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Game & Fish South February 2020

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Each issue of Game & Fish South details proven local strategies for whitetails, turkeys, bass, catfish and more. Discover the best places to hunt and fish from North Carolina to Texas, and learn the top times for success in the field and on the water. Get info on hot new gear and how it performs, as well as updates on trends, regulations, seasons and destinations to help you plan your next outing.

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3 min.
game & fish on your phone —for free!

I’LL PROBABLY take some ribbing for writing this, but I think smartphones are one of the most useful, perhaps important, developments for hunters and anglers in the past 20 years. When’s the last time you didn’t use your phone to at least check in with someone during a hunting or fishing trip? At a bare minimum, phones allow us to communicate our intentions to interested parties—loved ones as well as fellow hunters and anglers—from the field and water. I can text my wife a pic of the fresh rubline I just found, which, sorry babe, is going to make me just a little bit late for supper while I move my stand. Sending such an update takes seconds, and it’s nearly silent. But, of course, our phones do more than that.…

4 min.
bc: when it matters

WITH ALL the attention given to shooting at distance, ballistic coefficient (BC) gets talked about a lot. It seems like there’s a race between ammo companies to see who can create a hunting bullet with the best BC. The reality is that for many hunters, BC is not that important. However, many have fallen victim to this need for speed, and practically speaking, speed is all that BC represents. Let me explain. A bullet’s BC is a number generated by a mathematical formula that reflects the projectile’s estimated ability to overcome air resistance in flight. The larger the number, the less susceptible the bullet is to drag imposed by the atmosphere. Ballistic coefficient has very little to do with a bullet’s ability to damage tissue or kill an animal; it mostly…

5 min.
rated r(od)

PEOPLE ARE understandably big fans of labels. We like things categorized in tidy silos for quick identification and a common frame of reference to share with those in our interest groups. The terminology, colloquialisms and pursuit-specific vernacular we bestow upon the gear we use, the animals we pursue and the techniques we employ have become a language all its own. And then there are fishing rods. Benjamin Franklin said, “Beauty, like supreme dominion, is supported by opinion.” Well, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then so, too, must be the designation given to a medium-heavy rod. Or a medium-light. Or a medium-fast or … you get the idea. See for yourself: Visit your favorite tackle retailer and take a walk down the racks of rods. An Abu Garcia medium spinning…

6 min.
spray and pray

I LOVE the look of traditional bluing, but re-bluing a firearm is complicated and requires a lot of chemicals. A more practical option is to refinish the metal and even the stock, frame and grips with a spray-on coating. Spray coatings are much easier to deal with and offer a lot of options in colors and finishes. Plus, they can be applied to just about any material. There is a wide range of spray-on coatings available. Some require curing in an oven while others will cure in the air. Air-cure products I have had good luck with include Cerakote C, DuraCoat and Brownells Aluma-Hyde II. The last two are available in several application options, including rattle cans, which are a fast and easy way to finish a gun. Cerakote must be…

4 min.
nobody’s looking

WHEN HUNTER education classes are in session across America’s Deer Belt, I’m one of the thousands of volunteer instructors who get the privilege of spending a few hours in front of a classroom of wide-eyed and slightly fidgety students. Those of you who graduated from these courses a full generation ago knew them as “hunter safety” classes. The focus of the instruction was on muzzle control, knowledge of the different types of firearm actions and how to prove they are safe. (That’s the subject of a trick question, by the way, since we know guns are simple tools that can never be either safe or lethal. It’s the operator who makes them one or the other.) For nearly every American hunter, these courses were the gateway to becoming a certified, safe…

10 min.
tree time

A THICK stand of beech saplings grabs at my sleeves and tries to hold me back as I detour around a large blowdown, but I won’t be deterred. Just ahead the dogs are making a racket, treed in a big red oak. I hear brush breaking to my right as my buddy hurries to get to the tree as well. With heart rate and respirations increased, I feel the old familiar pull—the pull that drives the hunter when his dogs are treed. They plead to me with persistent barking. “We’ve got ’em right here!” they seem to say. “Hurry up!” The excitement of the dogs is infectious, and I hurry as much as I can. I think about how the pull that brings me to the tree dates back to the…