ARE UP TO: My current project is a music room, which includes soundproofing, acoustic tuning and wiring. I’m also transforming my laundry area, which means replacing the ductwork for the dryer, installing water hammer arresters, and building a platform for the washer and dryer. And I’m building a new work space in the basement; a 16-ft. workbench is my most recent addition. I love the process of transforming a room, especially when I can turn an ordinary space into one…

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what’s new?

FIRST-TIME HOMEOWNERS Josh Tuggle and Mariah Cates, the junior art director here, have lived in their house almost a year. They’ve already tackled a lot of projects: removing wallpaper (the worst!), painting most of the walls, and tiling the kitchen floor and back - splash. Next up is a big one: finishing the basement and adding an egress window. On their way to becoming experienced DIYers, Mariah and Josh have signed up for our New Homeowner email newsletter. It’s filled with the how-to and tool info first-time owners need to upgrade and repair their home. If that sounds like you or someone you know, sign up at BUILDING THE TRADES We recently learned about a $25 million nationwide effort to fund vocational skills training for tradespeople and manufacturing professionals. Through the Empower Makers…

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hands on

THREE-IN-ONE DRILL KIT I’ve had my Festool CXS for about eight years now, and it’s the drill/driver I reach for most often. A 12-volt, 2.6-amp-hour lithium-ion battery provides plenty of power for most household and woodshop tasks. The interchangeable heads make this tool a standout for me. When I’m predrilling holes for fasteners, I can leave the drill bit in the chuck and switch back and forth between the chuck and the standard driver head in a second. The right-angle head gets me into a tight area; it can be rotated to keep the body of the drill out of the way in most circumstances. The CXS’s light weight, compact size and belt hook make it easy to carry while on the job. The kit, which includes two batteries, a charger and…

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handy hints

SPINDLE PAINTER A neat, fast way to paint stair spindles or other hard-to-brush objects is to use an old sock. First, put on a rubber or latex glove, then slip the sock over your hand. Dip your covered hand into the paint and apply it. You’ll cover the entire surface, including all the details. REV. O.E. LYONS SHARE YOUR HANDY HINTS WITH US SHOVELING YOUR SHOP Sure, you can buy long-handled dustpans to make cleanup easier on your back, but a child’s snow shovel does the job just as well and costs much less. You can get a kiddie shovel for less than $10 at home centers and discount stores. THOMAS P. KELLEY QUICK, NO-MESS FUNNEL Every time you add oil, coolant or windshield washer fluid to your car, you spill a little, right? Keep a supply of…

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CLEANER AIR & HELPFUL DATA Even with the relatively clean air in Minnesota, I wonder about my home’s indoor air quality. Smoke from wildfires hundreds of miles away, fumes from construction projects, chemicals sprayed on neighboring yards, my own drywall project—who knows what’s in the air I breathe? What I do know are the potential harmful effects of air pollutants, from a nagging cough to asthma symptoms to long-term lung conditions. You can do two things about air pollution immediately. First, increase your awareness of indoor and outdoor air conditions and, second, clean the air inside your home. I’ve been testing the Aura Air purifier device in my home for several weeks. Once plugged in, the device goes to work immediately to clean the air and to inform me about the quality…

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emergency light anywhere

For someone who rarely camps, I own too much camping equipment. But I feel no guilt; this gear is so darn functional. Camping lanterns may be the best example of that. If you’ve ever lost power in your home or apartment, you’d appreciate owning at least one of these. They’re safer than candles, easier to use and store, and much more versatile. Decent work lights too. I tried out four brands and styles of LED lanterns. The Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Lantern ($20) is a collapsible, lightweight device about 5 in. square and 4 in. high when expanded. It has a small solar panel on top, plus a micro USB outlet for charging. The LEDs can be set to high (60 lumens), medium, low or a “candle flicker” setting. The…