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Game & Fish South November 2019

Each issue of Game & Fish South details proven local strategies for whitetails, turkeys, bass, catfish and more. Discover the best places to hunt and fish from North Carolina to Texas, and learn the top times for success in the field and on the water. Get info on hot new gear and how it performs, as well as updates on trends, regulations, seasons and destinations to help you plan your next outing.

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scents and sensibility

I HAD just begun to ascend the red oak with my climbing stand when I heard the shuffle of leaves behind me. Turning toward the old logging road, I immediately caught the glint of a white antler. Nose to the ground, the buck was following the scent trail I had laid just minutes before on the way to my stand tree. The scent wick I had drug behind me now hung in a maple sapling 23 yards away. The buck was heading straight toward it. Problem was, my bow lay at the base of the oak, beneath my climber, separated from my grip by 20-some feet of cord. I was 5 feet up the tree, and I didn’t think there was any chance of getting the bow into my hands, let…

4 min.
ammunition management

EARLY IN my lifetime as a hunter I learned the hard way about the importance of having an ammo management device. By that I mean a tool or piece of gear to carry your ammo in a way that’s comfortable, convenient and easy to access in a hurry. Loose rounds in your pocket can get damaged, they rattle when you walk, and sometimes it’s not that easy to dig them out quickly. You might get into a situation where you’ve nearly depleted or completely run out of ammo in your gun before you’ve managed to put down the critter. Having extra ammo close at hand is always a good idea. If you hunt with a gun, you need an ammo management device. Whether you call them ammo carriers or holders, these…

1 min.
sometimes it takes only one

WITH THE acceptance of certain straight-wall cartridges for deer hunting in some states that previously permitted only shotguns and muzzleloaders, the single-shot rifle is making a comeback. Chambered for classics like the .45-70 Govt. and .44 Rem. Mag. as well as the trendy .450 Bushmaster, the Traditions Outfitter G2 is about as modern a single-shot as you’ll find. Built on a break-action design with a large action release forward of the trigger guard, the Outfitter G2 is easy to load—and fast to reload, if you keep your ammo close at hand. Also consider the barrel. It’s made by Lothar Walther, a firm that has produced barrels for nearly 100 years and has earned a reputation for precision among world-class competitive shooters and hunters alike. The bore of the Outfitter G2’s barrel…

5 min.
the rut shot

THE WOODS erupted as the pair burst into my periphery. I craned around for a better look, a gush of adrenaline driving my heart into my temples. The two whitetails were locked in a primordial mating ritual, and suddenly I was in the middle of the action. He shadowed her in lockstep, their dance choreographed by a wash of hormones. Around my stand they scrambled, darting in and out of my 20-yard comfort zone. Above, I twisted myself into a pretzel, contorting into odd shooting positions, praying for the perfect shot on the chocolate-horned, 180-incher. This, the biggest buck I’d ever eyed with bow in hand. A QUANDARY The whitetail rut is arguably the best time to ground a lovestruck buck. A deluge of testosterone now drives his normally timid behavior as he…

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the right sight for the rut

THE APEX GEAR COVERT PRO is a “pin-less” sight incorporating a single illuminated dot. The design eliminates the need for multiple sight pins and the possibility of “pin confusion” under pressured conditions, like the rut. Manually adjustable for range, the sight is extremely accurate at varying target distances. The Covert Pro’s elevation-adjusting, gear-driven system is buttery smooth, a testament to Apex’s commitment to design excellence and quality of manufacture. Ruggedly built, the Covert Pro is designed to withstand the rigors of rough and tumble use in the field, and battery life is reported to be approximately 700 hours. The sight comes with 120 pre-marked yardage tapes, which makes calibrating it to your bow’s arrow speeds a quick and easy process. MSRP: $258.99; apex-gear.com…

7 min.
to mod or not?

IT’S HUMAN nature to modify stuff. From the day the first Paleolithic tinkerer discovered that attaching a wood handle to his stone axe hugely improved its efficiency at bashing in skulls, we’ve strived for ways to make our tools work better. The logical modern analogy to that axe is a handgun, and if you’ve ever googled “1911 accessories,” you know how easy it is to spend three times the cost of your Colt on modifications guaranteed to make it “better.”But modifications can go too far. Is a defensive handgun really “better” if it can fire a 2-inch group at 50 yards at the expense of 100 percent reliable function? The same is true of the four-wheel-drive vehicles we use to explore the backcountry. Rare is the buyer who gets a…