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Open up the wonders of gin through the pages of Gin Magazine. It’s a treasure trove of unique and outstanding gins from around the world, with top tips for the best bottles to spend your money on. Discover fascinating insights into craft distillers, which countries are top of the charts for gin production, how to make the perfect gin cocktail, alongside the best gin bars to visit and much more. Treat yourself to a Gin Magazine subscription today and immerse yourself in everything gin! Know a gin lover

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still a place for the big boys

Inevitably, working on a title like Gin Magazine, the question of, ‘Which gin is your favourite’, gets asked more times than you care to remember. Dare I admit to it, but I tend to ask the same question when visiting distilleries, at an event or even amongst friends. It’s one of those loaded questions where your reaction to whatever answer is given to you is already formulated in your head before you’ve finished asking it. When someone tells you that they love ‘insert global drinks giant brand here’ and you worry that it’s the only one they’ve ever tried, or that the person you’re speaking to is a raging philistine. Should they mention ‘insert super-quirky brand name here’, and either they have tried far too many gins in their time…

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hendrick’s unveils new distilling home

In arguably its most significant development since launching in 1999, Hendrick’s has revealed a new distilling home, befitting a gin famed for its invention and personality: The Hendrick’s Gin Palace. The Hendrick’s Gin Palace and distillery has been artfully expanded to meet the global demand for Hendrick’s, which is infused with essences of cucumber and rose. As an engine of innovation, it is an institution dedicated to exploration and discovery where Hendrick’s master distiller, Lesley Gracie, will have the creative freedom to experiment and conceive new Hendrick’s variants, as well as being the distilling home for the brand. The distillery has doubled its capacity to meet demand and the extraordinary facilities that are now available to Lesley will allow her to explore what she can do with the brand. The Hendrick’s Gin Palace…

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east london liquor company releases autumnal barrel-aged gin

Continuing its Barrel-Aged Gin programme, East London Liquor Company has released 621 bottles of its latest Barrel-Aged Gin. East London Liquor Company has taken its London Dry Gin and separately aged it for six months in ex-cider barrels and ex-ginger beer barrels from its Hackney neighbours, Square Root Soda. The liquids are finally blended to create the expression, coming in at 42% ABV. To best highlight the flavour of the gin, global brand ambassador Mikey Pendergast offers up GinCider Knowledge for a suggested serve: GINCIDER KNOWLEDGE • 50ml East London Liquor Company Barrel-Aged Gin• 15ml dry amaretto• 5ml maple syrup• 1 bar spoon chardonnay vinegar Stir down all ingredients over ice, strain and serve neat in a Nick & Nora glass.…

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season of goodwill

Are there more gins out there these days than aftershaves and socks? Whatever the answer, we’ve rounded up a selection of gin-related gift offerings that are surely more appealing and perfect for the gin lovers out there, or simply for those looking to escape the inevitable family dramas. THAT BOUTIQUE-Y GIN COMPANY Advent Calendar & Yuletide Gin That Boutique-y Gin Company – they of creative gins selected from distilleries across the globe, with intriguing illustrations – have paired up with Drinks By The Dram to produce a 2018 Advent calendar with 24 different 3cl measures behind each door. Gins include Mojito Gin, Rhubarb Triangle Gin and Icewine Old Tom, just to name a few! Just when festivities seemed to have reached their limit, That Boutique-y Gin Co. have also continued their Yuletide…

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a classic comeback

It would be difficult for even the most casual observer of the gin world to have failed to notice the current trend sweeping distilleries, bars, and homes across the world: namely, flavoured gin. Chief among these are the rose-hued “pink gins”, whose name comes exclusively from their colour, with no general expectation of flavour, although many are flavoured with some sort of berry. Innovation and ideas keep a category fresh and there is little doubt that contemporary and flavoured gins attracted people to the category – those who didn’t previously like gin because “it tastes like Christmas trees” – but how contemporary can a gin become before it stops being a gin? If it’s impossible to detect even faint juniper, what’s the point? These sorts of questions have led to a number…

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spirit of industry

The more people you ask about what drives the gin-boom, the wider the answers. Some say it’s the versatility; gin’s agreeable to cocktails and easy in a long drink. Terroir is common in wines and whisky, but gradually it’s creeping into gin too – and that’s worth celebrating, as we search for brands with authentic stories rooted in a local place. For others, the pace of innovation in gin means that the category is forever interesting and offers something fresh. Copper Rivet Distillery ticks all of those boxes. It’s a place where all of those arguments are correct, nor definitive. Where all the cogs mesh to create something bigger. The sense of things coming together is key at Copper Rivet and to understand the brand and its gin, you first of all…