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Firearms News Volume 74, Issue 16

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14 min.
rock river arms 7.62x39mm x-1 lar-47

The Soviet 7.62x39mm is one of the all-time great intermediate cartridges, and it remains hugely popular today. Its wide-spread acceptance among U.S. shooters is due chiefly to two reasons. The first is its ability to throw moderate weight .30-caliber projectiles at a respectable velocity. The second is its economical nature. Imported steel case ammunition is typically very reasonably priced and can easily be purchased in volume. This is very appealing, especially while we are experiencing yet another panic buy of ammunition with no end in sight. While the 7.62x39mm is linked to the Kalashnikov rifle, that is not its only home. There are a variety of other rifles chambered for this popular caliber, including AR-15s. But, what if you like the 7.62x39mm cartridge, and the AR-15, but wish to use AK…

15 min.
d&l sports slr carbine

Dave Lauck is one of those guys we all know, the one who just can’t stop working on projects and creating things that when we see them, we all go, “Wait, what? How’d you do that?” Comfortably hard at work in Chino Valley, Arizona, Dave gets around. I ran into him back in 2006, when he won the National Patrol Rifle Championship. He’s been a gunsmith working on 1911s, double action revolvers, AR-15s and pretty much anything that comes in the door, for many years now. This article covers the AK-47, in the form of his SLR/Carbine. The one that arrived here started as a complete Arsenal 7.62x39 rifle. What Dave does is strip each rifle down to the bare parts, measure and gauge everything, correct what needs to be corrected,…

3 min.
aks overseas

Ican’t regale you with tales of AKs in places where people shoot at each other. Well, perhaps, but not like the guys who have been downrange. I can, however, tell you of my observations in locales where the AK is the common firearm. The latest one was Egypt. Dependant on tourist dollars (and Euros, and Yen, and Yuan, etc.) Egypt works hard to make tourists feel safe. Mostly, they succeed, because most tourists don’t know what they are looking at. They see a uniformed local, with an AK, and they think “We’re being kept safe.” Guys like us look at their posture, manner, equipment, even the condition of their boots, and come away with a different opinion. “Mall guards,” most of them. The common AK in Egypt, at least in the local police…

1 min.

I was prepared, when we set off for Egypt, to get “flagged” on a daily basis by the locals, acting as security. Turns out, I was safer there than I’ve been on some Skeet and Trap ranges. Everyone kept their fingers out of the trigger guards. Everyone was careful where they pointed muzzles. Oh, the kids (I saw some police who looked like they had another semester or three to go before they were eighteen years old) walked around dangling their AK by the pistol grip, with the muzzle almost in the dirt, but it was pointed safely. Someone had put the fear of God into the security people, and muzzles were safely pointed. Guards were usually provided shade and sat under an awning. And in a lot of instances, behind…

17 min.
in soviet russia, ak shoots you

While the AR-15 is undeniably America’s darling, there are now more AKs in circulation in this country than ever before, and most of them are chambered in the original 7.62x39mm cartridge. While the 7.62x39 is considered the “intermediate assault rifle cartridge against which all others are judged,” few people actually know what kind of performance they can expect from the cartridge out of an AK. For this article, I decided to test seven 7.62x39mm loads, some similar, several very different. I chose them based on a number of factors — availability, price, and (advertised) performance. My ammo list included American Eagle FMJ, premium defensive ammo from Winchester and Hornady, and steel-cased Russian-made ammo from Wolf and Barnaul. My plan was to measure velocity, accuracy, and terminal performance using ballistic gel blocks. Group Therapy The…

15 min.
pioneer arms’ hellpup elite

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in both AR-15 and AK pistols. This has been entirely due to the impact SB Tactical’s Pistol Stabilizing Brace has had in the eyes of the consumer. Before the coming of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace, AK pistols were a very small part of the market. In the previous “Dark Ages,” AK pistols were typically looked upon as an oddity with little practical purpose. They might look cool, but they were awkward to fire and simply didn’t appeal to most shooters. Today the AK pistol market has changed dramatically compared to ten years ago. AK pistols, like the Pioneer Arms Hellpup Elite seen here, are very popular and hard to get with the current panic buying. AK pistols are being bought up…