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Fishing World February 2020

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Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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no time to fish? no worries.

SUMMER is a great time of year to fish. Most species are on the chew and there are no cold mornings (in most places). At the time of writing (mid December) the opportunities were endless. Inland the cod season just opened, the estuaries were teaming with big flathead and surface chomping pelagics, and I knocked back a trip to the Top End chasing build-up barra. The latter is an all-too-common story during the silly season. Christmas parties, last minute shopping, deadlines and life in general gets in the way of what’s most important... fishing. Worse yet, social media pages are full of images of big fish and ear-to-ear grins from lucky fishos. There has to be another way! Well maybe there is... Time poor fishos have a couple of options. One option…

10 min.
flathead basics

Flathead are ugly fish. When I was a kid fishing off the many jetties around Valentine, on Lake Macquarie, these brown bottom dwellers were highly prized catches for any jetty rat kid. We used to fish with frozen prawns catching bream, whiting and leatherjackets. When a flathead came along it was always a fish worth bragging about. My grandfather was a bit of a big flathead specialist at the time, and the many whoppers he caught over the years all had their heads nailed to the wall outside the chook shed. It was a trophy cabinet that I often gazed at in my childhood, hoping to one day emulate the feats of my grandfather. I’m not sure exactly how big some of these fish were, but there were a few…

1 min.
seafood import safety

AUSTRALIA imported $1.65 billion worth of fisheries products in 2012-13 (the most recent available yearly figures), and produced around $2.4 billion worth from the wild-caught and aquaculture sectors, half of which it exported. Essentially, it imports lower valued products such as Vietnamese basa (catfish) and African Nile perch (a barramundi relative) and exports higher value species like Southern bluefin tuna and coral trout. The the imports are subject to food safety inspections by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture. Initially, 100% of new seafood consignments are tested against a list of potential hazards including micro-organisms and contaminents. Once five consecutive consignments have passed inspection, the inspection rate is reduced to 25% and after a further 20 consecutive passes the rate is reduced to 5%. If any consignment fails inspection, the…

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flattie stocking trial a first for nsw!

IN a first for NSW, more than 1000 juvenile dusky flathead have been stocked into Lake Macquarie on the Central Coast as part of a research project to enhance populations of this highly popular sportfish. DPI has been working on breeding technology for duskies over the past year. These sort of pilot-scale releases, where relatively small numbers of fish are released and studied intensively, allow us to test and refine stocking strategies. This work will hopefully enable large scale stocking of dusky flathead in key estuaries along the NSW coast. The Port Stephens Fisheries Institute has now successfully reared juvenile dusky flathead, and released 1200 fish measuring up to 15cm in the southern areas of Lake Macquarie, a Recreational Fishing Haven on the Central Coast north of Sydney. A visible fluorescent tag…

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do the right thing!

FISHING from the shore – be it from beaches, river banks, lake shores, rocks or man-made structures such as wharves, piers and breakwalls – is a low cost, fun way to enjoy a laidback session with family and friends. Most keen anglers started their fishing careers spending countless hours down at the local wharf, beach or river bank. These safe and easy-to-access fishing locations provide the ideal base from which to develop the basic angling skills needed to set you up for a lifetime of fishing fun. Even very experienced anglers continue to enjoy shore-based fishing. In coastal areas, locations such as beaches, rock platforms and wharves allow you to target a range of popular sport and table fish including bream, squid, luderick, flathead, mulloway, Australian salmon, tailor and even kingfish. In…

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sharing commonwealth fisheries resources

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) is developing a framework for resource sharing between the commercial, recreational and indigenous fishers accessing the fisheries it controls. It’s acknowledged that Australian fisheries resources are owned by all Australians and that despite there being agreement among the sectors that resource sharing is a priority issue, there’s been little agreement reached on identifying solutions. The Australian Government has now committed to developing a Commonwealth Resorce Sharing Framework “with parameters for fair and sustainable arrangements for all fishers”. To help with the design of a usable framework to meet the needs of all sectors, AFMA conducted an online survey during September and October 2019 and plans to release a draft framework, to be developed after consideration of survey inputs, for public feedback in early 2020,…