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RENELL MEDRANO Photographer For GQ ’s November cover, Medrano shot Timothée Chalamet in upstate New York, where the actor is preparing to play Bob Dylan in an upcoming biopic. Though they’d never met before, Medrano thought their creative attitudes meshed well. “He’s a real free spirit, but he also knows exactly what he wants,” she says. “I just had to be a fly on a wall.” Office Grails FRAZIER THARPE Senior associate editor “So hype to wear my fall cozy fits to…the supermarket.” ASHLEE BOBB Senior communications manager “Veteran- and minority-owned Dirty Albright has a big tee with a huge message.”…

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get laced this winter

SUEDE COMBAT BOOTS What do you do after a design collaboration with LeBron for Nike? If you’re John Elliott, you create your own made-in-Italy footwear line from scratch. Consider these beefy Vibram-soled suede lace-ups the foundation for your flyest winter fits (pants, $1,498; boots, $648; socks, $38). DEEP BLUE DIVE WATCH A new addition to the cult-favorite Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight lineup, this navy blue colorway is a throwback to the dive watches the company once supplied to the French navy ($3,700). MARLED WINTER SOCKS Meet your new favorite boot socks, which are made by Thunders Love in family workshops in northwestern Portugal using recycled cotton yarn ($30). ELECTION DAY DRIP Union Los Angeles is more than a store: It’s a voice for America’s young and diverse street-fashion community. This homage to David Hammons’s seminal African American…

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the life of sean pablo

TO PARAPHRASE Juelz Santana, Sean Pablo is 23 and lives a crazy life. He’s the heartthrob of Supreme’s skate team, known for his balletic 360 flip and badass grimace; he also rides for Jason Dill’s skate brand, Fucking Awesome. He travels all around the world with Supreme, having his photograph taken and filming for the next skate video; hangs in New York with his pal Chloë Sevigny (“He’s a charmer,” she tells me by phone), secretly making “emo-rap rock” (his words) music on the side; and hunts for vintage in the world’s coolest flea markets—both for his own collection and for his brand of hoodies and tees, Paradise NYC. Yet somehow for this languid pro skater, all this isn’t quite enough. Over the past two or three years, he’s grown…

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the golden age of chronographs

THERE ARE THREE chronographs that really matter: the Rolex Daytona, the Omega Speedmaster, and the Heuer Carrera. That’s not to say others aren’t great, but these three represent entire categories of collecting and scholarship unto themselves, and over the past seven decades they have rightly reached a level of appreciation that in some cases surpasses even the brands that produce them. The problem with this echelon of success is, of course, ubiquity. Every year more chronographs are made, more people wear them and obsess over them, and suddenly objects that were conceived as fully realized expressions of unique senses of design and function start feeling blasé. And so among serious watch collectors, that class of aficionado born with an innate, King Midas–like desire for next-level grails, the only versions of the…

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when they go low, we go fly

A POLOGIES TO GRANDMAS everywhere: Joe Biden, even in his favorite slim navy polo, is nobody’s style icon. Neither, it goes without saying, is Donald Trump. The 2020 presidential race’s concerted lack of style might suggest that there is no room in politics for expressive clothing—that when even the smallest gaffe gets memed into oblivion, there is simply too much risk in dressing up. But recent history suggests that personal style doesn’t have to be a political liability. And as a rich vein of campaigners shows, the right sartorial move can say more about a campaign than even the most soaring speech. The Kennedys wore Ivy-approved two-button suits like the strivers they were, ties askew as if to emphasize their relentless work ethic. George H.W. Bush’s seersucker suits, thigh-baring jogging shorts, and…

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the 2020 gq grooming awards

THE BEST FOR THE SHOWER Scrub yourself clean. THE BODY WASH UPGRADE Aesop Citrus Melange Body Cleanser $45 A blast of peppery grapefruit and bitter orange from the Australian masters of smelling good. THE BEST SCRUBBER Bathing Culture Large Mineral Sea Sponge $20 Fresh from the sea, it’s the sustainably harvested, biodegradable upgrade to that old, grody loofah. KING OF THE SHOWER CADDY Dove Men+Care Blue Eucalyptus + Birch Body Wash $6 Deep and woody, maybe the best-smelling body wash ever sold in a drugstore. THE BEST BODY BUFFER Sunday Riley Charcoal Smoothie Jelly Body Scrub $38 This exfoliator does double duty: Gentle acids dissolve dead skin as a pleasantly rough texture sloughs it away. SPA IN A BOTTLE Disco Body Wash $20 Turn a YMCA shower into a wood-paneled sauna somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. THE BEST DEODORANT Everyone is on their own journey when it…