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Florida Sportsman October 2020

Florida Sportsman is the complete fishing magazine for Florida and the Tropics. Devoted to fishing, boating, and outdoor activities in the Sunshine State, Florida Sportsman is the authoritative source for Florida's most active fishermen.

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pack your bags... again

Are you fishing your gear? Or is your gear fishing you? This, I think, is a question vital not only to our bank accounts, but also to our satisfaction as anglers. As much as I thought I had it all figured out, I realized recently I’d been hoodwinked. It happened during my most recent semi-annual garage cleanout. I was going through old boxes of tackle—shelves and shelves worth—and donating or chucking unused stuff. My goal was to get my gear into three tackle bags: An ocean/offshore bag, an inshore bag, and a freshwater bag. Makes very good sense where I live. I felt all smug and feng shui after unloading about 6,000 pounds of “stuff.” The three bags looked great, all ready to go fishing. I even reduced my trolling lure bag (previously a…

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where are the dolphin?

Who hasn’t heard a coach, teacher, parent or boss tell you that the one thing that matters most is effort? I’ve heard it, and get it: Effort matters. It matters to fishery managers, too. A lot. Simply looking at catch totals only tells you part of the story. You also need to know how many anglers, and how many trips, it took to get to that total. Unfortunately, the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (Council), responsible for managing dolphin (mahi mahi) stocks on the U.S. eastern seaboard from Key West to Maine, has not been tracking the amount of effort anglers use to take millions of pounds of dolphin from the Atlantic Ocean each year. An increase in effort (CPUE) Catch Per Unit Effort, to catch the same amount of fish would…

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what’s the left hand doing?

Apparently in short supply, too, is coordination among regional fishery councils. The Gulf of Mexico, newsflash, supports a big recreational fishery for mahi. In some years—2019, for instance—landings estimates were just over one third those for the Atlantic Coast. Yet, the Gulf Council deflects management questions to the South Atlantic Council. The Gulf Council actually has no regulations on mahi—none whatsoever! In state waters along the Florida Gulf Coast, the FWC adopted the 10 per person/60 per boat bag limit but not the 20-inch minimum which applies in Atlantic waters. In waters adjacent Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Caribbean Fishery Management Council only recently added mahi as a species of interest. Tagging studies have shown some mahi captured on the U.S. east coast transit these waters. Fishery managers are aware…

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steinhatchee’s second shift

Steinhatchee sits pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and the folks there like it that way. Distance from population centers keeps the fishery vibrant, the ambience and attitude Old Florida. The blackwater Steinhatchee River feeds a vast flat rich in seagrass and oyster bars, needle-rush marsh and coastal creeks winding into unbroken woods. The water is clean, the ecosystem happy—and it’s loaded with fish. It’s also a great place to ruin a prop—the bottom is solid lime rock, so any time you leave the marked channels within a mile or so of any shoreline, you’re at risk. Best bet is to go dead slow until you lay down a few GPS tracks—and then make sure to follow them only on the same or higher tides! The fishing is easy most of the…

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if you go

GAME PLAN: Steinhatchee is a good spot to invest in a guide on your first visit due to thousands of acres of water less than 2 feet deep, much of it with rock bottom. Captains Mark Brady and Bobbi Cannon at Saltwater Flats Fishing Charters, 352-354-0067, can put you on ’em. It’s also great ’yak country, with dozens of fishy creeks, but to get to the best spots you’ll want a pedal drive or electric due to distance. Very little shoreline access for those without boats, though you can catch some fish from river docks in winter. WHEN: The Steinhatchee coastline has Florida’s most generous season for scalloping. The 2020 season for Dixie and much of Taylor County ran June 15 to September 8, and there’s reason to expect similar dates…

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stepping out

The LX series center consoles by Sea Born have grown to culminate in the largest LX offering for 2020, the LX26. The LX26 is offered in a Touring Package (XLT), a Sport Fishing Package (XSF) and the base LE model. The LX26 is built around the Sea Born step hull design that delivers the same outstanding performance found in each of her LX model predecessors. Rigged with twin Suzuki DF250s, the LX26 offered a top speed in the upper 50s while delivering just under 3 MPG efficiency at 3500 RPM cruising at 34 MPH. The 26-foot, 6-inch length and 9-foot, 8-inch beam offered a noticeable enhancement in stability over the smaller models and delivers the confident ride you expect from a true offshore center console. The console and hardtop design present a…