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the gift of giving

I want to start this column by talking about my father. It’s a bit of a strange place to start, seeing as this is a magazine about gin and my old man won’t touch the stuff, but bear with me. Without meaning to lean too heavily into any ‘daddy’s girl’ stereotypes, I love my dad. He taught me how to drive a car, scramble an egg and put up a shelf. He helped foster my love of good beer, 70s prog rock and Formula 1 racing, and taught me the value of ordering what the locals do when you eat and drink abroad. He has also taught me some excellent life lessons which (I hope) have helped to make me a better person: be kind; try your best in everything you do;…

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gin guild warns over ‘misleading’ marketing for no and low-alcohol drinks

The Gin Guild has issued a scathing rebuke of spirits producers that “freeload” on the success of the gin market to promote their no and low-alcohol products. Several alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks launched recently have tried to “piggyback” on gin’s established reputation despite not meeting the category’s legal requirements, the organisation said. Gin is a protected category in UK and EU law and products labelling themselves as ‘gin’ must have a minimum ABV of 37.5%, among a selection of other requirements. Nicholas Cook, director general of the Gin Guild, said some new brands were “deliberately misrepresenting” their no and low-alcohol products. “There is nothing wrong with making or selling non-gin products, but the gin industry cannot permit brands freeloading on the success of the category. They must market themselves honestly and ensure they…

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cooper king becomes england’s first producer of carbon-negative gins

Yorkshire’s Cooper King Distillery has become the first in England to produce carbon-negative gins. The award-winning distiller’s Dry and Herb Gins are now classed as carbon negative, meaning that for every bottle of spirit produced, more carbon is removed from the atmosphere than is emitted. To achieve this status, Cooper King has done as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the gins. It has then offset the remainder of the emissions, plus a further 1kg of CO2 equivalent per bottle, through high-impact verified carbon credits, which support greenhouse gas emission reduction schemes elsewhere. It comes after Scotland’s Arbikie Distillery launched its groundbreaking carbon-negative gin, Nàdar, in February 2020. In addition to carbon offsetting, Cooper King supports the planting of one square metre of native UK woodland for each bottle of gin…

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tanqueray reveals new blackcurrant gin and pre-mix cans

Tanqueray has announced the release of an indulgent new flavoured gin – and shared details of more new products to come in 2021. The 41.3% ABV Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale, inspired by Charles Tanqueray’s travels in France, blends the brand’s London Dry Gin with French blackcurrants, vanilla and black orchid for a sophisticated flavoured gin. The expression is going on sale with Amazon and selected supermarkets from February, with a plan to launch in hospitality venues later in the year. Next up, in April, will come two ready-to-drink (RTD) cans featuring its Tanqueray London Dry Gin and Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Distilled Gin. The 250ml cans will combine the gins with tonic water, tapping into a growing trend in the UK for premium pre-mix products. Meanwhile a packaging makeover for the juicy Tanqueray Rangpur…

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gordon’s and beefeater launch spirits for no and low-alcohol market

Big-name gin brands Gordon’s and Beefeater have launched new drinks for those looking to cut down their alcohol consumption. Gordon’s new non-alcoholic spirit Gordon’s 0.0% is designed to echo the juniper-led character of its classic London Dry Gin, but without the alcoholic strength (or the calories, with just 24 of them per serving). The non-alcoholic spirit went on sale in Tesco stores and online through Amazon in late December, followed by other retailers in January. It follows a string of new non-alcoholic releases to hit the market in 2020, including Warner’s 0% Botanic Garden Spirits and Salcombe Distilling’s NLL. Charlotte Gibbon, GB head of marketing at Gordon’s, said: “At Gordon’s we are committed to providing choice for different occasions and we don’t think people should have to miss out on the flavour or experience…

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gin experts collaborate on negroni book

Globally renowned gin experts David T. Smith and Keli Rivers have collaborated on a new book exploring the versatility of the Negroni. Smith, Gin Magazine’s contributing editor, and Sipsmith brand ambassador Rivers have co-authored Negroni, which contains more than 30 recipes from traditional serves to modern twists and provides a cocktail treasure trove for any Negroni fan. The book explores the great potential in this iconic Italian drink, stretching its basic formula to exciting new proportions. While covering classic serves such as straight-up over ice and a sparkling aperitivo spritz, Smith and Rivers also explore how the Negroni can be adapted for all seasons – from bright and citrusy summer versions, to spiced winter drinks and celebratory cocktails for special occasions. Their exciting variations make use of dry, sweet and aged vermouths, along…