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Firearms News Volume 74, Issue 11

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product showgase

BATTLELINK MINIMALIST PISTOL STABILIZER BY MFT! The Battlelink Minimalist Pistol Stabilizer is a slide-on replacement designed to be held and operated with one hand, counterbalancing muzzle weight and stabilizing the pistol against the shooter’s forearm. Sleek and comfortable along all planes eliminating any snag hazards and abrasive areas resulting in a comfortable interface. Compatible with a standard Milspec carbine receiver extension/buffer tube, the set screw locates into the buffer tube plunger hole. Sling slots and a Quick Detach Sling mounting point positioned in the rear. A Forearm Strap can be added. The upper section provides an enhanced cheek weld. Available in Black and Scorched Dark Earth, MSRP of $44.99. Warning: This product is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. It is the purchaser’s obligation to check for…

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springfield armory edge evac wins! the contest is over.

The contest? The most compact AR-15 pistol. Until now, we have been limited to the length of the buffer tube, because you have to have a buffer tube for function, or it isn’t really an AR-15. Springfield Armory has made serious contenders in this regard, like their Saint Edge pistol with the telescoping arm brace. That one ends up being a shade over twenty-four inches long. Adding a folding buffer tube with an arm brace let them get the length down to about nineteen inches, but it took one more step to make their entire package so compact you might not recognize it as an AR-15 pistol: a takedown barrel assembly. OK, the Springfield Armory Saint Edge EVAC (with a name almost longer than the pistol) is one seriously compact setup. In…

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takedown firearms

Takedown firearms have a long history, even if they have never been common. Obviously the classis side-by-side double shotgun is a takedown, but that is a special case. The other takedowns were the Winchester lever actions that had a takedown system built in. Some of the Browning shotguns could be readily taken down, and of course, most pumps, when you remove the barrel, become a lot more compact. The classic, and desired, takedown system was one where the rifle or shotgun was literally taken down in half, right at the front of the receiver. And then it was stored in a case called a “leg o’mutton” case, because of its shape. I saw a few of those when working as a gunsmith, but they were mostly a first half of the…

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how fast is fast enough?

Short barrels lose speed. There’s no way around it. I’m sure Sir Isaac Newton, once he got over the shock of smokeless powder, self-loading rifles, and the lack of powdered wigs, would grasp the situation quickly. So, how slow is too slow? After all, we’re talking muzzle velocities that are just over 2,000 fps, after all. That’s where bullet design comes in. My contact at Hornady tells me they specifically tested in, and loaded for, SBRs, to develop their special SBR load. And shooting tells me they got that part right. The bullet they use will expand down to 1,950 fps. Of course, the speeds you get out of a 7.5" barrel aren’t what you’d get out of an 11.5" barrel. The 11.5" velocity keeps the 75 grain Interlock up over 1,950…

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trijicon acog

The Acog is all over US military small arms. It is a compact, 3.5X or 4X optic, with the reticle illuminated by means of a fiber optic, or fiber optic and battery setup. As an ultra-durable optic, it finally brought magnified optics into standard use as a military aiming system. The Bindon Aiming concept (Glyn Bindon came by our gun club several times to show his new optics, back in the 1980s) is simply to use the bright illuminated center of the reticle, at speed, and at close range, instead of trying to figure out what you’re seeing, at 3.5X or 4X. Keep both eyes open, and hose. When I was at the Trijicon factory a few years ago, my guide walked me past a waist-high small-dumpster sized carton, filled with used…

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more is better

If you want a set of backup sights (and I do) then folding is the way to go. One thing Springfield did was make their folding sights relatively non-proprietary. As in, the front sight can be swapped out. So, in the interests of adding versatility, you might be interested in a Tritium front sight blade. XS Sights has a Tritium-insert front sight that replaces the existing post. They even include a front sight adjustment tool, in case you don’t have one. (Or can’t find any of the three to four you know you already own.) The vial rides in a blade, and the vial is a vertical line, albeit a short one. It rides in a white panel on the front of the blade. Now, you have to remember that when…