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endless love

What is it about a revolver that infatuates people? New shooters, experienced shooters, young shooters, old shooters … there’s an undeniable “something” that stirs an almost romantic attraction to the big irons (and the small irons, too, of course). I ask this question rhetorically, because it’s difficult for me to describe that gravitational pull that attracts me to revolvers. But I also ask it literally. If you share the passion and can put those feelings into words, I really want to know ( Anyway, I temporarily ditched the family the other day, slipped out the back door and headed to the range early in the morning, when I knew it would be quiet. I packed nothing but a hand-picked selection of revolvers—no polymer, no magazines. I started with the LCR in .327 Federal…

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the original peacemaker: .45 colt

Historical Notes The .45 Colt was introduced in 1873 by Colt as one of the cartridges for its famous Peacemaker single-action revolver. Both the cartridge and the revolver were adopted by the U.S. Army in 1875. It served as the official handgun cartridge of the Army until 1892 (some 17 years), when it was replaced by the .38 Long Colt. The .45 Colt is one of the cartridges that helped civilize and settle the American West. It was originally a black-powder number, loaded with 40 grains of FFg powder and a 255-grain lead bullet. Testing has demonstrated that muzzle velocity of the original loading almost certainly exceeded 900 fps in the original revolvers. Various importers offer excellent Italian-made replicas of the original Colt model, and Ruger and several other makers of more-modern…

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letters to the editor

Is a .50-Cal. Handgun Actually Good for Anything? Max Prasac is a refreshing “fountain of reason” based on his verifiable and real experiences. He has internalized what he discusses and relates it with honesty and integrity. The handgun hunting world is better off as a result of his contributions to the furthering of our collective passion—a yearning for the great outdoors and of being one with nature. On a personal note, I want to congratulate you, Max, on dropping an impressive trophy Cape buffalo after a tense and assuredly exhilarating stalking job. In fact, the recordings of your stealthy advance that you posted were much appreciated. Take care, and God bless! Jeffrey Locke Online Comment If there is anyone on this planet who knows more about big-bore revolvers than Prasac, I have yet…

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digital/new in the store

FROM THE ARTICLES AT GUNDIGEST.COM SUPPRESSORS How to Buy a Suppressor In the market to buy a suppressor? Here’s NFA history, purchase considerations and top new models for 2019. LONG-RANGE SHOOTING SKILLS Long-Range Shooting Development Grounding your fundamentals and improving your long-range shooting skills isn’t an armchair game. SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT HANDLOADING Handloading Defensive Ammo From safety to legalities, is it smart to handload defensive ammunition? SELF-DEFENSE INSURANCE 4 Self-Defense Insurance Options to Protect Your Six Four major self-defense insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. Find us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! @gundigest Follow us on Instagram! @Gun.Digest…

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working with ordnance gelatin at home

A block of ordnance gelatin is not a “bad guy,” but bad guys don’t show up at test labs asking to be shot. Because of that inarguable fact, in the late 1980s, the FBI established 10 percent ordnance gelatin as its soft-tissue stimulant. Since then, most bullet manufactures have adopted 10 percent ordnance gelatin as a test medium. This does not mean ordnance gelatin at any mix ratio. Ten or 20 percent exactly simulates human or animal tissue. Nor does it mean it’s the only media used by bullet manufacturers. It is, however, the most common terminal ballistics testing media. Ordnance Gelatin Prep Gelatin (type B) is obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from the skin, white connective tissue and bones of animals. Gelatin consists approximately of 86 percent protein,…

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smith & wesson hand ejector/triple-lock

Among the many contributions Smith & Wesson has given to the firearms industry, the most significant would have to be the Hand Ejector revolver. This series of solid-frame, double-action models with swing-out cylinders and manual case extraction has certainly stood the test of time. Introduced in 1896, its basic design is still in production, not only by Smith & Wesson, but also by many other gun manufacturers around the world. Author Jim Supica wrote in Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, “The Hand Ejector is the style of handgun that epitomizes Smith & Wesson.” The focus of this column is on Hand Ejector models of the pre-World War II years with “Hand Ejector” in their official names. When referring to the basic design, all Smith & Wesson revolvers made since 1899…