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Fishing World March 2020

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Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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catch & release with care

INSIDE Fisho this month South Australian-based Alex Ciccozzi pens a timely piece on caring for catch & release kingfish. To some that may seem at odds with the cover story this issue as Greeny delves into the world of eating tasty gamefish. The truth is it shouldn’t seem at odds at all. I personally love seafood and make no secret of the fish I keep; it’s sustainable, healthy and a big reason many of us enjoy fishing. Of course the majority of fish are carefully released and we only keep what’s needed to ensure nothing goes to waste. How anglers release fish and the care we take has come under tougher scrutiny in recent years. There’s little point releasing a fish if it’s destined for a slow death. Have a read of…

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offshore menu

At this time of year the water is warm and the current is blue. A lot of the bottom fishing options for tasty species such as snapper are now off the menu as the hard running current makes it difficult to fish the deeper layers, but most of us still want fresh fish in the refrigerator to put on the table. The following is a guide to some common species encountered in the warmer months, with a few tips on how to process these fish and prepare them for the table. While a lot of my fishing is aimed at targeting marlin, there are a lot of other species that turn up as marlin bycatch. These are worthy targets in their own right. By changing your tactics slightly and working with…

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running out of oxygen

THE recent UN Climate Change Conference held in Madrid was presented with a report prepared by 67 scientists from 17 countries which concluded that overall oxygen levels in the world’s oceans declined by roughly 2% from 1960 to 2010. This might not sound all that dramatic, but in some parts of the tropics it’s 40-50% as the decline isn’t uniform. At that level of depletion you get mass fish die-off events occurring. As global air temperatures rise, water temperatures rise, and warmer water can’t hold as much oxygen as cooler water. Agricultural and domestic nutrient run-off also contributes to the problem. As well, warmer ocean waters don’t mix as well as cooler, so oxygen absorbed in the top layer doesn’t properly get down to lower levels. Combine that with acidification…

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phil heads to queensland

PHIL’S Affordable Barra tours adds a new addition to its network of Barra fishing Tour options in Queensland. Cairns offers a vast variety of fishing and general sightseeing experiences and is also the perfect destination for the angler wishing to include his or her family. Unlike most of Phil’s Northern Territory packages where travel to remote fishing locations is not conducive to families, in Cairns clients are brought back to the city each afternoon . Phil’s blue water light tackle day on the Barrier reef will add a whole new dimension to the usual Barra fishing packages. The Cairns package includes one full day on the 34 ft. (10.5 mtr) Reef Runner, surveyed to carry 8 passengers. For client groups of 4 or more Phil’s charters the full boat so clients can troll…

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your nsw fishing licence at work!

THE NSW recreational fishing licence fee was introduced throughout NSW in 2001. The fee ranges from $7 for three days to $85 for three years. It is easy to pay the licence at many tackle shops throughout NSW as well as online at www.onegov.nsw.gov.au, via the NSW DPI Fishsmart app and by calling 1300 396 365. If you pay for a one year or three year recreational fishing licence period online, over the phone, at a Touch agent or if you renew your licence, you will receive a plastic licence in the post. There are several exemptions from having to pay the fee, including people under 18. So what happens to the funds raised from the NSW recreational fishing fee? By law, all the revenue is placed into the Recreational Fishing…

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what's new

SHIMANO SWITCH BAIT RODS SHIMANO now has a set of specialised rods specifically designed for switch bait fishing with 24kg and 37kg line classes. Utilising single piece TC4 Toray blanks, there are four-rod options in the all-new Switch Bait series: a 24kg spin, a 24kg overhead, a 24-37kg spin, and a beefy 24-37kg overhead. Componentry is at a level you’d expect with this demanding style of fishing: Winn leather foregrips, Fuji reel seats, and carbon straight butts married to an aluminium gimbal. The guides are Fuji K series with Alconite inserts and a SiC tip for easy passage of knots and wind-ons, and near friction-free line movement during a hot run. Whether spin or overhead, these rods will make a sweet matchup with the new Stella SW series, or the existing Talica lever drags. More info…