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fighting frustration

I don’t know about you, but there’s always a subtle amount of anxiety that comes on the front end of a trip to the range when building out a new bolt-action/scope/ammunition combination. Whether it’s a new personal rifle, dusting off one of Grandpa’s guns or matching up a trio for review within these pages, it’s been my experience that there are no marginal days at the range—it either goes very well, or it comes off the rails in a hurry. So, what do you do when things get gnarly downrange? And I’m not talking about a rifle that prints just above MOA: For most situations, I can live with a sub-1.5 MOA rifle. I’m talking about those really bad days when a new combo is printing a target like a shotgun. Although…

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the 7mm mauser (7x57mm)

Developed by Mauser as a military cartridge, the 7x57mm was introduced in 1892. Shortly afterward, this caliber was adopted by the Spanish government and chambered in a limited quantity of Model 92 Mauser bolt-action rifles. In 1893, Spain adopted a new-model Mauser rifle in this same cartridge. This rifle has been called the “Spanish Mauser” ever since. Remington chambered its rolling block and Lee rifles for the 7mm around 1897, and later, the Model 30. The Winchester Model 54 and 70 also chambered it. As of recently, the Ruger Model 77 and Winchester Featherweight bolt-action, plus the Ruger No. 1 single-shot, offer the 7mm as standard. Also, most European-made bolt-action rifles and combination guns chamber the 7mm Mauser, as do many custom-made rifles each year. Although originally a military cartridge, the…

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letters to the editor

Missing AR Cartridges I don’t write to magazines; as a matter of fact, this is my first time in my 56 years. In your article, “Cartridges for the AR-15” (May 2019 issue), there were several I feel should have been included. You mentioned a few that are available from only one manufacturer or are very limited in their availability: • The old, reliable 7.62x39. It’s been around for many years, and its ballistics are very comparable to the .30-30 Win. and .300 BLK. It’s pretty sweet in an AR, especially the ones that use AK mags, and ammo is cheap. • The .458 SOCOM. It’s one of the “Big 3” (.450 Bushy, .458 SOCOM and the .500 Beowolf), but it’s easily the best of the three due to the very wide variety of…

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digital/new in the store

FROM THE ARTICLES AT GUNDIGEST.COM NEW GUNS 12 New Remington Rifles Big Green is still turning out top firearms. Here are 12 rifles worth keeping your eye on in 2019. CLASSIC GUNS Cap-and-Ball Revolvers There’s a major nostalgia factor to blackpowder shooting ... and an appreciation for just how far things have come. CONCEALED CARRY 11 Top Picks For CCW Handguns Check out these 11 excellent concealed-carry handgun options. AMMUNITION .300 Ham’r Deep Dive Built to bring .30-30 ballistics to the AR platform, the .300 Ham’r is on-target as a modern-day hunting cartridge. SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT Find us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! @gundigest Follow us on Instagram! @Gun.Digest…

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modern shooter

WHAT’S NEW ON MODERN SHOOTER: About Modern Shooter “Modern Shooter” takes you to the range, to the station and to the field to showcase not only the latest in guns and gear, but also the incredible shooting destinations across the country. Each week, the show highlights the people and places that make the shooting sports so much fun. Hosts Phil Massaro and GD Editor -in-Chief Luke Hartle bring viewers along with them to showcase what’s new and cool in the sport. Whether you’re into long-range shooting, tactical carbines, personal-defense, hunting or classic and collectible firearms, “Modern Shooter” has something to offer. Modern Shooter airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on the Pursuit Channel. All time slots listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST). ABOUT THE HOSTS Philip Massaro is an outdoor personality from upstate New York,…

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gun videos

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the defensive handgun training offered by Gunsite Academy. I believe it’s the best training available for the money. I’ve attended several handgun training courses there, and so has my son. My wife has trained there numerous times, and it’s my intention to send both of my daughters to Gunsite. My faith in the academy is one of the reasons I was excited to be the host of the upcoming Internet video training series, “Gunsite Academy NOW!” However, I’m also grounded enough to recognize that not everyone can attend Gunsite Academy. The tuition, combined with the travel to Arizona, can approach used car prices. Gun-site Academy does offer some off-site courses in Columbia, South Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee. But still, for some, the tuition…