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July/August 2021
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Family Tree Magazine will help point the way toward the best research tools and practices to trace your family's history. Each issue includes tips on locating, collecting, and preserving photos, letters, diaries, church and government records, and other documentation, plus fun articles about creating scrapbooks, organizing family reunions, and vacation ideas that combine history with leisure!

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out on a limb

New things are both a blessing and a curse. My wife recently replaced her phone. Though we have similar phones from just a couple years apart, the technology has already advanced so much. I’m perplexed any time she hands me her phone and asks me to take a picture or make a call. Why doesn’t hers have the same buttons as mine? Do I swipe up to do that, or down? And where exactly did she put that app? As genealogists, we can all relate to the pains of changing technology. Websites and mobile apps pop up, then disappear just as fast. And advances in artificial intelligence and optical character recognition bring new records online and index them at lightning speed. With all that change, it can be hard to keep…

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tree talk

Newspapers.com. I have gotten so much information from family obituaries that I find in old newspapers on this site.Michelle A. Johnson via FacebookFINDMYPAST. For my UK research, they had parish records. Without them, it would have been hard to get beyond c. 1841.Barbara Parry via FacebookAncestry. I have found more information and photographs through this than any other site.Robert Davis via FacebookANCESTRY AND NEWSPAPERS.COM so far. But my most interesting finds have been on free sites like FamilySearch and Fulton History. I found my dad’s army discharge papers for free on FamilySearch.Carla Ginn Griffith via FacebookFindmypast has been the best for me. I have found several wills, BMD [birth, marriage, death] records.Pam Bylczynski via Facebook…

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join our community!

Genealogy how-to downloads and videos, plus PDF back-issues of Family Tree Magazine <www.familytreemagazine.com/shop> Free genealogy advice from host Lisa Louise Cooke and expert guests iTunes / <www.familytreemagazine.com/podcasts> Our members-only online library of genealogy instruction <www.familytreemagazine.com/product/website-vip> Detailed online courses and webinars full of expert advice about key research subjects <www.familytreemagazine.com/course> <www.facebook.com/familytreemagazine> @FamilyTreeMag Family Tree Magazine @familytreemag…

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opening the flood gates

Not long ago, Christopher Bryant received a frantic phone call from his mother-in-law. Overnight rain had caused her backyard to flood. The water was up to door of her shed—where she kept the family pictures. “I immediately dropped everything and drove 30 miles—from Dallas to Fort Worth, Texas—to save those photos,” he says. Bryant is a professional genealogist who helps clients with their own photo preservation <www.cdbryantgenealogy.com>. (He’s quoted about photo-colorization on page 24.) By the time he arrived, the sun was coming out, and it was humid. He pulled out box after box of original family pictures. Entire albums of family gatherings—representing the family’s history over 50 years—were on the line. He triaged the rarest and most damaged items, laying out some to dry on a nearby table. Many photos were in…

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myheritage genetic groups

IN LATE 2020, MyHeritage <www.myheritage.com> added more than 2,000 Genetic Groups to its DNA ethnicity results. These groups describe specific communities who for hundreds of years lived, intermarried and sometimes even migrated together. Genetic Groups were created by identifying genetic microsegments associated with clusters of DNA testers, then studying the trees and ethnicities of each cluster to see what historical community it represented. Genetic Groups are often specific enough to be genealogically meaningful; for example, there are 100 from Sweden alone. It’s possible to belong to several Genetic Groups—or none (if your ancestral communities haven’t yet been identified by MyHeritage). Groups are available both to those who purchased a test from MyHeritage and those who uploaded results from another service. MyHeritage continues adding new features to its Genetic Groups, including a timeline…

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fhl launches new page

The world’s leading genealogical research destination, the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, has a new web page <www.familysearch.org/family-history-library>. The page provides more direct access to visitor information, collections, and educational resources and services. One popular service is the worldwide access to free, 20-minute research consultation appointments with a specialist. Book-lookup services are expected to be added, as is a portal to a worldwide network of Family History Centers and other affiliate libraries.…