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CHRIS GAYOMALI Articles editor Gayomali wrote GQ’s April cover story on actor Steven Yeun. “Originally I had dreams to hoop with Steven somewhere in L.A. as part of the piece, but obviously COVID put a stop to all of that, which was probably to the story’s benefit,” he says. “It forced us to have these unusually deep conversations over Zoom. Hopefully when this is over, we can get a few games in and I’ll roll up in a pair of JLIN ONEs.” Office Grails ROB VARGAS Executive design director “This outfit matches Whole Foods, which is the only place I go anymore.”…

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22 paths to your spring fashion awakening


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to painter sam mckinniss, with love

Dear Sam, When I was first assigned to write a profile of you for America’s premier men’s magazine, I was already impressed with your sophisticated nature and red-hot career. But as I spoke with your friends, professional partners, and admirers and gazed at your work, I realized something. I love you. To talk about you in the ordinary magazine way—to describe you picking at a salad, explaining your vision—would inadequately encapsulate you, this brilliant artist who is so for and of our time. The only way for me to talk about you is to talk to you. Because I understand you better than anyone else does. Just keep reading and you’ll see. I know you as funny and biting, the life of any party. But I felt, during our Zoom conversations and hangout at…

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enter the men’s jewelry renaissance

How Jewelry Took Over Men’s Fashion IF YOU SPENT the past 18 months on a silent-meditation retreat without internet access, you’d be surprised by some newly ubiquitous accessories upon your reentry into society. Hey, you might ask a passerby as they hustled along in their N95 mask and face shield, what’s up with all these dudes in pearl necklaces and dangly earrings? Pandemic notwithstanding, in any American city in 2021 you’re likely to see a sudden riot of men sporting gem-encrusted tennis bracelets, baroque gold rings, and handmade beaded chokers. Just as men’s fashion has become increasingly fluid and animated by womenswear flourishes, the jewelry universe has also undergone a profound shift. Whereas once there was a clear line separating traditionally feminine and masculine jewelry, that line hasn’t been blurred so much…

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how richard mille made a $250,000 watch ubiquitous

BY OUR MONTHLY WATCH COLUMNIST, BENJAMIN CLYMER RICHARD MILLE watches used to be considered an insider’s secret in the horology world—so scarce, in fact, that they were often described as “the secret billionaire’s handshake” on account of their six-to-seven-digit price tags. Fast-forward to 2021, and the very thing that once made the watch so rare—the eye-popping price—has contributed to its becoming a staple on the wrists of stars from Jay-Z and Drake to Rafael Nadal and Odell Beckham Jr. Seemingly overnight, a brand that was considered a curio among watch nuts has instead become one of the hottest and most recognizable watchmakers on earth. Richard Mille, a French entrepreneur and designer, cut his teeth at Parisian jeweler to the stars Mauboussin before launching his watch brand in 2001. His first product, the…

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shock your system

THE PAST YEAR has been stressful, right? Many of us are feeling tense, anxious, overworked, and under-recovered. So as we’re finally inching toward a post-pandemic world, what if I told you that one of the best ways to transcend the constant churn of low-level stress is to intentionally bring more stress into your life? I know, I know—hear me out. First, I want to be clear what I mean by stress. To the body, it’s anything that presents as a challenge or a demand. You are hardwired to respond to threats, both physically and mentally. A big one is the fightor-flight response. Whenever you perceive potential harm, your body automatically readies itself to face it: Your bloodstream is flooded with the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, your heart rate rises, your mind…