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Fishing World April 2020

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Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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two great fishing lodges in arnhem land

Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge This iconic lodge has been completely refurbished, offering luxury wilderness accommodation in an area teaming with sportfish. Location Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge is situated on the western side of Port Essington on Cobourg Peninsula in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, western Arnhem Land. Sportfishing Seasons March / April 2020 October / November 2020 Fishing Lodge guests have access to a huge expanse of bays, headlands, offshore reefs and islands where Spanish mackerel, giant trevally, golden snapper, coral trout & many other pelagic and tasty reef species abound. Plus the many sandy mangrove creeks and flats offer great barramundi, threadfin salmon and mangrove jack fishing. Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge Booking Peak Seasons Only Following the complete refurbishment of the iconic Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge, professionally-guided fishing tours only take place during the Top End’s…

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fire and floods

IT was a bitter sweet end to Australia’s bushfire crisis. No sooner were the flames extinguished, the floods began, and it wasn’t long before we started hearing reports of major fish kills. Bushfire devastated areas were most susceptible, with ash and topsoil washed into the river systems creating serious problems for native fish. It was widespread from the South and North Coasts of NSW to inland waterways and impoundments. Some of the worst fish kills happened west of the Great Dividing Range with similar floods occurring. The difference was many of these western rivers weren’t fire affected. There was no ash. So what or who was to blame? The problems in our rivers, particularly the Murray Darling, run much deeper. And while droughts, fire and pouring rain are natural, this problem is…

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the great ones

For those of us who fish temperate waters, mulloway are a prize catch usually made at great effort. Night is the most productive period to fish and patience is a must. But be warned, the chance of addiction is rife and as numbers increase, the addiction is not satiated, but rather grows exponentially. Cure is hard and cold turkey, a nightmare! Mulloway men and women develop a single minded obsession to the point where all other fish species lose their appeal. Each big fish creates its own memory … but never like the first one. Reportedly, “mulloway” is an indigenous word meaning “the greatest ones”, and it fits perfectly. Whilst, “jewfish” is a shorter version of "jewelfish" which originated in days past when the oversized ear bones (otoliths) of mulloway were…

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a note from the publisher

“I pledge to visit a fire affected town with my Empty Esky”. This timely media campaign really has struck a chord with Australians and the wider world over the past few harrowing months. The “Bring an Empty Esky” campaign is aimed at supporting the fire-impacted communities that need our collective help. Anglers are such steadfast benefactors to Australians in need; as a community we do great things for so many worthy causes and have so for a long time. As one of the “Bring an Esky” founders, Eleanor Ballieu said: “We are encouraging everyone to grab an empty esky, do a road or sea trip, and head into an area impacted by the bushfires when it’s safe to do so, and really shock the locals. Fill that esky with everything local –…

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national 4x4 outdoors show, fishing & boating expo brisbane

FOR nearly three decades the National 4x4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo has been Brisbane’s leading event for the 4WD industry and fans of the Australian outdoors. There are thousands of bargains and brands on sale with industry experts on hand to give the best advice and deals for your 4x4, camping, fishing, boating and outdoor adventures. Don’t miss the adrenaline pumping entertainment on the Action Arena thanks to Australia’s no. 1 stunt man, Matt Mingay and his Hot Wheels Team. Get off the beaten track, on the proving ground, where visitors can experience 4wding on a variety of simulated surfaces. Test drive the latest in 4WDs, meet and greet with your favourite outdoors personality, sit in on one of several stage shows and taste test the many delicacies being…

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“get hooked” on the future of fishing!

INTRODUCING the next generation to the fishing lifestyle is one of the key goals of NSW DPI’s “Get Hooked … It’s Fun to Fish” education program. This community-based program involves DPI Fisheries Education Officers and our team of dedicated Fishcare volunteers working with local schools to introduce all students to safe, responsible and sustainable fishing. Every year about 6000 kids from 100 schools across the state are introduced to salt and freshwater fishing activities. Key aspects of the program include information on catch and release skills, development of a basic understanding of marine and aquatic environments, the importance of sustainability and safe and responsible fishing behaviours. The program includes class lessons and a practical workshop where the kids get an opportunity to get out on the water and hopefully hook up on a…