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Fishing World October 2020

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Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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missing: australian salmon

FOR anglers in the southern half of this country, Australian salmon are a popular and easily accessible sportfish. While there are better fish on the table, these tough fighters take lures, flies and bait with gusto and rarely disappoint with aerial displays and relentless stamina. Salmon are found all along the NSW coast, down into Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. The SA and WA Aussie salmon are slightly different species and are often larger than their East Coast counterparts. A salmon school is often a welcome sight, and for many fishos, spinning up a few “sambos” has saved an otherwise fishless trip. They’re also a great species for newcomers to fishing and for kids. Now for the bad news. The past few years has seen a noticeable decline in salmon numbers in…

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shallow water croc quest

DUSKY flathead are one of the most popular species in Australia. Big flatties can be found in most coastal waterways and estuaries. At times, big fish can be caught along beaches and even offshore. Smaller flatties are reliable, tasty and are considered an “everybody” fish, which is perhaps why captures, stories and photos of monster-size fish are so revered. At full maturity, dusky flathead are impressive creatures. Featuring a prehistoric looking head, big jaws, tough, leathery skin and impressive markings; it is not surprising big flatties were coined “crocs”. Studying how big flathead sunbake, ambush and attack their prey at high tide on sand and mud flats adds further merit to the all-encompassing moniker, “croc”. Like many anglers, I have fond memories of chasing flatties as a kid. Early on, I spent…

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aroona luxury boat charters

AROONA Luxury Boat Charters has specialised in remote sportfishing trips in northern Australia since 2014. The vessel has travelled extensively around the top end but currently spends her time exploring remote sections of the Great Barrier Reef and Princess Charlotte Bay. The Aroona team offer an array of fishing packages and are fully flexible, aiming to customise as much as possible to create an anglers dream trip. Popper fishing, trolling, jigging, sight casting, the choice is yours as you explore remote rivers, flats and reefs. The guides are experienced in all aspects of sport fishing in the tropics and want to see you hooked up to that fish of a lifetime. Other activities you can expect to find on board Aroona include spear fishing, diving, snorkelling and kitesurfing. For the keen barra…

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phil’s barra tours celebrates nt reopening with special deals

PHIL’s Affordable Barra Tours says its open for business following the announcement of the Top End border reopening to residents of several states. Phil’s has been operating since August and says its celebrating the Northern Territory border reopening with special deals. The established Top End tour company is offering savings up to $400 per person, for groups of four, on its mother ship packages. Additionally, special deals are being offered on well known hot spots like Melville Island Lodge, with savings up to $250 per person on groups of four. Special rates will also apply to the full range of package tours listed on the Phil’s Affordable Barra Tours website. Phil’s Barra Tours is expecting excellent fishing during the Top End “build-up” period (September - December) due to COVID-19 restrictions and limited access for…

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fastrack your local knowledge with dpi’s “go fishing” guides

IF you’ve ever visited a new fishing location, you’ll know how important access to “local knowledge” can be. More often than not, it’s the difference between catching fish or not catching fish. Even basic info like common local species, proven techniques and a few spots to try can make or break a day spent exploring new water. Over the past few years DPI Fisheries has been developing a series of regional Go Fishing guides to provide visiting or novice anglers with handy info to get started when fishing new spots. It’s well known that NSW boasts some of the best fishing locations in the world so these DPI Go Fishing guides are designed to not only help with local advice and locations, but also promote increased participation and interest in recreational fishing around…

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relief for nsw charter boat operators

THE NSW government has responded to the impacts of COVID-19 and the summer’s bushfires on the state’s fishing industries with a $9 million support package for commercial fishers, aquaculture businesses and recreational charter boat operators. $200,000 of the package is in the form of fee waivers for the charter sector and these will be automatically applied with no requirement to apply separately. Commercial fishers also get fee waivers, aquaculture businesses get waivers and rent relief, and fishing cooperatives get rent relief if they’re located on Crown land. Businesses that have already paid fees will receive credits on their DPI accounts. There’s also $2.1 million allocated in the package for industry stimulus programs aimed at developing technologies to help develop resilience in the face of change and provide greater business flexibility.…