Game & Fish South

Game & Fish South

August 2021

Each issue of Game & Fish South details proven local strategies for whitetails, turkeys, bass, catfish and more. Discover the best places to hunt and fish from North Carolina to Texas, and learn the top times for success in the field and on the water. Get info on hot new gear and how it performs, as well as updates on trends, regulations, seasons and destinations to help you plan your next outing.

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public pursuits

I used to be so obsessed with whitetails that when they were in season I would hunt nothing else. Forget about small game and upland birds and turkeys. Waterfowl never even crossed my mind. I’m sure I missed out on some great hunts by remaining confined to my treestand in deer season. Whitetails are still among my favorite game species, but I’ve come to more fully appreciate other hunting opportunities. Although I continue to devote several weeks of the fall to deer, I’m more of a generalist now. Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes, and it certainly applies to hunting. I’ve found that it is entirely possible to become burned out when hunting one thing for months on end. If you’re looking to add some variety to your…

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trending now at game & fish online

TRAILERING THE RIGHT WAY Our online-exclusive video series, “Tow Ready in 2,” helps you avoid becoming a boat-ramp story with in-depth advice on a variety of safe-trailering subjects. BOW AT HOME Want to tune and tweak your bowhunting gear without a trip to the pro shop? “DIY Garage Bow Mechanic” covers the tools you need and how to get started. TAKE A CRASH COURSE Contributor Shane Beilue kicks off our new series of fishing and hunting how-to videos, “Crash Course,” with quick tips on presenting top bass baits. WHY WE HUNT In “No Limits: Inspiring Amputee Shares Buck Fever,” an active-duty Navy chief and right-leg amputee chronicles an archery deer hunt with his newbie friend. THAT’S A HUGE SHELLCRACKER! Our fishing-records library is full of great stories of angling achievement, including, “6.3 Pounds! World Record-Sized Redear at Havasu.” HOT LURES…

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designed with purpose

Whenever a new rifle cartridge is introduced, many hunters and shooters will claim we don’t need it. They’ll say things like, “It is an answer to a question no one was asking.” or “No thanks, I’ll stick to my .30-06.” This is a symptom of neophobia, the fear of anything new. The condition is a lack of exploratory drive systematically observed in aging and is thought to be due, neurophysiologically, to the dysfunction of neural pathways connected to the prefrontal cortex. It is also known as grouchy old man syndrome. Back when current grouchy old men were young and not grouchy, the notion of having one rifle a hunter could use for almost everything was popular. However, as the 21st century approached, more rifles started to become specialized. Hunters didn’t want…

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pre-season to-do list

For die-hard bowhunters, the end of summer isn’t exactly a dreaded occurrence because it means the greatest season of them all is about to start. Fall is on our doorstep. Are you ready? No? Me either. If you’re like just about every other red-blooded American bowhunter, time is scarce and has a habit of moving faster and faster every year. Fortunately, there’s some time remaining and we can make hay while that summer sun still shines. Here are 10 things you can get rolling right now to make sure the fast-approaching bow season is a great one. 1. GET WHAT YOU NEED One of the things I enjoy as a regular part of my pre-season routine is sorting, organizing and inventorying the essentials I use throughout each fall. The task is a lot…

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global role

What if you could snap your fingers and return the world to a sort of Garden of Eden, a wholesome paradise of natural bounty and ecological health? You’d probably hesitate, knowing from biblical teaching that Eden was troublesome for its clothing-optional human inhabitants. But what if I told you this new Eden contained 10-pound bass and big bucks on public land, and created clean air and water for humans, with none of those bewitched apples? A version of this new Eden is, in essence, what the Biden administration is pitching with its “30 by 30” initiative, committing the United States to conserving at least 30 percent of our lands and coastal waters by 2030. The details were released in late January via an expansive executive order titled “Tackling the Climate Crisis…

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uncommon pursuits on common ground

I detest dinner parties, partly because they never seem to include interesting people. I may have to attend, but I will not be talking about football, golf or the Kardashians. Politics is a subject that just results in a fight. Besides, it annoys my wife when we leave early with a wave of curse words chasing us out the door. The closest I have come to a conversation about hunting with my neighbors is when one lady sarcastically asked, “Is there anything you won’t hunt?” “Nope.” “Really?” “If it’s legal I’ll hunt it.” That concluded the conversation. My attitude toward hunting anything, though, has led to some grand adventures. Here are three “offbeat” hunts on public land that are well worth doing if you want to try something different. ELK OF THE EASTERN SHORE Sika deer are…