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Fishing World August 2020

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Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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landbased lessons

SOMETIMES the best fishing lessons come from adversity. As fishing obsessed teenagers, my mates and I kept things simple. We didn’t have boats, cars or expensive tackle. We did however have time and an abundance of enthusiasm. The local bass were a perfect target. A short train ride from home and a steep descent into bushland was a productive piece of water and many fishing lessons were revealed while catching these fun natives. The area was heavily fished and one thing quickly become apparent, the need for some type of boat. Boats in those days were simple; kayaks, cheap blow up tubes from Kmart and an old 10 foot flat bottom punt. It didn’t matter what the boat looked like, or whether it was leaking and unstable; what mattered was we reached…

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rock stars

If the first half of 2020 has taught us anything it is the need to be adaptable to life and the changes it can bring to our norm. Isolating from one other and modifying our behaviour, and expectations, have all assisted in the reality we faced. For some it was a massive life experience and for others it is, merely, the way we fish. Often, we loath seeing other people where we fish, and apart from a mate fishing away from us there were no issues satisfying the strict implied rules. Rock fishing in the cooler months can be a challenge for many. Cold, windy mornings and deserted coastal fringes serve as a reminder and contrast of the Summer months not too long ago. It isn’t just the weather and water…

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covid-19 impacts on fisheries

OUR commercial fishers’ associations and regulators have rushed to assure us that all’s well with our local fisheries but exports and high end sales to restaurants, hotels and catering businesses have dropped off alarmingly. Internationally it’s been that much harder, with ports closing, crew changes becoming difficult, supply chains being disrupted and access to cold storage being restricted. The impact is particularly hard on small-scale operations in countries that, unlike Australia, are not able to provide economic assistance to unemployed seafood industry workers through programs such as Job Keeper and Job Seeker. Restrictions have led to the complete demise of some local seafood markets overseas, but not in Australia, where supplies to fish markets appear to be fine….witness Easter, Anzac Day and Mothers’ Day queues. Seafood restaurants, though, have done…

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not just white spot virus

THERE have been several outbreaks of white spot virus from imported frozen prawns in Australia in recent years that have almost ruined prawn farmers in some areas and threatened wild stocks. Now there’s a new threat re-emerging, the decapod iridescent virus (DIV1), first identified in 2014, which can cause above 80% mortality in some species of farmed prawns. The virus has recently infected prawn farms in parts of China and Vietnam and has been detected in wild monodon shrimp in the Indian Ocean, where farmers have sourced their broodstock in the past. It appears to have got into Vietnam via imported blood worms from China, used to feed the farmed prawns there. It can kill a full pond of prawns within two to three days from first infection. As with…

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join rap for citizen science & great prizes!

THE Research Angler Program (RAP) is a citizen science initiative involving NSW DPI and recreational fishos working together to monitor key sportfish species. How does it all work? It’s simple! After you’ve filleted your catch, you donate the frame of the fish to the RAP by leaving it at your closest drop-off point (see below for more info). The frame is then collected and analysed by DPI researchers. This work reveals interesting facts about the fish plus puts participating fishos in the draw to win some great prizes. This is a win-win-win - not only do you get to enjoy a great feed of fresh fish but you contribute to a vital citizen science program and find out the age of your fish! WIN PRIZES! Anglers are encouraged to donate the frames of any…

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what’s new

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