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Guitar World June 2019

Guitar World is the world’s leading guitar magazine. Professionals and beginners alike turn to Guitar World for top-flight coverage of their favorite artists, from rock titans like Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Metallica's Kirk Hammett to contemporary stars like the White Stripes' Jack White and Tool's Adam Jones. Every issue of Guitar World magazine offers broad-ranging interviews that cover technique, instruments and lifestyles as well as Guitar World’s famously thorough lessons and transcriptions.

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dick dale (1937-2019)

VERY LATE IN the production process for this issue of Guitar World, Richard Monsour — better known as Dick Dale, “King of the Surf Guitar” — died at age 81. I played in an instrumental surf-rock band from the late Nineties until around six years ago, and let’s just say that Dale was our hero, our king — not just to the gents in our band, but to the entire surf-guitar community. He was part man, part myth — an aging guitarist who refused to slow down, refused to turn down (his volume!) and refused to go down without a fight. Although “Miserlou” — aka “Misirlou” — is his most famous song, thanks to its appearance in Pulp Fiction, it’s also his most striking. Just picture “1962 people” (I always…

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sounding board

Will They Kiss and Make Up? I saw Kiss in 1975. I was 12. I bought Kiss Alive, and that pretty much sums up my Kiss experience. I really never consume their albums or follow them except in guitar magazines I subscribe to, such as yours. When I saw the cover story about the final journey for them I read it and I read each interview and I thought it was pretty cool — up until the time I started reading all the negative comments Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were offering, especially Gene. When asked about the original lineup possibly being part of this final tour, he went into a diatribe that was unforgivable. He might have these feelings, but he should keep them to himself if he’s trying to…

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defenders of the faith

Mike Leder AGE: 56 HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, OH GUITARS: Gibson Les Paul Traditional, B.C. Rich Mockingbird, Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, Carvin DC-200 Koa SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Led Zeppelin “Achilles Last Stand,” Rush “ YYZ,” Deep Purple “Burn” GEAR I MOST WANT: Gibson doubleneck Otis Mack AGE: 25 HOMETOWN: The Bronx, NYC GUITARS: New York Pro Fender Stratocaster, First Act ME1973 Steve Morse copy and First Act Les Paul Junior copy SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Kiss classics and Ace Frehley solo hits, plus heavy metal/ hard rock songs from the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and Nineties John Plunkett AGE: 64 HOMETOWN: Santa Barbara, CA GUITARS: Gibson Les Paul 40th Anniversary 1991, Fender Stratocaster American Standard 1988, Larrivee L09 SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Mason Williams “Classical Gas,” Jimi Hendrix “Fire” and “Hey Joe,” Bob Dylan “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” GEAR I MOST WANT: Gibson Custom L-5 CES Are you a…

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in the nik of time

MIKE DAWES IS known primarily for his incredible acoustic guitar compositions, in which he utilizes all manner of extended techniques — including fretboard tapping and percussive hits on the guitar’s body — to craft three-dimensional arrangements that cover bass, harmony, melody and rhythm in stunningly executed one-man-band instrumentals. So it’s safe to say his newest project, Nik Mystery, on which Dawes trades in his acoustic for an electric to play in a trio alongside Finnish producer and multi-instrumentalist Jukka Backlund and Periphery singer Spencer Sotelo, is something of a left turn for the British guitarist. As for what the music on Nik Mystery’s debut five-song EP, When, sounds like? Dawes says you could call it “alternative synth-laden pop-rock,” but, he admits, that “doesn’t really have a ring to it. So we…

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zac tiessen

1 “The New Eternity” Silent Planet Poetic lyricism (paired with crushing riffs) makes this a certified banger from metalcore’s new elite. Beware the lead synth/guitar hook, which can get stuck in your head for days! 2 Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” Dvorak I grew up listening to this as a kid in Russia, where orchestras accompanied everything. I delight in dissecting the chord progressions. 3 “Gorillas” (from Rampage ) Andrew Lockington My relatives (Hayes Brothers Films, The Conjuring 1 & 2) put me in touch with Lockington. It was so cool to have him show me the process behind this track. 4 “Dark Night” (from Detroit: Become Human ) Philip Sheppard Sheppard’s theme for Kara is a beautiful yet simple melody — a fitting onomatopoeia of the character’s name. I love the gritty tension. 5 “You Say” Lauren Daigle This anthem speaks…

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rockin’ the museum

THERE’S MOJO TO the max at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art right now, thanks to a massive exhibition of legendary rock and roll gear called Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock and Roll. The show opened April 8 and will run through to October 1 at the Met. From there it goes on to a six-month run at Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which worked with the Met to put the exhibition together. While the full range of rock instrumentation is represented, the show is especially heavy on iconic guitars such as Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock Strat, Eric Clapton’s “Blackie” Strat, Jerry Garcia’s “Wolf” and “Tiger” guitars, Brian May’s “Red Special,” Billy Gibbons’ “Pearly Gates” Les Paul, Keith Richards’ “Micawber” ’54 Telecaster, Bob Dylan’s Newport Strat, John Lennon’s 1958…